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Sculpting Contest

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by quang, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Fast Forward Here I have layed in most of the major masses of the face. Due to time I will only be doing sbs's on the individual features that can be difficult, like the eyes and ears. There is still some clean up to be done, I need to work more on the shoulders and sort out the face more. I have not come to the point where I am concerned about the likeness. Once the proportions are a match with my 1/16 scan will I then go in and refine them.

    Quang, Do you have any advice where likenesses are concerned? A lot of your subjects have been Native Americans, so maybe you could throw out a few pointers.~Gary
  2. garyjd Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how different a piece looks in photographs. I have a ways to go yet.~Gary
  3. garyjd Well-Known Member

    As you're working don't get bogged down on any one area, concentrate on the whole thing. The 'challenge" continues.~Gary
  4. John Long Active Member

    Gary, That's already taking on a very good likeness. You're doing a terrific job. I'll be curious to see the body take shape as well. Did you measure proportions out, or sculpt by feel? ie; so many heads wide at the shoulders so many eyes across the mouth....
  5. JCOX Active Member

    WOW! Great job Gary! (y)

    Question on the mouth - (I have difficulties with even the 'easy' features ):

    Do you put on a glob of putty and work it in, or do you roll out upper/lower lips and blend them together or something different I'm not even considering?

    -jim cox
  6. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    What a great job! (y) I think this such a great learning tool. Thanks to all of you for posting your in progress work! (y)

  7. garyjd Well-Known Member

    John, Thanks, I need to take more precise measurements to make sure they're right. I've been looking at my reduced scan and "eyballing" it, which I do not suggest, a ruler is more precise than your eyes (mine anyway). I just need to slow down a bit.

    Jim, I normally place a blob of sculpey on the mouth area and blend it in. Be mindful that it does not stick out too much, check the profile. I then go in and basically "draw" a line with my X-acto knife to indicate the mouth. Sometimes I only add material for the bottom lip and little to none for the upper. I angle up the blade and make the upturned portion of the of the upper lip. Sorry I did not do a sbs on this (I'll try to sneak one in this weekend).~Gary
  8. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Wow Gary!

    That is looking great! Thanks for showing us your progress, very good inspiration to keep plowing away with it. I redid my mannequin, but think I'll have to redo it again :)
  9. JCOX Active Member

    Thanks Gary!

    Forgive me for belaboring this point (aren't newbie's a pain <_< ) but, do you alow the initial blob of putty that will become the mouth to harden and then carve it out, or do you form the entire mouth while it is still 'wet'?

    -jim cox
  10. bobparker Member

    Gary, keep them coming,I am at much the same stage but always have trouble with ears, so look forward to your next photos.
    brilliant, I also need to slow down, in my case to do the job properly.
  11. LCoote New Member

    Gary, I agree, it is already taking on a very good likeness (y) (y) (y)
  12. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I hope to post a few more pics later in the day, they face looks a bit different than the latest picturesshow. Most importantly keep in mind I'm using Sculpey III for the entire project, although I might do the hair in putty. Sculpey only dries or cures hard when baked in the oven. This gives me unlimited working time. The future pics that show any sbs can be done with putty but remember the limited working time you have when doing it.~Gary
  13. calimerozero New Member

  14. calimerozero New Member

  15. calimerozero New Member

  16. calimerozero New Member

    and with the last correction
  17. calimerozero New Member

  18. frank h Well-Known Member

    Hi Cal
    Your pictures certainly speak for themselves.
    However, I would like some info on your way of working and materials used.

    A terrific piece of work.

    Frank (y)

    I have yet to make a start.
  19. Aeronaudts New Member

    I worked under photoshop, if that can help you


  20. Guy A Fixture

    Very well done Cal (y)

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