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Review Signifer from Altores Studio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Sergey Popovichenko, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture

    Friends, welcome. I recently received a package with a bunch of figures from Altores. https://www.facebook.com/altoresstudio
    Thanks to Alexander Pashin for his work and efficiency. https://www.facebook.com/alexandr.pashin.92
    So, a review of the first figure. This is a representative of the "Roman" series, in which at the moment there are 3 figures - signifer, kornits and legionnaire.
    I'll start with signifer.
    The figure is presented in two sizes - 54 and 75mm. What is possible due to the fact that the original model is made in 3D. Sculptor - Vladimir Sychev. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040458754726

    Brief historical background from Wiki.

    "Signifer (lat. signum - sign, ferre - carry) - a junior officer in the ancient Roman army, who carried the emblem of the cohort, maniple and centuria - signum. Each centuria in the legion had its own signifer, so there were 59 of them in the legion. The signifer of the cohort was signifer of her first centuria.

    The signum was a long wooden pole topped with a gilded spear or a figure of an open human palm in a round wreath - manus, meaning the oath of allegiance taken by the soldiers. There is a version that the signums with a human palm as a pommel belonged to maniples, and those with a pommel in the form of a spear belonged to cohorts and centuries. Below was a plate with the name and number of the part, as well as the awards with which she was awarded - silver and gold discs (falers) and wreaths.

    The Signifer of the Centuria was also treasurer, who was responsible for paying the soldiers' salaries, safeguarding their savings, and managing the unit's financial management.

    The external difference of the signifer was a bear or wolf skin, worn over a helmet with paws tied around the neck. The armament consisted of a sword (gladius), a dagger (pugio). As protective equipment, the signifers used chain mail or scaly armor and a small round shield (parma), which was worn on the side of the belt.

    The figure is quite consistent with the established image of the signifer. Personally, I have no claims to historicity.
    The liveliness of 3D performed by Vladimir Sychev, as well as the detailing of the sculpture, is at a height unattainable for many sculptors. His handwriting is already recognizable. And every time he changes something in the approach to detailing, taking into account past experience.
    Casting quality is also excellent.

    Personal impressions - the figure is amazing, one of the best representatives of miniatures.
    Another figure for me, to refuse the acquisition of which is impossible.
    This review is also available on my Patreon
    Well, enough words, look at the photo.

    DSC00194.JPG DSC00198.JPG DSC00200.JPG DSC00201.JPG DSC00203.JPG DSC00204.JPG DSC00207.JPG DSC00208.JPG signa_1__sized.jpg signa_2__sized.jpg signa_3__sized.jpg signa_6__sized.jpg signa_8__sized.jpg
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  2. Redcap A Fixture

    Another really nice figure to add to my 75mm Roman collection but a quick question Sergey please - is this the finished product or is there some more work still to be done?

    The phalera (discs) on the Signum pole which signified the cohort number by the number of discs present were affixed by a 'U' shaped bracket to fix to the pole. These here look 'stuck' or nailed on as modelled here...? It is a simple fix with some lead foil or similar for the modeller but the sculptor should have noted this as it is evident not only on all reproductions made by Roman enactors but also, just about every other figure (in all scales) ever made of this type of soldier.

    I found a picture on the internet (not many pictures show the rear of the standard) which, hopefully, clearly shows what I mean regarding the manner of attachment.

    This is a surprising omission (IF this is the end product for market?) given the rest of the superb work and detail which has been incorporated into this very good figure. Irrespective, thank you Sergey for another excellent review and clear pictures and I will still buy it despite the omission.


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  3. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture

    Yes, this is the final product. Here is such an omission. But still it is not difficult to fix it with foil. And as a rule, I change the shaft from resin to bamboo and in any case I need to make a back mount. DSC06933.JPG
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  4. Vladimir Sychev Well-Known Member

    Sergey Popovichenko, thank you for reviewing the figure.
    Redcap, I tried, but the theme of ancient Rome is new to me. I hope that my mistake with the missing Phaler fasteners did not spoil the final impression of the figure as a whole.
  5. Redcap A Fixture

    Hi Vladimir.

    Thanks for the reply and the minor omission does not detract from your excellent work with the rest of the figure.

    I am still buying it when available and look forward to painting it.


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