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Sculpting Contest

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by quang, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. quang Active Member

    Aeronaudts, pF member and the man behind Creafigs, has launched a sculpting contest on his site:


    It's open to everyone. There's nothing to be won apart from sharing and comparing experiences.

    – Subject: Little Hand, a Southern Cheyenne. See 1909 photo
    – Format: bust - 1 cm high (120mm scale?)
    – Material: your choice
    – Dead line: one month

    We should learn a lot by studying the in-progress photos and comparing the different approaches.

    A truly great idea (y) (y) (y)

  2. frank h Well-Known Member

    What a great way to get us all inspired and involved.

    Frank (y)
  3. LCoote New Member

    Frank, I agree, what a fantastic idea, it will be very interesting to see the results.

    Quang, does this mean that you'll be taking part
  4. RobH Active Member

    Quang, thanks for sharing!

    I only wish this wasn't the month that includes Christmas and New year!

    But you're right; good to see the development pictures from those who take part.

    If you could keep us informed on any significant developments, Quang....

    (I'm trawling the site now with Babelfish......)

  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Quang, Great idea! I'd love to do it, but with other irons in the fire besides figure stuff the timing could not be worse, for me anyway. Did the deadline just start in December? Is it to be 120mm in scale? I'd like to know more as the website is in French.~Gary
  6. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    That is a great idea and I look forward to seeing more on this.

  7. RobH Active Member

    Hi Gary

    Have you ever used Babelfish?

    Babelfish Translator

    Put the URL for the site in at the bottom and choose French to English (for Creafigs)
    It's not perfect, but can help make the Web truly international (and yes, it will, with some success, translate Japanese, or Russian or Korean). You can navigate a site within Babelfish and keep the translation going. Hope it helps.

  8. simon1969 New Member

    As a slight aside, one of the funniest things I've ever read on the net was a Babelfish translation of a Japanese web article on constructing DML link-to-link track sets. :lol: :lol:
    But Rob's right, it is a very useful tool!
  9. Aeronaudts New Member

    C'est vraiment gentil de ta part Quang, je voulais le faire, mais tu m'a devancé :)

    Dead line two month !! to leave more time considering than they are the festivals of end of the year.

    The size with little importance, the whole is to motivate us to carve

    Sorry for my poor english
  10. quang Active Member

    Oh yeah Babelfish. Don't you think that the translations sound a bit like avant-garde poetry at time? :lol:


    Getting back to the contest issue, I don't think that they're so uptight about deadline, size or whatever. AFAIK the aim is to share/compare techniques and also to have as many participants as possible (which IMO they rightfully deserve).

    Having said that, I think it would be more interesting to do a bust in 120mm scale. You can always use the head for one of your projects when it's done. ;)


    No, I won't take part to the contest. As someone who does it for a living, I think it would be unfair to enter a competition among enthusiasts who sculpt in their spare time. The few times I entered a competition, it was always under the 'painter' category.

    Nevertheless, I'll keep track of this and will let you know.

  11. MSzwarc New Member

    No need to apologize. Your English is certainly better than my French, Spanish, Italian, etc ;) . The international makeup of this forum adds to its interest for me. I only wish I was conversant enough in another language to be able to enjoy some of the other fine forums in cyberspace :( .

  12. Guy A Fixture

    Hello Mike,
    On a daily basis I use Bablefish to translate the German H-ZForum and the Spanish Lilliput forum.....most interesting and educational too. Worth the time. Anxious to try a Japanese forum, which I haven't as yet
  13. bobparker Member

    brilliant idea ,any scale is good, frank, robH, with the extra month no excuses, on your marks, get set............
  14. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Quang, Thank you for updated info, and I see they also provided more on the deadline, 2 months instead of 1, I really like that! I also like your Avatar Quang What is it?

    Okay guys, call me crazy...
  15. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Two months instead of one...
  16. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Has convinced me to go for it!

    STEP 1 Brass rod laid out on my 120mm reference sheet. Rod is secured in larger brass tubing half filled with A&B putty.

    I'm doing this for fun and not to win or accept any prize. Besides, it's a chance to sculpt my favorite part of a figure.~Gary
  17. quang Active Member

    YEAH! (y) (y) (y)

    Who's next?
  18. quang Active Member

    About my new avatar (I 'lost' the other one)

    It's a 'cangaceiro', a Brazilian bandit in the 1920s (much in the Pancho Villa/Zapata tradition). Cangaceiros became folk heroes in modern times.

    It's the subject of this bust which started as a personal project and which will remain so until ... the general public is ready for it ;)

  19. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Quang, Man oh man! That is Great. There is one reason I've stayed away from busts for awhile and I can see why. You my friend have a way with coming up with great compositions for busts. You are quite an idea man Quang.~Gary
  20. quang Active Member

    Thanks, Gary

    The musically-inclined would have recognized (hopefully) one of my many, many heroes: JIMI HENDRIX, the Voodoo Chile hisself.

    Like I told you, this is for my personal pleasure. So I LET IT ALL LOOSE :lol:


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