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Review Shield Maiden from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Nap Moderator

    H to everyone ,

    We again see another release from the prolific company in Korea called Nuts Planet , alongside others they have established a reputation for interesting and quality releases in all scales .

    The one I will be sharing my thoughts on is as announced in this thread from Nuts Planet :



    It is of course the Shield Maiden but before we look at the box and its contents lets see what exactly these "ladys" were all about.

    Female warriors feature in many legends and myths in the Ancient world particularly in the Norse tales , did they actually exist well evidence is very scarce , they certainly existed in modern films as in The Vikings , in folklore they fought alongside their men replacing any gaps in the shield walls by picking up their fallen warriors shields , no actual graves have been found which definately show female warriors .but much is imagined to have been so .

    Did they exist ...who can definately say ..but one thing I wouldn't want to come against one !!!!

    0001.jpg 01.jpg 1.jpg
    Books of course are many on the Vikings these are a few that are really good reading and full of information. a.jpg aaaaa.jpg aa.jpg aaa.jpg aaaaaa.jpg 00aa.jpg 00a.jpg 00aaa.jpg 000aa.jpg 1a.jpg 0aa.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaa.jpg

    Fearsome warriors with fearsome weapons!!!!

    Continued in next post:

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets begin our journey,

    Perhaps we will end up in Valhalla or even worse we might still be alive after our brave maiden fought to the death.

    What are we looking at :

    Title: Shield Maiden - The Viking Age

    Reference: NP-B013

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 9

    Sculptor: Jun-Sik Ahn

    Box Art: Myeong-Ha Ahn

    As with all the releases from Nuts we finds our purchase in the blue box , strong and sturdy as always with colour pictures of the piece on the top and one of the sides.
    Nuts Shield Maiden 001.jpg
    Parts were carefully placed within sandwiched between foam pieces ...no chance of any damage with this sort of packing .

    Parts consist of the torso , the arms , the shield, 2 hands one for the shield the other for the weapon she holds an axe , a top part of a sword , and the shield strap and last but not least a base.
    Nuts Shield Maiden 002.jpg

    In this part of the review we will look at the Torso and the Arms.....lets look at the prep needed on these pieces first : One casting plug from the base of the torso beautifully positioned for ease of removal , the arms each have 2 small plugs to take off on the elbows ...and that is it , nothing more needed.

    Beginning with the Torso , an examination of the piece showed a flawless piece of casting , nothing , I paid particular attention to the hair as if there was any this would be the difficult area ....nothing ..good start .
    Nuts Shield Maiden 005.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 006.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 007.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 008.jpg
    The sculpting is as I expected also flawless , looking perhaps a bit like a character we might have seen in a recent tele visual delight but who cares ..not me !!!

    The pose is with the upper body turned slightly to the right , back slightly arched to counter the weight of the shield she carrys .

    The features of the face are extraordinary , very smooth and very accurate , , a fine pointed nose , good nostril details , eyes and ears are well formed , neck muscles are prominant in keeping with her position , her female form is very nicely done , I spent a long time looking at this area..hard life reviewing eh!!!
    Nuts Shield Maiden 005-001.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 013.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 014.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 015.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 013.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 015.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 011.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 012.jpg
    Her hair is nothing short of brilliant , plaits fall down at the front with the hair swept back at the forehead with another plait on the top , hair strands are all there to enjoy in excellent form...sculpting at its best

    Clothing she wears is full of fine details all really well cast , at the back here bodice is tied in a cris cross , again well worked , the whole clothing area will allow the painter to really bring the surface details out ..good chance for leather effects as in the box art .
    Nuts Shield Maiden 009.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 010.jpg
    At her waist we see 2 sword belts well sculpted sitting on her hips .

    On the shoulder area we have a male plug ready to receive the shield arm with the appropriate cutout and the other has a female ready to receive the plug cast onto the weapon arm....no chance of trying to fit the wrong arm.

    On to the Arms now , fit into the required position is first class , excellent join with no filler being needed , the shield arm is held up and back .This comment applys to both clothing folds are really good with the wrists having some well sculpted decoration in particular .
    Nuts Shield Maiden 016.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 017.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 020.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 019.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 018.jpg

    Nice start and already a fine looking figure

    Continued in next post:

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Let us continue in our longship to look at the other parts :

    Beginning with the Prep needed ...the shield has a casting plug to remove from the outer rim ..carefully do this and don't try and snap it off !!!!, the hands with are both on formers and will need cutting off as is the shield strap , I like this presentation keeping the parts safe and easy to take off ..well thought out by Nuts , the sword hilt has a remnant to take off just below the cross piece , the base needed a slight sanding around the lower edge ..but that is all the prep required ...easy to sort out .

