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Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by garyjd, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. garyjd Well-Known Member

    The fingers posed.

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  2. Frank-Holger Member

    Can´t say how much I love that stuff! It is by far more interesting than to see the finished painted product! Can´t wait to see you´re going on! Will this be a hand you do "just for fun" or for this tutorial, or do you plan to add and arm and a full figure?

  3. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Frank, The hand is being mainly done for the tutorial/sbs, although I may use it as one of the amputated limbs that will be piled behind my Confederate Ambulance Corps stretcherbearer.~Gary
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  4. Frank-Holger Member

    Gary, as said, that looks great! Such detailed tutorials are exactly what I am alway were looking for! I do not know if it is done here, but is there a chance to show something like that about feet, a muscular arm or leg? A torso? I have a lot of sculpting books, they are all ok, but can´t beat the stuff which is shown in Forums like this one! Keep it going!

  5. jjgurk Member

    Gary, Do you think the same technique could be applied to either 1/35 or 54 mm? I know we are talking much smaller than 1/16th but it looks like it's possible.

  6. Frank-Holger Member

    I`ll second John in every word!!

    Frank :)
  7. Piotrus New Member

    I'm new to the Planet.
    Gary, all your sbs are very inspiring and instructive (especially because i find hands and ears most challenging)
    You have made me start sculpting. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Piotr :eek:
  8. garyjd Well-Known Member

    John, I do not see why not. You may have to use smaller gauge wire for the fingers, or come up with an alternate method for doing them.~Gary
  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Frank & Piotr, Thank you both.

    The first of many pictures showing the fingers filled out. I build up putty on the fingers using 2-3 layers of putty. When the putty is cured I carve, sand, and or file the finger(s) to shape. The thumb and index finger have a little ways to go in order to get to that stage.

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  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Now that the heatwave has passed I'm able to get back to working on things with a little more regularity.

    This stage shows all of the fingers being blocked in. They'll be more refined with files and a fresh razor blade once the putty is cured.

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  11. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Though the fingers are just being roughed in I still like to keep the width/thickness of the fingers and the space between them uniform.

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  12. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I'm also filling out the palm of the hand as well at this stage.

    Sorry the pics are not that clear.

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  13. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very helpfull and educational as always Gary!

    Have you ever though of making a book?

  14. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Janne, I've been asked that question many times. In short my answer would have to be NO. I do NOT see myself as being good enough of a written to come up with the text and my photographs are at best mediocre. At the moment I enjoy participating as much as possible on the planet. I've given thought to maybe doing something one day, but at the moment it would just be a bigger project than I care to take on.~Gary
  15. darkeye Member

    :) well Gary, i am a fairly new 'lurker' on the planet and wanted to inro myself and say hi.
    like many i have read all your sbs articles and find them to be equally inspiring and a sure fire cure for my natural laziness!
    i work mainly in Duro but have had some poly clay in my drawer for a while and like to use it now in addition(thanks to you et al on here)
    Aly Morrison of G.W uses sculpey too(as do many)- he told me that "sculpey likes green stuff" and so he uses it as a base material- not only to give scupley something to 'key to but as an internal 'radiator'
    you could use Duro (because of the scale you prefer) as a base too by cutting the pieces fron cured g.s and covering with sculpey.
    the best thing about the green is its' bonding properties i find. you could add roughly 'rolled' out fingers shaped in to a position of choice the carve of the waxey surface before driilling your 'flat' palm on the ends and either superglue in the 'fingers' and covering in sculpey.
    i'm no pro but as i was taught g.s, its one of my favesbut people get frustrated by tis properties i think.
    for smaller hands you can roll out some G.S to desired thickness, leave for thirty five mins with no heat then xacto out your hand and use the tip of a blade to postion the fingers and allow to cure naturally. this allows you to negate the use of wire if you so wish.
    any-hoo! trying to make an effort to join in these things now, so hope to get to know some planeteers and help out and stuff.

    all the best gary(and populace) == timo
  16. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Gary.... along working process to always give of the bonds turns out ...

    good job my friend aspect that this piece is all suit. :)

  17. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Timothy, Welcome to Planet figure and thanks for the kind words. There are several ways to sculpt a hand and in some respects this method may not be the easiest. Shaping the fingers is probably the most difficult, especially for the two middle fingers. I think it's great when an sbs gets people to discuss their own methods or even point out possible difficulties/solutions for the sbs itself. There are times when I try something new just to see if it'll work. I experiment an awful lot (maybe too much) and never sculpt a piece exactly the same as the last.~Gary
  18. darkeye Member

    :) thanks gary! i love sculpting and like you , i enjoy the challenge of finding new approaches.
    in fact while at work today, another version hit me! since most folks sculpt to paint or resin cast you could use plastic beads on your wire fingers to represent the flanges or ;
    mix up some G.S, roll out some snakes, allow to cure, then cut them up in to aproximates of the flanges, drill and add to the hand 'armature' , pose and fill !!
    unlike the beads , the green would be a synch to carve.
    i like the scale you favour Gary, lets you go that bit further in realism. i am just growing out of my thirty year 'mini' phase. i'm up to 80/90 mm at present !!!
    but having seen your sbs articles, i have drawn up a 140mm chart and today before work , a 12" eight heads chart! you should see the hands on that sucker :lol:

    regards to all== timo ;)
  19. marvin Member

    Hey Gary,

    so.... what's the next step? :)

    I'm almost at the stage where I'll need to tackle the hands on my Star Wars character sculpture, so I'm very interested in any techniques you are able to provide. Or are you a full time painter now? :lol:

  20. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the long pause, it's finish is waaaaay long overdue. I need to take a few more pictures, but need to get some new rechargable batteries for my camera. ~Gary

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