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SBS with Marcoumanic warrior.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by megroot, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Planeteers.

    Now a few weeks before the vacation's begin i wanted to start a new SBS. The first time i did it i was shy, but with some new beginners i wanted to share with you.
    For the beginners; i also are a beginner so if you wanted alot of feedback start an SBS and you get alot of answers on your painting.
    For the masters, grandmasters and kings under all the planeteers, i want alot off feedback. It is my first 75 mm so please shoot at the target.

  2. megroot A Fixture

    A short history of the Marcomani at the end of the second century AD.

    The Marcomannics were the "men of the borders" from the German term, Markmanner.
    They originated in the area between the river Oder and in the middle of the course of the Elba.
    During the reign of Julius Caesar they migrated to the wooded areas of Germani. In the west direction they settled in higher of the Meno.
    In the 9th. Century AD they embarked on another migration, this time to the East in Bohemia.
    The King of the Marcomani was Maroboduo who faught against Tiberius.
    He ruled over a true confederation of Germanic people, extending from Bohemia to the Baltic Sea.
    The power and glory of the Marcomannics surpasses the fame of the others, the region itself (Bohemia) they conquered with military valour by expelling the Boi.
    The Marcomannics were one of Rome's clients or patrons.
    But in the second century AD they negated this alliance. This breach of pact lead to their defeat by Marcus Aurelius who has the honnor to defeated the Marcomannic.
    Quadi and Sarmatians erected a column in Rome. This column commemorating the victory of Marcus Aurelius and is preserved at the square of Mone Citorio.
    The Marcomannic disappeared from history in the fifth century AD.

    So here is the boxart


    When i first saw this on planet figure i decided to buy it. I called in Gino Poppe and within two weeks i owned this box.
    It is a hard box with golden letters on it as usual done by PEGASO.
    All the great parts are between soft sheet (i don't know the word) and the small parts are in a plastic bag.
    For the (little out of focus) picture everything is laying out.


    As far as it seems the fitting is correct, i think some little fill in with Milliput will be needed.
    As soon i cleaned up and fit all the parts together i post again.

  3. Roy New Member

    Hey Marc....good luck with this lovely figure...
    You have certainly chosen an attractive piece..with many different opportunities regarding texture and colours...and an excellent face too.

    Looking forward to your careful progress.

    All the best.

  4. Roc Active Member

    Marc, good choice , good review and background history.

    I'm looking forward to your step by step.

    Keep up the good work. ;)

    Roc. :)
  5. Guy A Fixture

    Hello Marc. I was hoping to see this kit done as it is right at the top of my want list. I look forward to your painting sbs as I know you will do a splendid job.
  6. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello Marc; I too am looking forward to seeing your progress. I plan on buying this figure just as soon as payday arrives. Best of luck with him!
  7. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Roy,

    I always wanted to painted different then the boxart. So if you have any suggestions i really wouldt appreciate it.

  8. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Roc,

    I am glad you like it so far. Finding some history was not so easy. It is a kind of forgotten community. But with the help from Google and the info with the box it is possible to find something of this tribe.
    I hope the SBS will do for the Planet.

  9. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Guy,

    Thank you for the confidence. I hope i bring it to a good end.
    Keep the fingers crossed.
    And yes, it is a great kit, but also a great figure with alot off crispy details.

  10. megroot A Fixture


    You can buy it without seeing it. At least that is my opinion with Pegaso figures.
    You would not disapointed. Maybe will see your rendition here very soon.

  11. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    All Pegaso 75mm figures are splendid . I have acquired lately 5-6 of them and theyre unbelievably sculpted and casted. I also have this one on shelve waiting to be painting. U can buy with closed eyes
  12. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Guys,

    I find the time to clean and glue the parts together. Except the shield, and the weapons all is glued together.
    There was some small gaps who are filled with milliput.
    I sprayed the figure with Citadel primer white.
    Now i am gonna look for the colours that i want to use.
    You get informed.


  13. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Great figure you chose there Marc. How come and you glued everything? Isn't gonna be hard in some spots for painting? I like painting everything apart and then glue them. I glue only parts that don't bother while painting. :) I can't wait for your sbs.
  14. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Guys,

    I found some information on the WWW. I believe in those days they have used only earth colors, and colours that were easy to make or to find.
    As you can see there was not much variation in the colors.

    For their materials, prehistoric painters reached into the earth. Compounds of iron oxides yield muted colors of red, yellow and brown. Carbon makes a strong black with a bluish tinge, while bone black makes a warmer color. Calcium carbonate (marble dust) is easy to find and make into a pigment.

    The mural artists of Pompeii used cinnabar from mines in Almaden, Spain. Since the thirteenth century CE, Vermilion has been artificially synthesized from mercury and sulfur. This Vermilion is a dense opaque color, but it may blacken when exposed to the air or when painted next to white lead.
    The red earths were common in mural painting and easel painting throughout history. Red earths are completely permanent and lightfast, but they are dull when compared to the bright reds made from mercury. Other brighter reds were made from organic matter such as the madder root, dried bodies of insects or pomegranate peel. But they were not lightfast.
    Verdigris ("green of Greece") is a bluish green pigment that was used by artists' of Greece and Rome and was found on the walls of Pompeii. Verdigris was a common color for draperies in Italian and Dutch easel painting.
    the only blue oil colors were made from semi-precious stones, like lapis lazuli and azurite, or a ground cobalt blue glass called smalt.
    Old Masters' paintings were mostly brown because most available pigments were brown. Earth colors are made from natural iron oxides that are found all over the earth in various shades of brown and muted shades of red, orange, yellow, and green. Other minerals deposited with iron oxides, such as calcium, manganese or carbon, effect their colors.

    Ochre is clay and silica colored with various kinds of iron oxides. The famous "Terra di Siena" is a hydrated iron oxide from Tuscany. It contains silicates and aluminates that increase the transparency of the pigment. Umber is found in sites where naturally occurring manganese dioxide combines with the iron. Pigments containing manganese make quick drying oil colors. Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna are made by roasting earth pigments until the desired reddish colors are produced.

    Black, first among the alchemical principals, is the action of fire. Charcoal was probably the first drawing tool. With white chalk and red earth colors, black formed the palette of prehistoric painters. Da Vinci counted black pigments among the most important to create

    Until know i have not disided what colours i should paint on the figure. It is really difficult. I wanted my Marcomannic warrior into the colour as close as can be.
    Maybe it is far overdone but i will try. Maybe my goal is to far, but i think with the help of you all i come as far as possible.
    So please, all the help is welcome.

  15. megroot A Fixture


    Thanks for your interest. I glue as most as possible. Why?? Well i have had not so good experience with glue apart after painting. It come's off, the paint is cracked, every worse scenario that you can think of.
    So that's why i glue before i paint.

  16. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks for the background on the colors Marc. I shall save for when I do my figure. I also acquired a couple of 90mm Aitna Celts that I will do together this fall.
  17. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guy,

    I am very glad that i could help you. You helped me more than i could help you.


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