    The Shield this is the full version and with no design ...a blank canvas for the painter , with a great bit of details on the wood effect , the central boss is suitably battle damaged with the shield itself having battle scars , on the front we have to plates which hold the strap rings on the back , these are again well sculpted and we also see locating holes ready to receive the shield handle .
    Nuts Shield Maiden 028.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 029.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 030.jpg
    The Strap for the shield , this should be fitted first before the shield is put on for obvious reasons !!!! . it hangs very naturally in place with nice positioning as well .
    Nuts Shield Maiden 031.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 032.jpg
    On now to the Hands and their contents , the left hand holds the shield handle , I would recommend you dry fit this to the arm and check its position .I did and it confirmed that it was spot on , it will for most be easier to paint this before getting your chosen glue out!!!
    Nuts Shield Maiden 036.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 027.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 033.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 034.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 035.jpg
    The other has the war axe in the hand , this is a lovely bit of work again with fine details , leather strapping secures the axe head with the lower parts being covered as a grip
    Nuts Shield Maiden 024.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 025.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 023.jpg
    Both hands are very well sculpted and fit into the wrists with no concerns , when in place they look tye parts and sit very naturally.

    The Sword hilt is a typical design , there is no blade to it it ends in keeping with the torso , again surface work is seen with a 3 pommel at the top.
    Nuts Shield Maiden 021.jpg Nuts Shield Maiden 022.jpg
    The Base is the usual one perfectly adequete as always ...pin it for additional security and peace of nmind or use a brass rod as is my choice.
    Nuts Shield Maiden 003.jpg

    Final Thoughts:

    As anticipated another cracking bit of work from the team at Nuts Planet ,,,presentation spot on , quality of sculpting the same with casting easily some of the best I have seen...a really pretty female subject , full of details which when painted will make a great addition to the display cabinet

    Thanks to Nuts Planet for the review sample and also .......

    to you all for coming along with me on the journey .

    For more information and to see where you can purchase this and other releases in all scales ..

    why not go to their website at :


    or bookmark them and be friends on Facebook at :


    Happy Figure Modelling

  4. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice shoes thread !
    What's else Nap!

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  5. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Another wonderfully done review, and again Thanks! (y)

    Steve Deyo
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  6. arj A Fixture

    A very thorough review, as usual Kev.

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  7. paulr3260 Active Member

    Beautiful bust. Looking forward to more busts from the "Vikings" series plus "Black Sails" would be nice also...................
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  8. Joe55 A Fixture

    Shoot Kevin, you would do a review on this :cautious: ! Now I gotta go and get one of these :joyful: !

    Excellent background, breakdown, rundown, and lowdown (y)!

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  9. Rompy Well-Known Member

    I picked this up yesterday and true to Nap's review, everything is flawless :)
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  10. Joe55 A Fixture

    Can't wait to see yours done up Rompy!

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  11. Rompy Well-Known Member


    Thanks Joe :)

    I will probably work on another subject, i am leaning towards "The Few" , before heading back to the Viking age. :)
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  12. Anthony New Member

    Excellent and informative review. Nut's Planet is matched by few others.
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  13. Tutilo17 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for this great review!
  14. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks for the revieuw Nap.
    It took me over the line.....ordered it.

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  15. cimeterre de figurines Active Member

    Many thanks Naps for all the infos provided!
    Excellent and accurate review as usual (y)
    She's on the way! Waiting my order.
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  16. Ernest A Fixture

    I just saw beautiful women :)
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  17. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Gorgeous bust, and the rest of the piece isn't bad either:woot:. No, but seriously, everything I've seen from Nuts Planet is pretty damn good bordering on brilliant, so well done(y)(y).
    Best wishes, Gary.
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  18. Jimbo A Fixture

    Cracking good review Kev(y)
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  19. Wayneb A Fixture

    Yes.....ditto all the above.....regards,...Wayne
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  20. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Fantastic review Kevin (y) , fantastic miniature too. (y)

    Sole regret but important to mention - Here in Eurozone, with the drop of the € currency, the miniature is arriving with a price touching 70.00€+shipping!!!

    The same is happening with other Asian brands, not alone figure producers - pretty sure this is going to create impact in sales :(

    Thanks for the review, Kevin - let's hope Nuts can see how prices are going around here to see if they can contribute too to benefit their customers ... hope so! (n)

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