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Review Spanish Dragoon (Peninsular War) from Dolman Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to everyone ,

    Time for me to share another release from a little earlier this year from DOLMAN MINIATURES

    The subject is a Trooper from one of the Spanish Dragoon Regts

    This time we have a very colourful subject from the Spanish Cavalry circa 1808 , before we look at the piece lets have a little bit of background on these troops
    Dolman busts 017.jpg Turnbacks

    In 1808 Spain had a good number of cavalry units but lacked horses; more than half of each regiment was dismounted (Partridge & Oliver, 1998).
    • 12 Heavy Regiments
    • 8 Dragoon Regiments
    • 2 Hussar Regiments
    • 2 Cazadores Regiments (Chasseurs a Cheval)
    From 30 Jan 1803 the official organisation of all regiments was five squadrons of two companies of 57 mounted men and 13 dismounted (Chartrand, 1998). The 1808 regulations, which endured until 1 Dec 1814, gave each regiment four squadrons of two companies (Chartrand, 1999).

    As was often the case in the Peninsular logistics and supply were both severly affected by the conditions resulting in the Dragoons not really totally carrying out their proper role .

    All wore a yellow coat (often very faded due to the conditions) with facings denoting the various Regts: drag_villavic_th.jpg drag_almansa_th.jpg Dragon_Almansa_th.jpg Dragon_Lusitania_th.jpg dragon12.jpg dragon13.jpg

    Good references include

    Chartrand, R. (1998). Spanish Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) 1793-1808. Men-at-Arms 321. Osprey. MAA 321.jpg

    Chartrand, R. (1999a). Spanish Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2) 1808-1812. Men-at-Arms 332. Osprey. MAA 332.jpg

    Chartrand, R. (1999b). Spanish Army of the Napoleonic Wars (3) 1812-1815. Men-at-Arms 334. Osprey. MAA 334.jpg

    Haythornthwaite, P. (1995). Uniforms of the Peninsular Wars 1807 – 1814. London: Arms and Armour Press. BOOK 3.jpg

    Continued in next post:

    Off for some porridge!!!!

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys ,

    All now suitably full up after breakfast so lets have some details of the Review model:

    Title: Spanish Dragoon 1808

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material:Resin and White Metal

    No of Pieces : 3

    Sculptor: Antonio Meseguer

    Box Art:Eduardo Sanchez

    As usual with Dolman the model was packaged in a clear flip over container with the parts being secured in additional plastic bags , the plume being in an individual bag , the remaining 2 pieces being in a grey resin consisting of the torso with head and the bicorn .

    Dolman busts 016a.jpg Dolman busts 018.jpg

    Also included are 2 full colour versions of the bust depicting 2 of the Regt's of the Spanish Dragoons
    Dolman busts 017.jpg
    ...only different in the facings , all have the yellow coat and the quill and sword insignia on the collar.

    Prep needed involves the removal of a small amount of excess casting plug from the undersides of both pieces , together with a casting line from the rear of the bicorn and the undersides of the torso ...no real problem . There is a "base" cast into the undersides which is suitable but for me I will probably take this off and use a brass rod , my own preference I hasten to add.
    Dolman busts 019.jpg Dolman busts 022.jpg Dolman busts 020.jpg Dolman busts 021.jpg
    The fit of the bicorn is good once this has been removed , a slight filling of putty was needed on the Review piece but minimal to say the least .

    Looking at the main piece now , this is cast in a gray resin (as is the bicorn) and is true to the scale of 1/12th , the uniform creases are well done with the lacework on the plastron being very clean and well defined , undercuts are also very good indeed , the head sits looking to one side the movement being echoed in the collar position revealing the stock and undershirt collar edges, what is of particular note is the sculpting of the insignia on the collar sides ..really well done .
    Dolman busts 023.jpg
    The epaulettes are all white for all Regts with good definition of the different strands , sitting on the shoulder naturally , buttons are also well formd both here and on the plastron .
    Dolman busts 025.jpg
    The head is turned slightly with a lock of hair peeking out from underneath the bicorn , his hair is also hanging over the collar in a nice form , wearin facial hair of sideboards to die for again these are well sculpted which has come out in the casting also .
    Dolman busts 024.jpg
    Facial features , including the wrinkles on the forehead are nice with his eyes in shadow from his furrowed brow , I see this man as having a dark 5 o'clock shadow ...., he stares straight in defiance agianst the French agressor ....a painters face for sure.

    On now to the bicorne , once the casting remnant is removed fit is good the hair peeking out at the front , there is as said a casting line to deal with at the back , but wet and dry should be fine for this .
    Dolman busts 026.jpg Dolman busts 028.jpg Dolman busts 029.jpg
    The bicorn could be painted well worn with dirt and wear effects .

    The edging has the white lacing sculpted with nice folds to allow for the painting , all in keeping with items in museums , the rosette is also well done , behind this we have the holder ready to receive the plume
    Dolman busts 027.jpg
    The plume is the only piece which is white metal ( a trend with Dolman) , this allows the fine feathers to be well represented which it is , it is straight but I would probably bend it slightly to add a bit more interest to the already nice piece....the holder does have the hole ready but I would definatey recommend pinning .
    Dolman busts 030.jpg
    My final thoughts ...another nice piece from Dolman , well sculpted , very good casting with minimal prep needed , the subject allows the painter to portray any of the Dragoon Regt's by simply changing the facing colours ....lots of opportunity for a stuning display wether its one or all of the Regts you paint up .

    The Dolman website is extremely well set up , navigation is well thought out and very user friendly , lots of information is available , good customer service is assurred .

    Website: www.dolmanminiatures.com


    Another piece I have no hesitation in recommending this to you all

    Lets have some pictures from the website just look at him coming to life :

    dragon01.jpg dragon02.jpg vi_05.jpg vi_06.jpg dragon04.jpg

    Thanks to Dolman for the Review model and for you for looking in

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  3. swralph A Fixture

    excellent review(y)
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  4. Good job Kevin, as always
  5. Jazz A Fixture

    Nice to see a Spanish subject instead of the usual French or Brit. Nice colourful subject.

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