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Open Book Secret Agent Aida from Nuts Planet ( Trigger range)

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all ,

    Its time to look at a release from 0aa.jpg again this time we have another in the Trigger series , following on from previous releases which I reviewed here :



    The one featured in this visit to the world of secret agents is this

    Secret Agent Aida


    As you can see we have a rather sexy looking female , long legged wearing a long coat , and holding a weapon at her side ..perhaps walking casually away from her latest kill or on the way to the next rendevous .

    The other figure I reviewed ( Kelley ..see link) was much more involved in respect of equipment and pose , Aida is simpler but equally as well sculpted , infact in my opinion she has more appeal , a very classy pose , and as said rather sexy as well .

    As with previous releases the presentation is excellent , the strong box in the distinctive dark blue lures the modeller to enjoy the contents inside , the box art features on the top and one of the sides

    Parts are held in clear bags and sandwiched between foam layers

    Nuts Aida 001.jpg

    Title: Secret Agent Aida

    Scale: 75mm (1/24th)

    Reference: T75007

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 7

    Sculptor: Joo Huem Yoon (3D Techniques)

    Box Art: Ki Yeol Yoon

    Parts consist of the torso , the legs, a head, right arm , 2 parts to the weapon and a base

    Nuts Aida 002.jpg

    Prep is easily achieved with minimal and very small casting plugs to remove from the head , the neck top on the torso , the weapon in the hand and then fit the weapon pieces consisting of the barrel and the stock.
    You will also need to fit the legs and arm to the torso

    Looking at the pieces now:

    The Torso this is sculpted wearing a long coat ( leather perhaps as in box art or maybe PVC ), open all the way down at the front , blowing slightly with her movement , what really leaps out at me is the work on the folds and the sit of the coat its really very very good, the actual torso is cut very cleanly at the waist with a perfectly formed cut out for the legs to position in.

    The left arm is sculpted already in place with the hand in her pocket holding the coat open , with the waist belt flowing on both sides , good work on the undercuts .

    The chest area is open showing her shirt and very female form , the work on the folds of the shirt are spot on , her neck is exposed slightly , very female , slender all ready to receive the head .
    Nuts Aida 004.jpg Nuts Aida 005.jpg Nuts Aida 006.jpg Nuts Aida 007.jpg Nuts Aida 009.jpg Nuts Aida 010.jpg
    Nuts Aida 010.jpg Nuts Aida 008.jpg
    Legs..Aida has very long legs with tight clothing displaying her well toned shape , again folds are spot on and in keeping with the material , you can see the shape of her hand in the pocket and fit to the upper torso is excellent.
    On her feet we have some rather nice looking high heeled shoes ( perhaps smal boots leading up inside her trousers) , these add again to the overall sexy feel of the figure.

    Nuts Aida 013.jpg Nuts Aida 015.jpg Nuts Aida 015.jpg Nuts Aida 011.jpg Nuts Aida 014.jpg

    Head this is gain a nice piece of sculpting looking very female and with a classy hairstyle indeed with the hair itself being nicely worked , good work on the facial features , this will almost paint itself!!! Fit to the torso is no problem and when all together looks even better.
    Nuts Aida 016.jpg Nuts Aida 017.jpg Nuts Aida 018.jpg Nuts Aida 019.jpg Nuts Aida 012.jpg

    Arm well sculpted as expected with it hanging down the side the hand grasping the main part of the weapon, fit is very cleanly done with male and female cutouts achieving this . The hands are delicate and well formed .
    Nuts Aida 022.jpg Nuts Aida 021.jpg
    Weapon pieces consisting of the barrel and the stock , a little fiddly to fit ( for me anyway!!!) but the result is a dangerous looking weapon with a silencer on the barrel ...a perfect silent killing weapon.

    Nuts Aida 020.jpg

    Base, a cobbled street effect with a semi circle of stones at the edge ..perhaps a corner of the street , well sculpted and perfectly suitable for the figure.
    Nuts Aida 003.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Again another excellent release , and this time a lot simpler in pose but very effective indeed , sculpting is very good which matches up with the casting , the usual high presentation standard resulting in a great display item , the painter has the opportunity to get that leather effect all over if you so wish ...but the potential for different versions are endless .

    Well done Nuts Planet

    Thanks to 0aa.jpg for the review piece

    For more details on this and other releases go to the website at

    www. nutsplanet.com

    please visit their FB at www.facebook.com/nutsplanet.

    If you have any questions or requests please feel free to ask via nutsplanet@gmail.com

    Thank you for looking in enjoy the painting


  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets enjoy some more pictures of the box art

    Painting at its highest level IMO



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