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Sculpting the Horse

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Guy, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. dimgall Active Member

    great work Sergey!!! although i dont sculpt this is very enjoyable and we all learn something from topics like this one .take care
  2. minimaker New Member

    Hi Sergey,

    just to make sure I understand what you mean with the project.

    - Do we choose one single pose that everybody makes?
    - We make the horses and show the progress on the forum?

    What images are we to send you? Of a horse with a pose that we want to make? Oh, I'll probably work in 28mm, though as a study project I may do this one bigger.

    By the way, any idea on when your book is published?

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  3. garyjd Well-Known Member


    Thanks for asking these questions. I've been reading the postings regarding this project almost every day and was getting a little confused as to what was/is going on.

    Regardless, this will be a neat group(s) project.~Gary
  4. minimaker New Member

    I'm also asking since I need to know the best way to get sculptors from 1listculpting involved. Anyway, I'm looking forward to join in.

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  5. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Forgive if I badly speak in English:-(

    It is necessary for the project:
    To send me or to show at a forum the image or an illustration or a photo a pose of a horse by which you want to make.
    I shall make for you the table with your pose and for your size.
    I shall makethe horse on stages (part) and to show as I make, all participants make too and show as they make. Then different authors and much - a lot of helpful information for a sculpture of a horse are visible many.
    Results of each step of all colleagues will be duplicated on " the Planet of figures ".

    If I have told again incorrectly, I shall ask the friend to translate.
  6. minimaker New Member

    Don't worry, it's still better than my Russian. :)

    Ok, so this means that you would actually have to do a lot of horses at the same time. Isn't it easier to look at several poses and then do a poll to select the one we will all do?

    What I'll do over 1listsculpting in that case is that I'm going to organise a poll to see how many people are interested and to choose a poll on the pose (at least for that group) over there.

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  7. Zlobov*S Active Member

    I already have shown some poses in the beginning of a theme, I shall makealso the widespread pose, a prothuja, static (stands easy). But all and everyone wants to mould the pose, for the idea and the period of a history, and certainly the different size. Therefore to suggest only one - two kind and it to limit all opinions and desires it is not good. When many different kinds and authors - then everyone see AS one element only in other pose looks! For those who wants to mould any pose - please to choose from those which I has shown or that which will be done{made} by different authors.
    This my opinion, did not correct;-)
  8. minimaker New Member

    Ok, I understand what you mean. Since you will sculpt too I was a little worried about you getting overworked. :)

    Are you referring to the poses on the first page of this thread?

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  9. Wendy Active Member

    I just started reading this thread - I am a little late! I have not sculpted much, but I would like to try. I know my first horse will not look as nice as yours, Sergey, but I might as well jump right in. :)

    So should I email you a picture of a horse pose I would like?

    Thank you for all your work and posting. It is very helpful. I do hope you publish everything in book form at some point. I know I will use it a lot. :)

  10. Zlobov*S Active Member

    The introduction and the general{common} description with examples began - today I present many kinds for demonstration of new process - come please, look and speak your opinion. Send your poses also. Do not hurry up - on a site there will be some general{common} tables for all comers. On a site (below there is a translator) - my friend Genius (Israel) will duplicate some posts in English - I hope colleagues will understand each other, you understand me?:)
    Here the beginning of a theme:

    http: // www.modelsculpt.ru/forum/viewtopic.php? t=17*start=0
  11. Guy A Fixture

  12. rafaelega Active Member

    Sergey. I only can say A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Zlobov*S Active Member

    On February, 1 we have started to show a material for the general{common} acquaintance to a forthcoming theme. Today have shown all that it is necessary for the beginning. Also till Monday (on February, 5) tables for a choice of a pose and the size will be put.
    Also will be participation and the Russian colleagues and friends.
    Please do not doubt that do not know Russian - I too do not know absolutely English both German and French and.... And I too badly know Russian;-). It cannot be an obstacle for dialogue of colleagues - we always shall be a number{line} and we shall help if it is necessary.
    Now it is necessary will get acquainted to the information here:


    And we wait for you on a visit!
    The program it is offered such-
    The first theme - the introduction and acquaintance
    The second theme - to do{make} a skeleton and to put a pose
    The third theme - we do{make} a head
    The fourth theme - we do{make} the case
    The fifth theme - legs{foots}
    The sixth theme - hair - a mane and a tail

    Further the Seventh theme - the horseman sits on a horse.

    You have wishes or offers?
    Results of each theme will be duplicated on this site " the Planet of figures ".

    Yours faithfully collective " ModelSculpt " - we are glad for friends.

    Once again: Quang, Markus, Dani, Gary, Anders, John Long and the company Ming-Hua-! - & Rafa & Guy ?! ;-)
  14. Wendy Active Member

    Wow! I'll have to find a pic of a horse and have a try at making the skeleton.

    Nice work and thanks for sharing the technique with us, Sergey. :)

  15. Zlobov*S Active Member

  16. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Differences for larger scales?

    I've been following your absolutely marvelous SBS on PF and on your site. I would like to sculpt a 120mm horse - something like this illustration.


    Could you identify some potential problem areas or give me some tips? I know generally I've got to keep the mass of the horse torso down and in certain places I need to use much stronger armature wire. I think I can deal with both of those things. What about the curving horse neck and head - do I need to make the head hollow? I may be able to use the artilleryman figure to hold up or at least brace the head and help hold it erect.

    In your opinion, what is the best quality 120mm horse resin casting on the market?

    All the best,
  17. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Dan! Is a fine kind (illustration) to mould a miniature looking on this picture! At you fine taste and a choice!
    But I want to tell that it not an easy figure for transfer of dramatic nature. I think what "to construct" (to make) such horse correctly - it is possible to try and it is necessary to try!;-) the Main thing is not necessary to be afraid. I with the great pleasure shall be attention about participation in your process and I try tell that I can and I know. (I know a little). I have taken a picture to myself for consideration of problem places.
    120 mm are the big model and is confident that it is necessary to make empty inside and it is better than a copy from pitch. Pitch (my opinion) allows to transfer a maximum precisely to a detail, I many times observed for quality different manufacturers and I like certainly pitch. But metal is respected by many sculptors of a miniature are a weight and these are traditions. Therefore my opinion is possible.
    I present your process very close{attentive} and interesting to many colleagues! I wait on Monday for the beginning and I look variants for this pose.
    Yours faithfully Dan.
    Sergey Z
  18. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Sergei - Thanks for your kind and very prompt reply! Unfortunately I have a commission on the bench and another in the wings as well as 3 other figures in various stages of completion. Not that I'm complaining! It's a wonderful problem to have. :)

    But unfortunately the horse will have to wait its turn. I saw your wonderful postings on your web site and they made me consider the "Good Bye Old Man" project. Turning it over in my addled brain resulted in the questions. If the horse is lying on its side as in the illustration, that should make the structural sturdiness a little easier to deal with vs. a standing or charging horse. I'm pretty committed to doing the horse and figure and looking forward to the challenge. I'm also conscious of the degree of difficulty of the project - so, when the time comes, all help will be welcome!

    All the best,
  19. Zlobov*S Active Member

  20. nano New Member

    Hi Zlobov

    Firstly thanks a lot for show us it. I can´t see any link of your web, someone knows why? I suppose that it could be because of my configuration or navegator, but I have tried some things without any reslts.

    I would like also to know when will be your book on sale, I will buy it for sure, it´s the perfect book that I´m searching for.

    Thanks for your dedication and greetings from Spain.


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