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Scalecolor artist smooth acrylic paints

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by SCALE75, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. SCALE75 A Fixture

  2. grasshopper Guest

    Hardly can be considered artist material when no pigment information is offered. It’s still just hobby paint. With pigment info along with the colour chart would make sense..as is...just one more hobby brand in a crowded market...I’d kick in so to speak if pigment info was provided somewhere
  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    It's funded with 19 days to go !

    Target £30,000 ...currently just over £50,000 pledged !

    Wonder what's special or is it just Scale 75 in tubes ? ...nice mixing pallete ...and a posh box

    Would like more info Definately

  4. Tommi A Fixture

    I saw these being used on Facebook last week and a few excellent pieces come to life with theses paints. Very interested in getting the flesh set to try out. I like to use the bottle version of their paints so this will be a good comparison.

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  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    When did acrylic paints become rough?...

    Just another expensive search for the painting nervana.
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  6. grasshopper Guest

    Kimera pigments has a new line of acrylics, yes in dropper bottles, yes matte..but all identifying the pure pigment within..so a full set of 13 plus some medium was something like 65 euros..came nicely boxed...and are probably less fluid than fluid artist acrylics, more fluid than heavy body tubes..anyway..a valid offering..this set has 40 items..and with the box and brushes etc is 200 euros..there are various levels tho, and one can buy colour sets just the same as always..reds, flesh etc..yuck..I’ve asked about pigment info but seen nothing..always a secret with hobby brands..which to my cynical mind suggests either trying to sell useless colours, or avoiding admittance the pigments are cheap
  7. CondeJulian Active Member

    Once it hits retail I will give it a try for review. I am just evolving for blending and glazing, so this might be a good way to make a hard entrance. The basic Kimera colors are for very advanced painters who know every single mix needed for a particular color / tone. This bigger set helps us, less experts in getting the right color mix easily. I think the good side is that we can make any color we need. The downside is that we need to make every color we need. And if you get one mix for a large figure uniform for instance, then you have to stop painting, and loose that paint. When you come back to resume, you must achieve the exact same color rendering as before, or as many times needed. That extends a lot the painting process. I like to mix washes, filters and some colors, but for every single paint work might get boring and the results really don't pay off that much. I have used my share of Liquitex paints in tubes for painting, and gave up when I discovered Polly S and Vallejo, now so many other great colors. It's a hard to define balance between result and time consuming process to achieve that result. The time invested to mix each paint job to desired color, consistency and dilution might now pay the result of out of the box premium paints such as Mission Models or Andrea Miniatures, the last which already behaves like heavy body paint, and dilution is necessary for every use. But despite the fact we don't have info on the pigment quality yet, sure looks an amazing set, very well packaged and from a premium brand. I need to test to really see what benefits they bring and if the benefits are higher in the scale as the time I will take mixing each paint job. Mid year I will come back here when I get samples for review.
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  8. grasshopper Guest

    I have the Kimera and enjoy them very much..but I do prefer mixing..
  9. CondeJulian Active Member


    Extra Hard Game level lol
  10. Filipe Well-Known Member

    It looks "inspired" by the Jo Sonja acrylics that became a trend amongst figure painters
  11. HansDig Well-Known Member

    It's the eternal quest for thé paint-of-paints...... I've tried AV, Andrea, Abt.502, MIG, Nocturna and still have the feeling there must be better, smoother paints somewhere out there.....but WHERE ???
    Well, I haven't tried Scale 75, Kimera, Jo Sonja, The Army Painter yet, not to mention all the sets they offer........ The day will come when I dip my figures in grey ( or white, or black, or...) primer and then in a tin of Histor Tannengrun and call it "Modern Art" :depressed:... but what I would love is a handsome table with all brands and a short review telling me about used pigments, how matt the dry ( not how 'mad' ...) how fluid they are and how the stick and mix.......(y)
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  12. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Stick to oil's then you know what you are getting instead of looking for some Panacea that doesn't exist. Oils were always seen as an expensive option but how many pots of acrylic.gets thrown away? How many brands do you try before you realise the gains if any are marginal?

    I know I'm a cynic. Lol, put it down to my age!
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  13. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Ca va bien la tête ?!

    Next step is financing chewing gum packets ........
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  14. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Lots of people seem very interested in these though; they needed £30,654 and now have pledged £148,894 !! I was tempted but the entry pledge of £18 for a standard box of 6 doesnt seem to be any cheaper than when they will eventually go on general sale (I would assume) as that's the average price you get the other brands 'flesh sets' for on eBay. And the cynic in me also thinks that holding out, will see how they far in the hands of painters ( a lot) better than me :)
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  15. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    I need to work out how i can get a kick starter campaign going to fund a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 OS lens i need (well would like) for my Ice Hockey photography lol ;):)
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  16. Pedro Hidalgo Member


    here my opinion. I have had the pleasure of testing these paints in the development phase.

    In my opinion they are close to the GOLDEN OPEN range than any other that I've tried, but they dry matte.

    They have a very high pigment density, that let you dilute them to achieve very nice glaces.
    They are not inspired in Jo Sonya sorry, they are different.

    Of course they are not miraculous, but I like them very much. :)

    I would not say that are the ultimate paints but for me they have been a game changer.

    Best Regards.
  17. CondeJulian Active Member

    Great Report Pedro, Thanks !
  18. Alex Well-Known Member

    oh well.. the only thing I know is no matter the kind of paint you use (I paint with oils on canvas and Vallejo on miniatures) you have to get to know the product you are using and this takes time, a lot of time.
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  19. grasshopper Guest

  20. grasshopper Guest

    Pedro..why the coyness on pigments? Same as with Ak and their Abteilung oils..no pigment information divulged..it’s a total frustration..and a deal killer for me here..name the stuff however, but list the pigment content. The claim is being made artists will enjoy the paint..well, artist use and mix with pigments..to my knowledge Kimera is the only hobby brand to do this..I am simply expressing frustration....but the claims are all so much snake oil absent full disclosure ..brands like Vallejo are widely available..this not so much except mail order..so..I wish brands would get on the program and disclose what’s in the material..even safety sheets for abteilung thinners are absent..totally different from artist oil makers who have to disclose dangerous contents. But hobby brands seem to skirt ..ggg.
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