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Scotland independence

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ron Tamburrini, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    If we vote yes does that mean we don't get involved in stupid wars anymore if so i'm for it
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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    It was on our news, the north is after independence now.:rolleyes:
    So here's hoping.(y)
    I removed you duplicate posting Ron, hope you don't mind.;)
  3. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Did I duplicate ! cribbens help ma boab
  4. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    What power you have Carl
    thank fek you don't have your finger on the nuclear button :ROFLMAO:
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  5. housecarl A Fixture

    I have a finger like E.T.:rolleyes:
  6. Don Well-Known Member

    Seems the North of England ( Newcastle, Sunderland, Manchester, Liverpool etc,) have been asking if they can come with us.
    Please remember Cameron only lifted a finger when Prince Charles told him to get his finger out and send troops to held the people who were flooded. Somerset levels were flooded before Christmas wont be dry before this Christmas. If they wont look after English people, what chance do we have????????

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  7. Gerry Active Member

    Hey Don They only look after some English people! or is that too contraversial!!;) all points that have been mentioned on scottish independence are important and valued by most
    what do you Guys in Scotland realy think? is it what you want, is it going to improve things or is it all bollocks?
  8. Don Well-Known Member

    Gerry I used the flooding as an example. During the last big floods the North got a hammering nothing much was done, this flooding Somerset got a terrible flooding on the levels. I think they had 600 Marines doing a super job but only for a day or two. Water came near London and the money and a woman told the Defence Secretery the work ordinary English people were doing to protect their homes. 3000 troops were dispatched in a couple of days. Prince Charles had to tell Cameron to get his finger out and help or their would still be nothing done. Boss of the Environment Agency refused to drege the Levels when the people there asked for £M4 but spent £M31 building a bird sanctury. Dont know how many birds were drowned in the floods. When invited to visit Somerset he didnt even have wellies and thought he was there to look at the birds.
    This is a bad time to ask about Independence as a lot of people will vote YES just to get away from Cameron and his team of Chancers.

  9. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    No one has answered the topic, if we get independence is it the end of war for Scotland :whistle: that has got to be worth something ,Four times we have been in Afghanistan and learnt nothing
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  10. DEL A Fixture

    The simple answer Ron is nobody knows, certainly not the SNP whose White Paper of Sept 2009 is woefully scant on defence matters. It makes 4 basic points one of which indicates that we would militarily intervene in areas of conflict along with other nations. Basically the decisions would be made by politicians so no change really
    Since then of course they have come up with a proposal that the Scottish Regiments could form the Scottish Defence Force. In the event of not being involved internationally this force would essentially become an internal security force......plenty of historical precedents to show us how well that works :eek:
    Would we need all the returning personnel.....if not what happens to the surplus?
    Will Scottish servicemen and women be given a choice of whether to stay in the British Armed Forces or would they be compelled to come north. Certainly becomes an easy way to make defence savings for Westminster.

    Anyway this discussion is Political and goes against the rules of the thread. :D
  11. tonydawe A Fixture

    Does the Union Flag now have to be redesigned to remove the cross of St Andrew?? Surely this can't remain if Scotland removed itself from the United Kingdom
  12. Helm A Fixture

    As point of interest the Prime Ministers who involved us in the last 2 wars were both Scottish. Dont hold your breath Ron
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  13. badger Well-Known Member

    people in Scotland are not worried about defence issues, we have always had the Stanley knife and the half brick./badger
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  14. Mark S Guest

    I would've thought that independence from England would immediately result in an automatic state of war with England.
    Surely there's enough history there that needs to be revisited.
    I know that when Australia finally becomes a republic the government has clearly defined and well organised plans to invade England.We have sleeper barmen all over England ready to rise up at a minutes notice, not to mention Rupert, Germaine and Rolf Harris........well perhaps not Rolf but remember what damage we were able to do with Rod Hull and Emu!!...and he was born in England!!
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  15. brian A Fixture

    What's with you guys in talking about floods and flags and wars and nobheads like Cameron and that idiot Salmond.It's all trivial nonsense when you take into consideration the future of a proud nation who happen to be in a union that's lasted since 1707 and prospered.It's no wonder that the English are getting pissed off with hearing all about what Scotlands going to do,i would too!
    Salmond and Cameron will be pushing up the daisies no matter which way the vote goes which we vote for Scotlands future,so they don't matter.I'll also be for the off and I'm not willing to gamble with my kids or my grandkids future well being.If the yes vote win I'm the next pope!!!!So my English friends you'll be stuck with us for a long time to come as 26% voting yes won't do it.Reality check is needed,if it aint broke leave the f***ing thing alone.
    Scottish and proud,British and proud that's me
  16. DEL A Fixture

    Stanley knives would require to be imported from England with all the required compliance issues relating to trafficking in weapons.
    So if we stick to half bricks we can establish a specialist mortar division.
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  17. legend69 Well-Known Member

    Hot Topic....very controversial! To answer Ron's question = probably not.

  18. housecarl A Fixture

    Can we come?(y)
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  19. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Very Droll :ROFLMAO:
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  20. Waterman Active Member

    Scotland won't break away. Salmond and Sturgeon are naive to think that they can go it alone but still keep England as a back up when it all goes wrong. Cameron yes I understand why the Scots hate him, so do many of us Englishmen. He looks after his own, ie the Rich and the influential Tory Voters, the rest of us he couldn't give a Dam about. He has made England a divided country North and South. I wish we could break away. I do think though that when Cameron agreed to give Scotland its referendum, he should have allowed all of us a vote as well. That way Salmond may have got his wish.
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