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Sources for 1:35 horses?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Dani A., Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Dani A. New Member


    I would like to know how to find good quality 1:35 spare horses, either resin, metal or plastic. Historex, or other 54 mm horses will not do, these being too large.

    I do not like the ones recently released by Dragon with their G2 German Cavalry set, and I'm seeking suitable replacements.

    Any ideas? If you do not know of horses available as individual spares, but you know of any plastic 1:35 sets including good horses it could also do, because these are generally inexpensive.


  2. T50 A Fixture

    Doug's Original has some 1/35 horses.
    I think they are all in running poses.

  3. colinlt New Member

    What about the Airfix 54mm Horses I used loads of these in my Mounted period.
  4. Einion Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity what don't you like about the horses, too clunky?

    1/32 horses are very big for 1/35 scale stuff.

  5. colinlt New Member

    The only other way is I suppose to scratch build with Milliput and Paper clips
  6. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Dani!
    - Tamiya 1/35 - not the beautiful horse - is similar to a giraffe, the long neck and a large head
    - Dragon 1/35 - is much better than Tamiya
    - Zvezda - 1/35 - the beautiful horses, two pieces! It is possible to collect 4 (four) poses, dynamical! (the Soviet cossacks)
  7. btavis Active Member

  8. Dani A. New Member



    Thanks to you all for the suggestions, which I will explore.

    Einion, there are several reasons for me disliking the G2 horses, some of them a question of personal taste, some more objective.

    I do not care much for the poses - I find them somewhat akward. These could be converted, but I'm not sure it is worth the effort. I do not like the definition of musculature neither, and some anatomical aspects are a little off. The teeth are wrong - these are modelled as a human set of teeth, that is, with a continuity, when, in reality, a horse's front teeth are separated by a very noticeable gap from the side teeth.

    Curiously, I think the horses included on older sets are better in many areas.

    There are other problems in the set, shared with other G2 sets, like the habitual equipment trouble: undersized and/or wrong shaped items, unsuitably detailed items (either because of inaccuracies or of overscale detailing), inappropriate use of PE parts (for instance, the cinch can hardly be adapted to the body, and could have moulded in plastic instead; or the bit pieces, which being made of PE material, are flat instead of round in section).

    Again, many of the new G2 items are not better that the older ones. Of course, G2 figures are, indeed, an ostensible advance, surely they are, generally speaking, the best plastic injected figures in the market, but they still need work, and, most definitely, do not relegate the earlier ones to oblivion (at least, the most recent references, let's say those with codes 61##, but there is much of use in the oldest too -as it is in other non-Dragon sets).


  9. MazingerZ New Member


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