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Review Sharki & Papa Jambo - Black Sailor Orc Busts from Big Child Creatives

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Pete Wenman, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Pete Wenman Member

    Sharki and Papa Jambo
    Big Child Creatives
    Dark grey resin
    Scale – 1/16ish



    In this review I will look at Sharki and Papa Jambo from the Black Sailors range from Big Child Creatives


    I must admit I was concerned when being handed the box containing both busts from the postman that it rattled ! Unfortunately the packaging of the busts is not as good as it could be, seemly more worried about style than offering protection.
    Both busts are provided in their own large plastic blister pack, which fits snuggly within the outer box. However there is nothing to prevent the resin parts from moving and bouncing around inside the blister. Sharki having more and larger parts was somewhat constrained within the blister, but Papa Jambo with smaller parts was loose to move within his blister and sure enough on inspection I could see the a tip of one ear had broken off. I must admit to being disappointed that a kit of this quality was packed in such a way that damage seemed almost inevitable.

    Sharki –the Orc Diver
    Sharki has an overall height of 110mm from the bottom of the plinth to the tip of the fin. The plinth height is 20-30mm and the fin 40mm so the body height is around 50mm. The kit consists of 13 parts, being head and torso, belt end, shark fin, together with three rope elements and six fish bones. While no instructions are included, nor indeed required the fish bones are helpfully numbered so that they can be matched to their specific location on the figures back.


    Papa Jambo – the Orc Shaman
    Papa has an overall height of 84mm, with the plinth being 27mm high. The kit consists of 15 parts, being head and torso, dreadlocks for each side of the head, two fangs (at this stage I think only one is required), eight feathers and a delightful crab.


    I do wonder if Papa was an earlier project from Big Child Creatives as overall the bust seems to be of a slightly lower quality than Sharki with the casting seeming to be less sharp in places. On Sharki any casting seams are very faint, wheras on Papa there is a very noticeable seam on the chin. However despite this the quality of casting is good and both busts will be very easy to prep and prime
    The resin used is slightly different from that I have come across before being a dark grey, and “harder” than the resin I am used to. It cuts and can be carved easily with a sharp blade, but when sanded I have not yet been able to get a glass smooth finish with polishing cloths. I’m not actually worried about this as a coat of primer will sort this.
    Both the heads and torso have casting lugs that need to be removed, but this is easily done, in my case using a sharp knife to carve the lugs away. Good size location lugs then ensure an easy and secure joint of head to torso. In the case of Sharki the neck joint is hidden by a strap around the neck, while on Papa the joint is hidden by the dreadlocks in part and a smaller strap at the back of the neck.
    The design and fit of the parts for both busts is very well done, to ensure easy fitting, but with joints and seams hidden.


    Sharki with ropes and bones still to be attached. I must admit to this being my favourite of the three pirate orc busts, it is such a great look !

    Big Child Creatives can be found here, with both these busts part of their Black Sailors range.

    These busts are at a slightly smaller scale than I was expecting, and are therefore are slightly smaller in scale than the Morko bust from LeBeN Models that I recently reviewed, however I still intend to group the three busts together and the difference in size is not too much of an issue. The amount of detail crammed into these busts is amazing, and what in part lead me to think they may actually have been larger. Papa’s head scarf has a faint texture to the fabric (I originally thought it was an errant thumb print), while Sharki’s hide has veins and scars subtly cast

    So despite the broken ear I’m pleased with both these busts and the levels of detail they offer and again as is the case with Morko the freedom to paint these in any colours I chose and in any style is a massive attraction.

  2. franck edet A Fixture

    great review !
    thank you very much :)

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