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Review Shield Maiden from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Noah New Member

    Really enjoyed this review, thank you
  2. Kevindunne Active Member

    would love to see them do Floki...thats one weird dude!
  3. kagemusha A Fixture

    Received mine today.....photos in review do not do it justice.....absolutely stunning piece in every respect.....shield is huge :wideyed: (y) :)

  4. Bigmick Active Member

    Cracking review, mine arrived this morning after ordering it yesterday afternoon along with the 101st Airborne bust with choice of heads. I already have the Nuts planet Viking Berserk all I have to do now is summon up the courage to start painting them.
  5. joona New Member


    I just ordered mine from AliExpress. Cost about 15 euros. I left a caveat "if this is a recast, don't bother and refund stat". And shipping free.

    I must see it to tell if it is a recast, but I'll keep you posted. If it IS a bootleg, someone's ass is grass and I have practiced a bit of lawnmowing.

  6. Nap Moderator


    At 15€ I really don't think it's an original but hope it is for your sake

    Good luck

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  7. joona New Member

    You never know about the Chinks. It may well be legit but sold as bulk. Now, I do my share of torrenting at times. But as a graphic designer myself I do not take lightly recasts. Professional pride and all that.

    Too bad they don't have queen Boudica. I'd need one to give a present for excellent customer service near my summer resort Lidl. Not to mention she clearly has a crush on me, but she could be my daughter. Shopped a bit to Lidl colours and her outrageously red dyed hair.


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  8. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Boy oh boy, do Nuts Planet know how to churn out some awesome pieces. Another beauty from them here. Great review Mr P, loved it.

  9. joona New Member

    Well, fellow feaks,

    I received it today. As I told, In my order I put a caveat "if this is a recast, don't bother and refund stat".

    I am certainly not accepting piracy in this business, but I am a bit loss with this one. The casting is okay as in could be genuine. No markings like serial numbers. Should there be ones? I mean as I ordered that I made it clear if this is a recast, do not send and refund.

    I DID expect it to be bulk, ie. no package. Thaat still doesn't make it counterfeit. But could someone familiar with the confirmed genuine help me a bit? There is possibly one telltale. The shield, although well cast is no resin, but somewhat floppy vinyl. Is that so also with the genuine one?

    Don't take me wrong. I was not here to buy pirated goods but to bust the ass of those who do. If it is pirated, she will get a viking funeral and I'll burn the seller to Aliexpress and Nutsplanet, too.
  10. Nap Moderator

    Joona ,

    If you pm me the name of the seller you got it off , I will tell you if it is in my opinion ...but please.....Only pm me and don't mention any reference in a post

  11. gregmix New Member

  12. Alex A Fixture

    Of course the 15 euros Shield Maident was a counterfeit bust.
    I mean come on guys, the retail price is 70$US (62 euros)
    The dealers price for that bust is at least twice the 15 euros sold price.
    Nuts planet bust castings are simply perfect and worth the retail price imho.
    Please be advised that I do trade them so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.



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