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"Soldier SARAH" - 1/12 - MODELKASTEN

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by kaz6120, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hello pF members,
    Here's a new 1/12 scale figure from MODELKASTEN.

    femalesolder-2021-04-05-39.png femalesolder-2021-04-05-33.png femalesolder-2021-04-05-24.png femalesolder-2021-04-05-20.png
    Sculptor : Kaz Tomori (aka Histone)
    Producer : Armour Modeling Magazine & MODELKASTEN
    Release Date : June 12th, 2021
    Where to buy : MODELKASTEN online store :

    Hope you like her :)
  2. Sgt. Red Active Member

    I would rather have her in real life......... :)
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  3. housecarl Moderator

    Top sculpting Kaz.(y)
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  4. bonehead A Fixture

    Great sculpt Kaz! (y)(y)(y)

    Three thumbs up, my highest rating! ;)

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  5. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Haha, thanks a lot, Sgt. Red! :)

    Thanks a lot, housecarl!

    Thanks a lot, Mike! I'm really glad to hear that from you :)
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  6. Ong Active Member

    "Soldier Sarah" looks really cool and original.

    I would have preferred adding a handgun holster and ammo pouch magazines, but this is perhaps one of the most realistic female figures that I've seen in 1/12 scale---and very modern looking too!

    Is there another way to purchase this figure besides from ModelKasten? That website is entirely in Japanese.
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  7. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot for your warm compliments, Ong! I’m really glad :)

    I just asked Armodeling Magazine and Modelkasten about the purchase from outside of Japan, and they said Modelkasten online shop is the only place to sell it.
    They said they stopped receiving purchases / sending items overseas due to the pirate copies issue.

    so…If anyone interested in, I can help you out with getting it, so send me PM.
    BUT remember, the item is pricey (8,800 JPY / tax included) plus shipping cost from Japan, so please consider the purchase forethoughtfully when you ask.
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  8. Nap Moderator

    Certainly a real classy sculpt

    Sure this will paint up really well and a good challenge

    Thanks for sharing

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  9. theBaron A Fixture


    I don't know if this helps you, but I use Chrome. It provides an option to translate the page to English. I don't know what browser you use, but you should check to see if it has a built-in translation feature, too.
    I also use Firefox, and unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have a similar feature.

  10. theBaron A Fixture

    Any plans to release this in 1/20, Kaz, for us Maschinen Krieger fans?

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  11. kaz6120 A Fixture

    oh yes they (Modelkasten) do. If it sells well :)
    Actually it started as a 1/20 figure project for Maschinen Krieger at first.
    But after seeing my sculpt they changed the plan to release it in larger scale, they thought it fits in that scale.
    But 1/20 plan is not dead yet.
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  12. Ong Active Member

    Yes, I see the website translated into English now = thanks! :)
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  13. 1969 A Fixture

    Excellent work on the sculpting Kaz, beautiful sculpting of the female form.
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  14. Ong Active Member

    Hi Kaz,

    Does that mean that the 1/20 version was already made and just needs to be cast and sold, or do you need to make it in 1/20 scale first?

    Thanks. :)
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  15. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a lot, Steve! for your warm compliments. Sculpting female is alwasy a challenge.
    1/20 has not made officially yet. I made a few test shots both in 1/20 and 1/12 when in production, so only me who has 1/20 version.
    IMG_0424 - 2021-06-10.jpg
  16. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Kaz,
    Good morning, I'm really interested this beautiful figure for my private collection! can I contact you through Hotmail for order? thanks! Jeffshiu
  17. kaz6120 A Fixture

    send me PM here in planetFigure.
  18. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Kaz,
    Thanks for fast reply!
    My name is Jeffshiu, the owner and sculptor of "Jeffshiu Miniatures 120mm". I saw you can help order this figure from MODELKASTEN, I want order one.
    Please note I can PROMISE & GUARANTEE the figure just for my personal collection, not other use!
    If you can help that will be great! look forward from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,
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  19. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi Jeff, of course I know you, (and everyone here know you well :) ) and glad to have the comment. I will reply you in PM.
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  20. kaz6120 A Fixture

    I've kept 3 kits for sale and all has been pre-ordered.
    Thank you very much, everyone. :)
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