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WIP Critique Soviet scout WW2 - Reedoak 3D print - 1:32nd

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ferris, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Ferris A Fixture

    Hi All,

    Some time ago I noted on the digital subforum the 3D printed figures offered by the company Reedoak. This company does something very innovative: they arrange live reenactors, scan them, and finally 3D print figures in scales ranging from 1:72nd to 1:32nd. The interesting thing is that Reedoak sells the 3D prints, not resin copies of a 3D-printed master.

    The figures were looking absolutely perfect on pictures and I really needed to get me some!
    This thread shows the painting of the Soviet scout figure in 1:32nd scale.

    The first pictures show the figure as it arrived. It is incredibly realistic! It's really like looking at a down-scaled person. The folds are just perfect, as is the pose. A nice feature of the figure is that it is printed in one piece, so there is no assembly at all. The 3D printing also allows printing details such as the gun sling and small free-hanging tie-down strings, all this without any assembly of fiddly parts. I just washed the figure with some water and soap and put on the basecoat.
    At (very) close inspection, using the big magnification of my optivisor, the print surfaces can be recognized by very small horizontal lines. At first this worried me, but after basecoating the figure with two layers of thinned Humbrol light grey (by brush) and putting aside the optivisor, the lines were hardly noticeable.

    The second batch of pictures shows the painting of the face. It just needs a few more tweaks and I'll declare it done.
    Next step is finding good mixes for the camouflage overall and get on with that.
    All painting with Vallejo acrylics.

    Pictures are quick ones from the mobile phone. These tend to be very mean to figures as they somehow enhance any flaw, but in this case it helped to get a good close-in view.

    Hope to continue with this one over the coming weeks.
    I'll also post pictures of some of Reedoak's other figures in the review forum soon.


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  2. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the update. Looks very good. Is the figure (and thin parts) brittle? What is the typical cost of one of these figures?

    Rgds Victor
  3. 1969 A Fixture

    Looks very good, might have to try one of Reeoak figures.
    Nice painting also (y)
  4. Ferris A Fixture

    Not brittle, the material feels and behaves very much like resin. The free-hanging strings at the pants are a bit 'springy'. They didn't break when I poked them a bit.
    The 1:32nd scale figures are around €20. That's comparable to other high end figures in this scale I think.

    I recommend getting one or a few. It's quite a unique feeling to have such miniaturized real people.

    Cheers guys.

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  5. Ferris A Fixture


    It's been a while since I posted some work, but here is an update on the 3D-printed Soviet scout figure from Reedoak.
    About 90% done. Still to be done are his boots and sharpening up the uniform here and there.
    All Vallejo acrylics.
    Do let me know if you see anything that needs attention!

    Pictures are a bit grainy because I had set the camera to small-size low-res...:whistle: .will do better with final pics.


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  6. Jim Barry Member

    Very Nice. I'm intrigued by the 3D printed figure. Excellent painting and interesting camo.
  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice painting Adrian, Nice texture and the detail is amazing.
  8. Edward A Fixture

    Fantastic work Adrian (y)
  9. Joe55 A Fixture

    That's a sweet looking 'print' Adrian, and painted by your hand makes it even sweeter :)(y)!

  10. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Very natural painting to compliment a very lifelike model. Is the printed figure a 3d scan of a re-enactor or a digital sculpt?
  11. John Ballard Well-Known Member


    This looks like a really nice figure and you have done him proud with your painting. If this is the future of figurines then I think we have a lot to look forward to.
  12. Gaudin A Fixture

    3d Re-enactor, thats why the details are so life like, quite scary really. Now the only handicap is that re-enactor should know their stuff and get gear right. Issues of anatomy and posture have been eliminated. But one re-enactor (with some facial tweaking) will give you a full battalion of figures in all imaginable scenarios in about a day :)
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  13. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Thanks - didn't see the earlier post that explained this.
  14. NickM Well-Known Member

    The pose looks so natural and the details so crisp at that scale - it's incredible what can be achieved with 3d scanning/printing when it's done well.

    Your painting is superb, as always!
  15. Ferris A Fixture

    Thank you guys for liking it. Hope to finish it over the weekend.

    It really is something to work on such 3D scanned person, it is just so lifelike. I can only recommend to try for yourself.

    There is a downside as well I must say. As it is a true scale replica of the real thing, every detail is scaled proportionally...this makes some of the detail quite hard to paint, such as the rifle sling. Original sculpts tend to slightly exagerate such details, making them stand out more, which in turn makes them more easy to paint. I suppose this can also be done for the 3D print by post-processing the 3D scan file. We'll see how this branch of the hobby develops, but I'm a fan!

  16. arj A Fixture

    Very nicely painted figure.
    Many thanks for your detailed introduction to this 'new' figure format.

  17. fermatgom Well-Known Member

    Very nice!! I'm following with interest. I was thinking about buying this precise figure! What is the scale? I mean it is 54 mm, but is it 60mm-esque or is it on the 1/35 side?
  18. Ferris A Fixture

    The figure is about 55mm tall, but I bought it in 1/32nd scale. You can also order it in 1/35 and 1/48. It's interesting that with scanned people there is no discussion about scale being correct or not.
    Thanks for liking it. I can really recommend the figure!

    Thanks Andrew. Do give scanned figures a try!

  19. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    That's a great piece of work Adrian,youv'e handled the camp very well with light and shade,lovely result

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