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Sculpting the Horse

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Guy, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Fernando and colleagues from Spain.
    I can not tell about problems of communication{connection} is first time such question:-(
    Probably it is adjustment{option} of a computer?
    Try once again here:


    We shall be glad you to see, yours faithfully.
  2. Markus Well-Known Member

    Hello Friends,

    as Sergej said, I have started....and it makes a lot of fun !!!!

    Just some pics of my first attempt in sculpting a horse...I started yesterday...


  3. btavis Active Member

    Wow, I used a similar technique with the silhoutte shapes as a guide with horses I have sculpted. Great way to do it and it is looking really good Markus. How much time have you spent to get it to this point?
  4. Markus Well-Known Member

    Bob, after the basic sceleton was created I have worked parallel to other pieces...but I think the sceleton needed about 1,5 hours...the muscels 2 more hours...but I haven`t stopped the time.

    I´m glad you like my first attempt so far.

  5. btavis Active Member

    That is pretty fast considering the legs are so difficult. I think you have it down pretty well and for your first attempt it is outstanding! Good job.
  6. Zlobov*S Active Member

    OGO! (wow)-! Markus-! A fantasy - already Zlobov*S it is not so necessary-!;-)
    Fine result - first time also it is already visible a horse.
    You liked a new way to model a horse?
    I am very pleased (pleasure) looking on your result Markus - c with respect!

    You need to take more complex{difficult} pose already!
  7. Markus Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much Sergey !!! You are too kind !!!

    It is fantastic that you share your techniques with us and it is a real adventure to learn something new.

    Naturally I will try a more difficult pose - in the future - but now I want to bring this one to a good result !!!

    The best wishes,
  8. Wendy Active Member

    Great job Markus! I'm still trying to pick out a picture. I probably should start with a standing pose, so maybe I'll use the template that Sergey has graciously provided. (Thanks Sergey!)

    I found a picture that will be really fun sometime down the road to sculpt:

    Attached Files:

  9. Guy A Fixture

    Awesome 1st horse Markus. You guys are gonna get me to thinking about rolling out some putty. Keep up the super work Markus.
  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I'm a little behind on getting started and will also probably just do your basic standing pose.

    Wendy, I like your picture. Sculpting the muscle definition on that one would be fun.~Gary
  11. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Wendy, this photo of very fine horse! I see on the Internet already many people mould her{it}, and to me also I want to mould this pose - but I think that is not ready, not enough experience at me. But at us speak " nothing venture! ";-)
    The table on this pose and three (3) tables new today are shown here:


    Print and try my friends and colleagues - we shall be studies and to look each other.
  12. Wendy Active Member

    Here is my attempt. As you said, Sergey, "nothing ventured". [IMG] I haven't sculpted much at all and am still getting used to working with the putty. [IMG] I changed the head a little because I wanted to sculpt an arabian horse reaching out for something. The 100mm guide was actually 90mm on the printed page. It's fine though. He'll be a 1/35 horse. Arabians are on the small side anyway. [IMG]

    I'll be trying other poses too, but best to start with the simplest for now. I plan on trying a 28mm horse too.


    Attached Files:

  13. minimaker New Member

    Oh, that reminds me. A question on horses. If you were to do a horse for a European medieval knight, which race should be used? Does anybody know that?
  14. dario966 New Member

    Medieval knight's horse all depends of time period and geographical distribution
    the period of more or less 800 AD and 1492 saw tremendous change in animal husbandry, weapons, armor, and types of tactcits used that affected the appeareance of the horse. Prior to the crusades the horses would have been of various sizes, perhaps between 130-145cm at withers, reflecting the needs of then warriors on the battlefield and hunt, but also reflecting the relative poverty (quality) of Western Europe as far as the horse flesh is concerned. Crusades changed everything, in terms of tactics, better breeding and better stallions being accessible to the European knights. (please note that the Alanian, Georgian, Byzantine, Armenian, Turkish and Mongolian heavier-noble warriors rode refined horses - from the Balkans, Asia Minor, Central Asia and Iran - eg. Turkoman, Akhal-Teke, averaging 150-155cm at withers)
    Especially after 1200 AD you have coming of the highly specialized knightly warhorse used only for war and tournaments in most of Europe east of the Lithuanians and Mongol dominated lands of today's Bielarus, Russia, Ukraine etc.
    generally, this warhorse -destrier would have been a muscular, robust animal, usually a stallion - measuring between 145cm to 155cm at withers (perhaps there were some larger destiers but according to the archeologists this would have been highly unusual) with Roman-nose head, arched neck, short back and very strong bone structure. Northern European destier - especially bred by the Teutonic Knights - would have been a little larger (heavier) than the southern European. Generally I think a nice muscular hunter type of modern horse can be used as a model for such creation.
    Royal Armouries at Leeds tried their horse armour dated from 15-17th centuries on so called Lithuanian draft (150-155cm at withers), and the armour fit these horses so well that they made their generic horse statue (to display of their amour collection ) after one of these horses.
    Going south (Iberian lands, Italy, Balkan lands) or south east (Hungarian Kingdom) horses probably would change into an animal with more eastern, Persian, Arab, and Barb, influences in their conformation - or perhaps look more like a heavier version of the today Iberian horses - Lusitano or Andalusian etc. Please note that means straight profile or Roman nose profile for the head as well.

    Oklahoma University has a nice website where you can browse the many kinds of breeds http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/horses/

    examples of your knightly horse model height in a scale 1:32 sizes can be given as follows (height at withers) 155cmm - 4.83cm, 150cm - 4,67cm, 145cm - 4,53cm.
    hope it explains a little
  15. bonehead A Fixture

    Bravo Maestro!


    Wow!! This is a truly amazing reference source and a well thought out technique and method for developing poses. Terrific!

    It almost makes me want to try doing a horse myself!!

    You have provided a tremendous service to us modelers. Thank you very much!!!

    Mike Good
  16. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Thanks Mike!
    Dear colleagues, command{team} of builders of a horse the first stage - construction of a skeleton and installation of a pose - fine results and new ideas of colleagues is finished this week!
    We continue and we open the second stage this weeks and with the great pleasure we shall show for you dear, all works of our kind command{team}-
    Successes at all amazing, even friends which do{make} first time in a life a horse! We invite who wishes to join at any time - please do not hesitate;-).
  17. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hello Colleagues of the Planet of Figures!
    Look at our successes in a first step of modelling of a horse!
    Successes very much impress - especially if to take into account that all friends makeit the first time - perfectly!
    (It is a pity that there is no group of support!;-))
    New inventions have been brought in the first period from Doctor Lutz and Jury Serebrjakova are very useful additions for independent work above modelling of a horse and increase in quality! So - our SUCCESSES!:)

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  18. Zlobov*S Active Member

    So - our SUCCESSES!:)

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  19. minimaker New Member

    Hi Dario,

    thanks for all the information on the different races. That's very helpfull.

    I'm writing my step by step on my entry in the horseproject at the moment and will be posting shortly at modelsculpt.ru.

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  20. galdino New Member

    Hi Sergei:

    I'm waiting for your book.
    I hope to find it here in my country.
    Wonderfull work!

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