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Sapper, Irish Legion

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Patrick Kirk, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Great work so far Patrick. You did a really great job with the apron and green. I also like your flesh tones.Are you painting in oils only?
  2. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Thanks Kisifer; appreciate your kind words.
    I do paint with oils and undercoat with acrylics from either Andrea or Vallejo. I do use just a small amount of very thin acrylic to the extreme highlights for a contrast. I am glad you like him thus far; I'll post more pics this weekend. I have the crossbelts done, and have started the yellow piping work.

    This fabric yellow is sorta squirly and getting the right tone is a lil bit of challenge; but hey, that is what makes it fun!

    All the best, and thanks again

  3. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Here are some updated shots of the Sapper...I have yet to finish his shoulder boards and the plume, as well as the gauntets on both arms...Should have him finished up this week...

    Attached Files:

  4. