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securing parts

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by pipetrepid, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. pipetrepid Active Member

    when you are painting loose, especially smaller parts how can you secure them? parts you are going to paint before attaching them to a figure or bust, in other words. thank you for the help.
  2. housecarl A Fixture

    I tend to pin everything Bill, so I put the pin in a pin vice. Or Blu-tack works too.
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  3. moore Active Member

    I am like Carl, I usually try to pin everything... but also trying to get away a bit
    from that habit. When there is a part that is a perfect fit and does not need pinning..I will
    drill a little hole in the part and put a temporary pin/paper clip..something to just hold it
    while I paint. OR use blue tack and put it on a stick, ice cream sticks is what I use.

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  4. Steve Well-Known Member

    What Carl and Dee said about the pin. I have never had luck with blu tack, but it works for everyone else.
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  5. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    No 11 blade to carve a small hole followed by gluing a cocktail stick and then simply stabbing in to some cork for a stand.
  6. Einion Well-Known Member

    I'd go for pinning too if the part can be pinned. If it's too small or too thin I'd suggest temporarily glueing to a cocktail stick, piece of sprue etc. I've had mixed success using Blu-Tack to hold small parts during painting, they have a habit of coming loose at the worst time!

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  7. outrunthedogs Member

    I have secured small parts for priming/painting by attaching them to a piece of Tamiya tape.
  8. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I use the temporary pin and cork method for most unassembled parts. For some of the REALLY small parts, bits of strap with buckles, horse tack, sabretaches etc, I'll clean and prime them on the sprue (leaving it attached by a hair), paint them still on the sprue then carefully cut them off when it's time to assemble. That leaves a tiny spot to touch-up... but there's always touch-ups after assembly isn't there?;)

    This has worked for me so far... until the next trick comes along... Always looking for the next new trick

  9. Jaybo Active Member

    Try the dental sticks with the wax-like adhesive at one end. They are available at MicroMark.

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