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SBS the Egyptian chariot

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Zlobov*S, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hello dear colleagues.I want to show you creations of a miniature dear process " the Egyptian chariot ". The desire to make her{it} has appeared for a long time. From already known models likely many are familiar with a chariot from Andrea in 90 mm and the known prize-winner c Jury Serebrjakova's chariot from the Russian Hero. In searches has encountered three less known models of the Egyptian chariot. To repeat already made it is not meaningful. Has encountered in information searches the image from a fresco, this image of the pharaon has met twice - in that pose as has represented later. With a difference only in that that my figure shoots from an onions{a bow}, and on frescos is represented by a beating Egyptian sword. A unique competent source on chariots A.K.Nefyodkina's book about chariots let out{released} 2004. The book to buy it was not possible, but under statements on one of book forums has learned{has found out} what exactly on the device of the Egyptian chariot of the graphic information practically is not present. Began to collect on particles all possible{probable} illustrations and photos containing any information. To see the general{common} image even excellent{different} quality does not mean that is possible to start manufacturing. Has collected many various images and descriptions where it is possible to make out separate elements of a harness and details of the vehicle. For the beginning all of a picture has led to to approximately uniform scale for check of proportions. A parity{ratio} growth of a figure to height of a board of a vehicle both to the size of a wheel and to a horse. Has deleted strongly distinguished in the sizes and has left only 8 images. Why has thrown out? Comparing descriptions and kinds of chariots has understood time distinctions in change of proportions and the sizes. The first kinds easier also are simple on a design, wheels of the greater diameter and basically have only 4 (four) spokes. That that I also have represented the most widespread kind. In later meets not 6 (six) and eight spokes.
    And a basket on early chariots open with low boards and very small area of a bottom.
    Having stopped on 8 kinds has depicted all in a vector and imposing has received the average size of all proportions. Uniform drawings "factory" at that time was not also the rests of chariots show small distinctions in sizes and the form. Having taken for a basis the received average variant, has entered all variegrated images of details in borders of a contour to have precise representation about the form and the size of each separate detail. Horses used in a vehicle were already habitual for us the size. Has a little more tinkered with analysis of belts in a harness of a horse. Has found some photos with reconstruction and has compared with similar other kinds of chariots - many basic elements were left.
    Having an idea already about a design of a chariot, has stopped in a choice on a single vehicle. Single were used less often but it proves to be true many sources since original frescos and bas-reliefs and up to models reconstruction. The bottom has a skeleton and will consist of wum belts. A skeleton also wooden fitted a leather.The core passes under the bottom and fastens to a cross-beam which holds a wheel axis.
    By the way to me there were images confirming possible{probable} presence of the additional crosspiece along the central trunk as it is shown in figure in John Veri's book of " War of antiquity ". Such amplification{strengthening} meets but on chariots of other countries. It turns out that the basket costs{stands} on the central support (core). In area horse the neck fastens a cross-beam of the bent form with arches under a neck of a horse, it provides distance between horses. Long bridles at driving were fastened behind a back of the person of the manager of a vehicle. On frescos representing fight at Kadesh it is visible on two shooting soldiers in a vehicle and both shoot from {bows}, there is no special driver, and bridles also are fastened behind a back. Looking at the image of the pharaon his{its} pose, crossed through a forward wall of a vehicle and rested by a leg{foot} in a core is quite justified. Vehicles very easy, without springs and at movement rather strong jolting, and aim shooting of a message not having a support not really is possible{probable}. Even at viewing "Gladiator" has paid attention to a pose of the African shooting soldier (woman) in fight on arena Kalizej - remember likely. She{it} very strongly deviates back, and it at such that gallop. Has seen{overlooked} on stop the staff some times but has not seen due to that she{it} kept in such position. Such impression that she{it} leaned{based} on the belt tense across an input{entrance}. But me there was Egyptian not a Roman chariot double having half closed input{entrance}. It is one more version of a basket of a vehicle.
    All that tried to tell I shall show on some graphic examples below. It briefly search and a reconstruction of an image of a chariot. Knowing now about all aspects of driving, a harness, a design and the sizes it is possible to start and drawings. I have told " Knowing now about all aspects " - certainly it a little, but it is enough to collect a vehicle maximum to those that existed those days. Some "search" images, further I shall already show also process of reproduction in Аpoxie.

