WIP Sculpting a Luftwaffe general's arm (2)

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ferris, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Ferris A Fixture

    Hi All,

    Progress has been very slow and it's now quite some time since my previous post on this project. As posted previously, I had a lot of trouble with the newly sculpted left arm, proportions and folding of the upper arm part particularly. I ended up re-doing the arm or parts of it a couple of times, but here it is.

    After a constructive discussion with Einion I also raised the left shoulder very slightly. Turned out to be a very easy job: I made a saw cut right though the shoulder and placed a 0.9mm wedge in the cut and filled the gaps with magic sculp, see the last picture. The idea was born out of haste, but was quick and effective for a change (usually this type of idea just lead to more work...;-)

    Now I'm satisfied enough with this conversion to think about moving on to the painting stage. After priming I spotted loads of small imperfections. I'll fix those in the course of the week I hope. Right arm still only provisionally attached.

    In case you were wondering; this is an old Verlinden 120mm figure.

    Thanks for looking; any comment appreciated.

    Have a nice start of the week.


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  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Great work Adrian, looks very natural.:)
    Now come the best part: the paint! yeah!(y)
  3. gordy Well-Known Member

    I say you've nailed it Adrian! (y)

    Well done and the folds emanated from the stress points accurately !
  4. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    I agree with Pedro and Gordy. . .

    Yep, . . . Adrian. . . I agree with Pedro and Gordy!

    I think you've nailed it. And as I have mentioned I have tried this kind of
    what I will call "minor" conversion work with repositioning and putty work,
    ma'seff, my friend. Oh gee, I don't think it is easy.

    I do appreciate you going into detail about who you have gone about doing
    this, giving the details, and stating that when it was wrong, you didn't quit,
    you just redid it and redid it until it was right.

    yeh, it is all about the discipline. It took me so many years to learn that,

    Good going, and it will be fun from here on out. Nice photos also, Adrian,

  5. sam b Well-Known Member

    You have improved this figure know end from the original
    Well done
  6. sarouman A Fixture

    Welle Done my friend!!

  7. Jeff Active Member

    Sometimes what seems like such a minor thing turns out to be a bit more work then you bargained for. But you seem to have done a great job with your minor conversion.
  8. Ferris A Fixture

    Thanks a lot for your comments guys. Much appreciated.

    @Rick: my discipline surely was tested with this bugger!


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