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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Dmitri Baev, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    Dear Friends
    We glad to see you our future set of "British infantrymans at rest. 1944-45 years." 1/35 scale.
    our future set of "British infantrymans at rest. 1944-45 years." 1/35 scale.
    The set of 6 figures, including the figure of a sergeant, machine gunner and 4 privates.

    Sculptor Dmitry Shishkov. Weapons, helmets it's our own 3D development.

    The release set is slated for the summer.

    P1180829.JPG P1180831.JPG P1180836.JPG P1180837.JPG P1180838.JPG P1180843.JPG P1180845.JPG P1180847.JPG P1180850.JPG
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  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

  3. Chris Oldfield Well-Known Member

    Fantastic work! We definitely need more 1/35 British infantry sets, & the idea of having them at rest is excellent.
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  4. Warren SMITH PlanetFigure Supporter

    as stated above... also 120mm would be nice as well, especially with the quality of the sculpting of these figures..
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Dmitri

    Thanks for sharing

    Good to see a grouping like this , poses look very natural with some nice details

    Stay safe

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  6. Tom W. Active Member

    And where´s the tea pott for the Five-o´-Clock-tea?Superb and a musthave.(y)
  7. Chris Oldfield Well-Known Member

    It would also be nice to see an alternative head set produced for these figures, with Mk.III helmets - then modellers could change some of the troops to represent 3rd Infantry Division or 3rd Canadian Infantry Division soldiers on D-Day or shortly afterwards, as they were the first units to have the new helmets issued. Or alternatively, Ultracast already do a set of resin heads with Mk.III scrimmed helmets.
  8. marios1 Active Member

    They are really fantastic.........i have many figures of this firm and they have all interesting poses very useful ...not only to put on vehicle ........i hope that Soga will realize a second Group of british soldiers at rest , sits or leaning on fence drinking tea or other......and, eventually, a gtoup of gi usa in france at rest......!!!!!!

    Mario from Italy.
  9. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    Dear friends. Thank you for your warm comments. The sculptor and I are very glad that you liked the figures.
    The figures will remain in their helmets Brodie Helmet / Mk.II helmets. When this helmet was drawn in the 3D program, then the original helmet was used. She was measured and scaled to fit the figures. We do not have a real Mk.IIII helmet on hand to do the same operation.
    The series of soldiers on vacation will be expanded and there will be more figures in it. It only takes time to sculpt them.
    I am now torn between 2 perspective topics for me. These are the British Army and the Italian Army. For Italians very much material was collected. Their helmet was drawn in 3D, a lot of infantry weapons, including machine guns and mortars, insignia and shoulder straps of officers to create photo-etched parts.

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  10. Tommys War A Fixture

    It's a great set, I'll definitely be picking it up. I'd considered that same thing with Tommy's War as a longer term WW2 1/35 project. I think the helmet question is a good one, but there is a set of MkIII's from Hornet.

    I'll be using this as it is, to depict 2nd Warwicks just after the Normany landings, my Great-Uncles Regiment, he was wounded and stretchered off at Dunkirk and landed on 6th June.

    One question Dmitri, will you include spare Lee Enfields for the four soldiers currently shown without? Could one potentially have a Bren?
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  11. gedmagpie Active Member

    A fine set indeed I'll be ordering 2 sets and looking forward to the forthcoming figures!

    I'd reasonably expect a Bren due to the inclusion of the Bren Spare Barrel Valise in the images and the mention of one in the accompanying text.;)

    Dmitri, a couple of points that could be made if you'll allow me are:

    Thompson And Sten MG's; both were in use as SMG's with Commonwealth Forces (you already have the Thompson included with your US Paratroopers)
    Machete, Pick and Shovel (these were used for clearing the undergowth of the Normandy Hedgerows, particularly for Bren Teams)
    Bren Spare Magazine Bin or two

    As for figure suggestions:

    A squatting figure capable of being posed against an object; one is less likely to fall asleep in that position than your current sitting figure (even in liberated territory enemy stragglers abound; not to mention counter-attacks).


    Gary Donaldson
  12. Jed Active Member

    These look brilliant
  13. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    All soldiers will have Lee Enfields and other weapons. I have not yet managed to get a copy of Bren and Sten M.G from the 3D press, but they should be with me within the next 2-3 weeks.
    Of course, soldiers will have a trench tool as well. It can be put on the ground next to any figure.

    Gary Donaldson can you help me and give the dimensions of this box for 12 clips for Bren?

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