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Searching for a sculptor to do a comission work for me

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by Nikos, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Nikos New Member

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I paint figures in my free time. I collect mostly 90mm and 75 mm figures with 90mm being my favorite scale. I am wondering if there is any sculptor out there who accepts commission works. I have some ideas on my mind. I am mostly interested in a 90mm horseback model from a character I saw from a film, conan the barbarian the 80s film . I would like to know how much such a work will cost me approximately. I can provide with pictures ( from the film) to the person who is willing to do this. I do know know most of the members here who do sculpting, the only sculptor I know is Igor Kordyukov whose works I love and I think he could make reality the things I have in my mind, I contacted him on facebook before I register here, but he has not seen my message yet. All in all, is it possible that someone might offer creating this miniature and how much do you think commission works generally cost, as I am a college student and I will need to save money prior to this. I also have other concepts in mind, all from paintings and I think is someone makes some of these models, they will be very popular among hobbyists. Regards and thank you for your time!
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  2. Mookie Active Member

    Hi There.
    There are a lot of great sculptors around who might help.Greg Girault a French Sculptor is highly recommended.I know a Sculptor who works for my little company who might help.Putty and paint website has many sculptors who accept commisions.Rob Lane at Elan 13 miniatures accepts commisions.Moz Corry and Carl Reid from U.k do commisions but are very busy in their work load.Try Greg Girault on Facebook or Putty and paint.
    Hope that helps,Maybe think along the 3d printing line.
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  3. Mookie Active Member

    Bear in mind that to commision a sculptor isnt cheap as there is a lot of time put into the creation.Takes many hours of work either in Polymer clays or Epoxy.I would say a mounted 90mm warrior with horse would run into 100s of pounds or nearer a 1000 as to create a horse and rider is a lot of work.I know that a 1.12th bust i had done was over 400 pounds and 1.9th over 800 pounds so that gives you a guide.
    All the best from Richard
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  4. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Nikos

    Big welcome to PF good to have you here

    As Richard says ...might not be cheap but those names he mentioned are always worth contacting

    3D ..Hugo Pereiera from RP Models has lots of sculptors he might be able to help

    Hope we see some of your painted figures as well

  5. Nikos New Member

    Thank you all for your help. To be honest, 1000 pounds doesn't sound unreasonable. Even though, as I said, I am still in university, I could save money to have such a project made. I have 3 concepts in mind and I will contact some of the sculptors you mentioned to see if my ideas can be made in 90mm miniatures. I have no idea how 3d printing can be used in making such detailed miniatures and I will have to do my research and the advantages and disadvantages against traditional hand sculpting. I will post some of my painted miniatures, I do not have many as I prefer to be really selective before I buy, so I don't have a large collection. In any case, I hope if I have my project realised, my miniature to be circulated as well, it would be cool for others to paint what I had in mind.

    Regards and many thanks to all.

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