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WIP Critique Spanish American War, 1st Volunteer US Cavalry, the Rough Riders

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Dan Morton, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Who says all I sculpt are Great War figures? :whistle:

    Early WIP on a 1/16th scale figure posed similarly to the Buffalo Soldier Memorial to Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Clinton Greaves, 9th US Cavalry, at Fort Bayard, New Mexico and sculpted originally by Greg Whipple (I think!).

    There are six or seven other Buffalo Soldier Monument sculptures memorializing black cavalry and infantry. Most of these are sited on US Army installations or in national parks. A painless Google search "Buffalo Soldier Monuments" should take you to web sites and photos showing all of them.

    Contrary to myth, the Rough Riders did not charge any Spanish army positions in Cuba on horseback because they were unable to ship their horses. Shipping from Tampa docks was so poorly organized that many units arrived in Cuba without critical supplies. TR had to choose between having the 1st Volunteer Cavalry in one of the first transports which would be unloaded in Cuba or waiting on the docks until someone sorted out the mess and determined how their horses would be shipped. It took several days to do this apparently and several engagements had taken place by the time properly equipped units with all their transport were able to ship out to Cuba. Some horses were shipped early in the expedition but on arrival they were just pushed into the water and made to swim toward shore; some made it and some didn't.
    Weapons will include:
    M1896 Krag-Jorgensen carbine – 0.30-40 caliber, total length 1046.5mm or 41.2 inches / barrel length 558.8mm or 22 inches. In 1/16th scale approximately 65.4mm in length. This carbine was issued to most US cavalry during Spanish American war, including the 1st Volunteer U.S. Cavalry soldiers (i.e. “Rough Riders”). Probably I will start with a casting of Steve Readie's 1903 Springfield rifle and modify it to a Krag carbine.
    Bowie Hunter Knife. Each Rough Rider was issued a Bowie knife in addition to their rifle. The Bowie is a classic fixed-blade knife. The style has become quite varied, but today it generally means a sheathed knife with a cross guard and a clipped point, meaning the end looks like part of it has been shaved off.
    Equipment - A round canteen and a haversack. Probably belt-mounted Krag ammunition.
    The uniform will be the blue shirt and tan trousers combination you see in the first photo of the Rough Riders and TR. Much to hot in Cuba to wear the service coat on top of that!!
    Not much to critique at this stage, but I'll keep you up to date with more posts. Thanks in advance for all constructive critique and suggestions!
    All the best,

    PS - I stupidly forgot to thank my Omaha friends for their support!! Many thanks to my photographer friend, Patrick Student for beautiful, crisp clear photos! Many thanks to my fellow modeler friend, Charlie Duckworth for his suggestions, critique and support!

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  2. valiant A Fixture

    Will follow with interest, Dan - right up my street with this one...!(y)
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  3. Oda A Fixture

    Great subject

  4. Grod A Fixture

    Great stuff! That reference photo of the rough riders is brilliant.
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  5. ellie A Fixture


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