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Scalebro Skull Set and Barbarian Inbox Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Kimmo, May 15, 2020.

  1. Kimmo Well-Known Member

    I thought I'd take some time and give everyone a look at some of my recent acquisitions from Scalebro. These are fairly quick inbox looks, but should give you a good idea of what you get and the quality. All items courtesy of me and my wallet and the observations are purely my own.


    First up we have an accessory set, various skulls in 1/30 scale in a nice little box with a bit of bubble wrap for padding and the parts in a plastic bag. Scale here is a little fungible as skulls come in all sizes relative to their owner. You get 5 animal and 3 human for a very reasonable $6 from Scalebro, shipping not included. This is a neat set to add some extra interest to your bases and vignettes. With a bit of work, you could probably get the animal skulls to fit on top of a head for that macabre chapeau look.



    The parts are all cleanly cast, with minimal cleanup and exceptionally well detailed. The light grey resin makes it difficult to pick out the detail at this smallish size, so you'll have to take my word for it. You get good variety to choose from, the moose/elk is a nice inclusion as it isn't something you see every day. The human skulls look the part with fine detail, although one of them is slightly not exactly human, not sure what to call it. In any event, all good stuff and highly recommended should you be in the market for a set of skulls.


    Next up is a 75mm figure "Barbarian". This was a bit of an impulse buy (as were the skulls) when I got notification of a free shipping offer. I'd been wanting to get something else from them for a while as they do have interesting stuff. In the sturdy box packed with shredded paper (nice and ecologically friendly) you get a bag of parts, and a simple round base.


    The first thing that got my attention when I checked out the parts were the number of options you get: 4 different heads and several hands/weapons to choose from! Getting a second optional head isn't always a given, never mind four of them. The parts are all well cast with minimal cleanup needed, and broken down fairly conventionally.



    A closer look at the head options shows good variety and nice detail. The leftovers can easily be adapted with other 75mm or 1/24 scale figures, for example, to improve some of the Masterbox injection moulded offerings. Or for those of you who want to do some sculpting of your own.


    The torso and legs are well done, suitably muscular with loads of textures and materials to have fun with. I like the rounded off neck, this will give you some flexibility in the pose. The heads have a similar indentation of course.





    The shield is really nice, again with a lot of texture and detail. You get a braid around the edge, and the front armor plate is scaly. Should look sharp if you have the patience to really pick out the edges.



    The axe has some interesting inscribed detail. If you want to get picky, it perhaps looks a bit too "digital" and something more akin to runes would have been more appropriate I think. You could rescribe the symbols to a more primitive look should you want, or if not your thing, they can always be puttied over.



    And there you have it, a rather nice piece to have fun with. You get tons of detail, texture and plenty of options, all for $34 from Scalebro, shipping not included. A bargain if you ask me, and certainly recommended. The quality of casting is excellent, I could only find a slight seam on the inside of the legs. Granted, I haven't gone over it with a fine toothed comb yet, but at first glance, that was all that stood out. The pouring gates should pose no major problems to remove, the one at the waist will need a bit of care as there is some detail that is fairly adjacent. How everything fits remains to be seen, but from what I can see, that shouldn't be an issue. I can't wait to get painting this, although I have no idea when that might be...

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kimmo

    Thanks again for sharing this look , the skulls looks great and the sculpting on the faces the same

    You could easily combine pieces from both sets

    Always good to see something different

    Happy benchtime

    Stay safe

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  3. Kimmo Well-Known Member

    Cheers Nap! Different is always good.

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