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  2. Zlobov*S Active Member

    The photo 1-archeological excavations - is well visible to a proportion of a human figure to the sizes of a horse, and proportions most

    The photo 2 is a collage from some most known images.

    Photo 3 - I have taken some moments on a contour and imposings for reception of the average proportions. And first steps of construction of the sketch in 54 mm.

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  3. Zlobov*S Active Member

    These are the basic sizes after check and statement of a pose (to itself the director practically ready pattern.

    Now one of attempts to imagine a detail for manufacturing. Oh and I have soiled papers has not stopped yet and at myself have not accepted a final variant

    Photos has collected much, this that about what spoke in the beginning:
    At the left it is visible double with half-closed an input{entrance}, on the right one of early variants with 4 spokes larger wheels. And an open basket. Fastening an axis, a wum floor and a skeleton with covering is well visible.

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  4. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Here the most known chariots from the Alexandria museum - one and double, decorated gilt scales and stamping outside and an internal wall. Also the increased fragments of figures and reconstruction of a harness.

    Now one of attempts to simulate weaving from cut on 1 mm a strip from synthetic (pvc) of a paper. The truth used for model only weaving for a bottom, lateral walls the unsuccessful variant - has refused I it.

    Process has gone!
    The first vehicle of that kind as on all illustrations in books across Egypt series "Оспрей", this kind meets almost on all images. The bottom wum, and 12 wheels - one of the difficult moments is visible. Wheels narrow, spokes thin, the cartridge medium-sized - did{made} until then yet has not received two equal and identical.

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  5. Zlobov*S Active Member

    All this still wheels...

    Process of the invention of the most qualitative way with clothing the pharaon, that too has not from the first turned out that achieved.

    Process of adjustment and clothing. Actually I have made two figures (sm further) - the first on my discretion has turned out, has reconsidered photos of sports shooting from an onions{a bow} and has altered. Mistakes were not, but I have chosen initially not the most effective position of hands. To shoot it is possible as allocating{removing} an elbow of the right hand (an onions{a bow} in left), and bending in an elbow, as though putting{folding} a hand, in this position the elbow is not allocated{removed} back and is on one line with shoulders. These distinctions are connected to the size of an onions{a bow} and force of a tension, and also with speed of shooting.

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  6. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Actually about what has told - it is visible all preparations, and skeletons.

    It is process of adjustment of preparations

    It too statement, is more true attempt to see than a mistake - and has found! Yes it is a lot oooffff ;-)

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  7. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Its astonishing to see the level of detail displayed so far. And what a interesting an unusual project.

    Looks like you have been doing your homework. ;)

    Keep it up and keep us updated.

  8. Zlobov*S Active Member

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  9. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Uruk-Hai -..... " Looks like you have been doing your homework "...-
    Haaaaaa.....! These photos collect during work and for discussion with the customer. And it is always good to look at a figure when you do{make} - in a computer or to show to yourself in a mirror! - then it is well visible mistakes.
    Thanks Uruk-Hai;-)
  10. DrLutz Member

    It's amazing work, real masterpiece. I love especially to see such complete SBS - the best way to study how all the sculpture was built. 'Ab Ovo' - from rhe very firat drawings.
  11. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Sergey, The level of research, detail, and time you have taken to create this masterpiece is highly commendable.~Gary
  12. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    That is really amazing!!! I am not into doing one of these but now may have to change my mind.

  13. Marius New Member

    The best sbs i've never seen. Really, it very well done.
  14. Markus Well-Known Member

    Hello Sergej,

    I´m just speechless !!!! Wonderful !!!!

    Best wishes,
  15. ajthomas Member

    Absolutely beautiful work...... Can't wait for this one to come out - is it 54mm ?


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