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Siberian Rifles

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Dani A., Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Dani A. New Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to present my last figure, a captain, Siberian Rifles, Korea 1904. It is actually a team work - I did the modelling, and my friend Albert Oliveras did the painting; and, last but not least, Carles Elias fashioned for me the jang seung totemic idol from a piece of balsa wood.

    Those of you that attended the Euromilitaire Show maybe noticed this figure, at class 5.


    I can not really do a step-by-step process with this piece - we were hard pressed to have it on time for Euromilitaire, so we have only some photos of the complete but unpainted figure. With this, and some more photos of the finished work, I will try to concoct an article in the next days, both with modelling and painting notes.

    The figure is based on a 80 mm figure from The fusilier, although I just used it for the anatomic volumes - detail surface was filed off and then, entirely remodelled. The only visible stock part is left hand; head came from a different figure, and had a beard and fur cap added. Sabre and revolver holster (not visible in this photo) were built from scratch too.

    Hope you like it,

  2. Guy A Fixture

    You guys did a super job Dani............your teamwork effort really paid off. I look forward to your article to learn more.
  3. RobH Active Member

    Hi Dani!

    I really like this piece, you guys did a really good job! Carles certainly seems a busy man, I just looked on Planet Diorama at his latest work.....wow!

    I did remember this one, Dani! And congratulations to you all for the award! Well deserved.


  4. Guy A Fixture

    What award did you receive Dani?...........don't be bashful :lol: It surely deserved recognition.
  5. homellop Active Member

    more pics :lol:

    Attached Files:

  6. JP PRAJOUX Member

    This very nice with a lot of flair.
    I did notice this figure on the reports about Folkestone.
    Great Job (y)
  7. homellop Active Member

    another one

    Attached Files:

  8. btavis Active Member

    Great pose.
  9. Dani A. New Member

    Hi all!

    These photos are exclusive... even to me!!! Jaume kept the figure after the show, and I see he's been busy...

    Guy, we got a Commended with this work.

    Watch this space for more details on the figure... ;)

  10. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Excellent figure Dani! Great pose and great painting!
  11. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Really nice figure. I like the unqiue subject matter most of all!
  12. KeithP Active Member

    Wow. That is really great. Love the expression on his face. (y)

  13. slaj Well-Known Member

    Dani , I noticed this figure immediately when I saw a photo report about Euro. It's one of my favourites. If I have to be honest I think it deserved a lot better. But then again many strange things happen over there. Believe me ,I know !!!!
    My sincere compliments

    Stephen Mallia
  14. Johan Well-Known Member

    A very, very nice figure of an unusual subject - it's figures like this that get me interested in a certain historical period. I like the extra touch of that totemic idol.
  15. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Buena figura Dany!! No sabìa que modelabas tambièn... y muy bien por cierto.
    Felicitaciones por el premio. y que envidia a los que pudieron estar en Folkeston, tal vez el pòximo año...


  16. jaime Member

    ¡EXCELENTE! sin más... y felicidades.
    Un saludo
    Jaime Gil
  17. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    I saw this in the pictures and I really like this one. Nice pose and great paint job. You both did very well.

  18. Dani A. New Member


    First of all, tank you everybody for the comments!

    I will now tell you something about the modelling phase...

    To put it in perspective, it all came because of a collaboration agreement between Albert and me: I would model a figure, and he would paint it. The small letter was, he would not know what I was doing until he got the figure! I figured this allowed for increased interest on his part...

    Well, it happened that Osprey released a book on the Russo-Japanese War, and I was hooked with mr. A. Karatchouk fantastic plates. I selected an officer, Siberian Rifles, as a subject - Albert had painted a Cossack some time ago, so I imagined he would like it because it had a Cossack flavour about it! Also, because of the coat's civilian origin, it allowed for some variation as to paint schemes. I needed some additional sources, because (as it frequently happens) the book was somewhat sparse with details.

    Not much time was left before EuroMilitaire, so I decided to use as a basis an 80 mm The Fusilier figure I had somewhere. In fact, I removed all the outer surface with a Dremel- type tool; even if he was wearing a winter coat, it was advisable to reduce the volume, because if not, you can get a too bulky a figure.

    Head came from another The Fusilier figure, to which I added a fur cap. I gave particular attention to getting the volume and shape right - these caps were fairly substantial pieces of headgear; besides that, they are frequently pressed at the top, and present a distinctive shape, not cylindrical at all. I tried to replicate the fur surface more as shapes than as separate strands of hair. I thought this was more realistic, and could be complemented with a good paint job.


    BTW, the beard was added by Albert, which was a nice touch!

  19. Dani A. New Member

    There's not much to be said about the rest of the figure's modelling phase; I used Miliput Superfine for all of it, except for the smaller ring at the sabre's guard, which is plastic. Accessories (sabre, etc) are not shown here, but they are visible on earlier photos.


    Some notes:

    The distinctive coat was made of cloth lined with fur. I deliberately kept pleats and creases at a low key, as is to be expected on such a thick garment.
    I reproduced the furry surface at the edges by pressing wire sponge and coarse grain emery paper on the fresh putty. Talcum powder proved useful to prevent sticking.

    Boots are special for low temperatures, they being composed of a leather foot and a lined felt shaft - they were modelled bulky at the shaft, as real ones are!

    The Nagant revolver holster was modelled around an appopriate shaped lump of alluminium paper (no need to use putty for every volume!) - to it I added the butt and trigger guard (at least, their visible areas!) and a flap over it all, fastened with a strap.

    I decided to have the officer holding his sabre unhooked, as if for convenience - the appropriate sabre straps were then modelled fastened together at the hip.


    Once I finished with the modelling, I showed the figure to Albert, with some trepidation - fortunately, he liked it! I gave him background and painting details, and we discussed the various possibilities.

    And now's the time for Albert, as a guest of mine, to write some insights of his own...

    Any questions or comments are welcome!

  20. Ernest A Fixture

    Pues que hay que decir....DEMASIADO BIEN ;)

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