WIP Sculpting Thread - The Combat of the Thirty, 1351 - 54mm diorama sculpting WIP series - Introduction

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Borek, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Borek A Fixture

    Hi guys :)

    Sculpting thread plate.jpg

    So I started working on the project and bringing the first WIP. Wire frame and first phase of axe sculpting.

    I'm starting to work on a figure of Dagworth, the likely nephew of Sir Thomas Dagworth. For those of you who accidentally missed the introduction of this project, you can read it here.


    Have a nice day / evening and stay safe.

    Cheers Borek

    Dagworth WIP 1-b.jpg
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Borek

    Nice start ...the axe looks good .....looks a great shape

    Following right with you

    Happy sculpting

    Stay safe

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  3. Zim PlanetFigure Supporter

    Will be following this one.
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  4. Borek A Fixture


    Thanks so much Guys :)
  5. Borek A Fixture

    WIP no. 2

    Hi Guys :)

    Here's the base of Dagworth's character. Dagworth will be paired with Geoffroy Poulard, with his ax causing fatal injury. Geoffroy comes next when Dagworth is finished.

    The base of the skeleton is from Magic Sculp, as is usual with me, I will continue with Bees Putty.

    Have a nice day and I'll be back today with next WIP

    Cheers Borek :)

    Dagworth WIP II - a.jpg

    Dagworth WIP II - b.jpg

    Dagworth WIP II - c.jpg

    Dagworth WIP II - d.jpg
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  6. NeilW Well-Known Member

    Nice start: looks like this detail from one of your prints was the inspiration (though the opponent looks like Beaucorp rather than Poulart)?

    Just a couple of points:

    > I'd rather see a smaller bladed battleaxe... or perhaps a maul/warhammer or early poleaxe (as per the guy in the foreground- Tinternaic?)

    > the jupon looks rather long: it was a time of transition from longer, flowing surcoats, but from medieval illustrations, brasses etc. I think that by this stage they had become more thigh than what looks like knee length on the piece so far: eg see Dagworth's memorial brass of the Black Prince monument and surviving jupon and replica (note that it's padded: this video shows a reconstruction being made) and the brasses and manuscript refs below... in fact, to my eyes, the paintings seem to have got the look about right?

    I understand that the French (presumably including the Bretons) often went in for much more flowing, sleeved (and padded?) tunics/tabards (not the crude mauls/warhammers on the right):

    Trust this is helpful (y)

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  7. elanlane13 A Fixture

    I always enjoy seeing the process followed by other sculptors. I find always learn something.
  8. Borek A Fixture

    Hi Neil :)

    Thanks a lot for next material and info :)

    As far as tunic is concerned, I know that shorter tunic has been worn very often, but sometimes there is evidence of longer tunic. I think the turn of the century was still a time when the battlefields appeared longer tunics with slits on the side or front / rear.

    Eng knight.JPG

    With this particular figure, I just decided on a longer skirt with a split on the side, although (don't worry :)) most characters will have a shorter tunic more often used in those times.

    This is the kind of axe I need for composition, and after research, I think that such axes were used in this period. However, I have also prepared smaller maces and hammers for other characters :)

    Since there is no source showing young Dagworth's armor at this time, I decided to assign him an armor similar to that of Almaric de Saint Amand, who also fought at Crécy. Armor will be based on this, albeit with some modifications and changes.


    As for the French loose tunics, I am still doing research, but it turns out that they were rather late (+ 10-15 years). I am still looking for more information and many thanks for your help ;). Keep it Up my friend :)

    WIP 3
    Next wip, start working on leg armor and tunic.

    Dagworth WIP III - a.JPG

    Dagworth WIP III - b.JPG

    Dagworth WIP III - c.JPG
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  9. Borek A Fixture


    Thanks Robert, I got it the same way :) Enjoy it ;).

    One more thing about that rival Sir Dagworth. I do not use the painting as an inspiration, it was rather an illustrative element of the introductory presentation. The ax is more of a coincidence, I realized later. So I chose Poulard, who died in battle. It is this scene that depicts (or will depict) his death in battle. :). Of course, it is not known who killed him in battle, so I could use a little imagination :).

