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Sculpting the Horse

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Guy, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Dani A. New Member

    Hi Sergey,

    The Christmas holiday break is fine - we will begin with recharged batteries!

    I will think on the horse I will like to model and let you know.


  2. minimaker New Member

    Oh, excellent! I just read about your book on the French creafig forum and I'm all excited. Right now I'm working on a centaur foal and for that I'm digging through my books on horse anatomy etc. Your book will be most welcome.

    I hope I will be able to join you in the communial project (depends on work and where I will be because of it - I expect to be send to Italy quite a bit in the next months) and I'm sure some others will join in too. Let us know in advance when you start and I'll drop the line over on some other sculpting forums.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

    P.s. excellent horse sculpts by the way. Very good work! I assume you also do something with horses in daily life?
  3. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Thanks big for warm words.
    Ming-Hua - certainly you will necessarily know when we together shall start. It is very interesting to see and the centaur, I for a long time think of the same;-)
    Yours faithfully, I do not say goodbye.
    Up to a meeting in new year....
  4. Zlobov*S Active Member

    It for an example of application of a way described in a theme
    Small SBS " a relief through wax "
    <http: // www.planetfigure.com/forums/index.php? showtopic=12290>
    It wanted to me to try to make details for the order of a horse with figure that has turned out:)....

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  5. minimaker New Member

    Oh, just a quick question, any chance of adding scale tables for 28mm to the book too? :)

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  6. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Ming-Hua, on a site for carrying out of a theme there will be a section " scales and scale tables " - in this section various tables for all widespread sizes in a miniature, from 28 mm up to 200 mm will be placed.;-)
    The attention is especial for tables of the weapon, as an example on an illustration.

    Please send images of a pose of a horse who yet has not sent.
    Yours faithfully, Sergey.

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  7. minimaker New Member


    looking more and more interesting. :) Will you also deal with different races and ages of horses?

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  8. gerryj19 New Member

    If you can't find a publisher, or if it is taking too long, then you might consider publishing the book yourself. You could publish it as a locked PDF file and sell it online through a number of sources like Planet Figure, Coolminiornot, Historicus Forma and others.

    It looks like a wonderful piece of work and I agree with all those voices hoping to see it completed soon.

  9. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Gerry, thanks for your kind advice{council} - likely it and will take place;-)
    I shall tell fairly - I did not search for the publisher, either it is interesting or it is completely not necessary - all should occur by itself.
    Now last preparations of a site for opening come to an end, very much I hope that desire together to mould a horse at colleagues still remained:).
    The name of a site was difficult for making adequate{answering} to our theme as we not only mould in the pure state, but also we model details much and we create "model" as a part of a history in figures and a miniature. The name will be "ModelSculpt" - from " Sculptural modelling ". Very much I wait for opening and a meeting with colleagues.
    Yours faithfully, I do not say goodbye, Sergey.
  10. minimaker New Member

    Ok, still waiting patiently. I already suggested joining in the communal horsemaking project over at another forum and there are at least some people interested. :)
  11. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Dear Sergey , your work is trully inspiring and methodical. I bet youre the best one to show people how to sculpt horses. I willbe waiting for this book also, even , just to read it, if not trying sometime to sculpt anything .......
  12. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Major Goose - my opportunities very modest, and I have not enough experience - but big you thanks for kind words! Yours faithfully. I invite to participate also! I shall show a photo of the first horse is very ridiculous donkey, but I thought that I make a beautiful mustang!:)))
    I have detained opening a site, but now all is ready, very much I hope that on February, 1 it is possible to open a site and to begin a theme!
    Thanks dear colleagues for your attention.
  13. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Has found the old samples of the first horses-!:)))))
    It is now very ridiculous - but it is very expensive;-)

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  14. Markus Well-Known Member

    Hi Sergej,

    I would be proud, if my first horse would look like your first...

    Best wishes,
  15. Roc Active Member

    Fantastic work, I wish I could sculpt like you.

  16. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Markus, Roc is probably;-), join a theme from the very beginning and you will see that it probably. Sometimes there is one hour a free time, and there is a desire to try to make new model - but always this hour leaves on manufacturing of a skeleton - skeleton and there is no time for pure{clean} work. This moment always borrows{occupies} time and it would be desirable it{him} to cross. I crossed, crossed through this moment and have thought up as fastly and more precisely to make the beginning. About it I also want to show. Join also you will have too the horse figure;-).
    Yours faithfully, Sergey.
  17. minimaker New Member

    Just has a look at your site. Nice design work. Will you be hosting the project in the forum? Or on the main pages?

    By the way, the chariot you made looks great. I was in Egypt a few months ago and saw the Tutankamun ones in the Egyptian museum.

    Bye, Ming-Hua
  18. dario966 New Member

    I just have started reading this topic/theme of yours - excellent idea for the English speaking world (which is lately the entire world)!
    I used to follow the old chen-la thread that is still quite amazing!
    I am very interested in your book.-
    by the way - are you going to include topics like making saddles - Scythian, Roman, Avar-Turkish, medieval knights, Renaissance, 16th-17th century 'eastern' (Muscovite, Polish Hungarian, Tatar, Turkish), Western Europe 17-19th century, American western saddle etc - In my opinion that would help tremendously people who are interested in sculpting accurate equestrian themes (like myself :) )
    if I may offer my assistance in return then next time you are interested in making something in the theme of the Polish winged hussars etc, let me be of some help; that way your beautiful sculpting can be also historically accurate (which Osprey Polish armies has not been) - by the way in the Kreml's Oruzhiennaya Palata you will find one of the only two surviving true Polish winged hussars saddles in the world! (second one is in Stockholm)
  19. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Ming-Hua - thanks, it is very interesting, necessary to think and search for time;-)

    Dario - Thanks for your offer of the help, I very much appreciate it!

    Yours faithfully, Sergey.
  20. Zlobov*S Active Member

    On February, 1 we open a theme " Modelling of a horse ".


    We invite all wishing to take part not only in "auditorium" but also to try to blind the horse with the pose chosen you. Very much I hope that looking on process, seeing as the colleague moulds and showing the stages we TOGETHER can improve the results literally for 1-2 months! All who wants to take part hands, instead of eyes can send images to me in 'private' or on 'email', for preparation specially for you the necessary circuit. :)
    It is necessary to specify scale of prospective model.

    Final photos will be exposed in parallel on a site " the Planet of Figures ".

    Yours faithfully to all participants, Sergey Zlobov.

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