    Cheers Borek :)
  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Borek

    What a fascinating thread , great updates and the sculpting is coming along nicely , the armour has a great shaping , like the movement on the clothing as well

    Looking forward to more updates

    Like Neil's posts great details there as well

    Happy sculpting

    Stay safe

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  11. NeilW Well-Known Member

    Hi Borek,

    Can't argue with the rationale for your choices (y)

    Ref tunics: I understand that there was also a fashion (perhaps slightly earlier?) for asymetric tunics/surcoats with a short front and a longer rear skirt:

    BTW: that Almaric de Saint Amand with the unusual bascinet with a kettlehat style brim seems to be based on a border figure from the tomb of Sir Hugh Hastings (who seems to be wearing a Ra-Ra skirt!) as:
    30k.JPG 30j.JPG

    You can't do a strict chronology, and anyway, backward areas such as Northern England, Southern France (perhaps Brittany?) lagged behind with the latest technology and fashions, but these give an idea of developments between c1320s and 1360s... from mail to full plate:
    30-1322.JPG 30-1336.JPG 30-1340s.JPG 30-1340s b.JPG 30-1350s.JPG 30g.JPG
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  12. NeilW Well-Known Member

    Hi Borek,

    Meant to say: So far it's looking superb... a great sculpt (at least as far as his right knee so far ;))

    I'll look forward to seeing how things develop.

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  13. NeilW Well-Known Member

    Here's more stuff on that reference:

    Biog of Almaric de Saint Amand

    The brass and a representation (incorrect tinctures):
    deA1.JPG deA2.JPG

    Other representation of this style of helmet:
    deA3.JPG deA4.JPG deA5.JPG
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  14. Borek A Fixture


    Thanks so much Nap for the nice coment. Agree, Neil's work in this thread is Amazing, An extremely valuable helpful :)

    Thanks so much for the nice words. And thanks for the next backgrounds :) . yes, I will also use asymmetric tunics, certainly with Sir Hugh Calveley, maybe with Robert Knolles (Knowles). Otherwise, I totally agree that for that time it is possible to withdraw from sources in a larger time span. there are even references to some knights who had brand new armor and clothing made, but according to older fashion, because they may be more convenient. But I think most of the characters in this diorama will more or less match their armament and equipment at that time, + - 10 years. Maybe with a few exceptions. The composition is currently created for twenty figures, full-featured poses for 7 figures. We'll see how big it will be in the end :).

    Anyway, thanks a lot to Neil for other sources of information and pictures.

    Cheers Guys, stay safe and see you at the next WIP ;)

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  15. Borek A Fixture

    Day one - WIP 4

    Hi everyone :)

    last WIP today. Tomorrow I will not start in the afternoon, in the morning I have another job. Anyway, tomorrow I'm looking forward to the next meeting here.

    Have a nice evening / good night (or any other part of the day you have now) and stay safe :)

    Cheers borek

    Dagworth WIP IV - a.JPG

    Dagworth WIP IV - b.JPG
  16. Oda A Fixture

    Absolutely spectacular.Will be following with utmost interest.

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  17. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there Borek

    Enjoying every update , starting to really get the look now

    There seems to be a lot of old wine corks on your bench .........very useful and a great way to get holder for WIP's

    Happy benchtime

    Stay safe

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  18. Borek A Fixture


    Thank you so much Oda, you are welcome :)

    Cheers Borek

    Hi Nap, and thank you very much. As for corks, in fact, they are all new. As an abstainer, I have no other choice than to simply buy them: D

    Cheers Guys and stay safe :)

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  19. NeilW Well-Known Member

    In these difficult times el vino is all that's keeping me going :hungover:

    I'll send you some so you can stop buying them ;)
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  20. Borek A Fixture

    Day Two - WIP 5

    Hi guys.

    Today only one WIP, there was a lot of other work, but I am slowly moving on.

    Have a good night and hope you are all right.

    Cheers Borek

    OK Neil, cork is never enough: P

    Dagworth WIP V - a.JPG

    Dagworth WIP V - b.JPG

    Dagworth WIP V - c.JPG

    Dagworth WIP V - d.JPG

    Dagworth WIP V - e.JPG
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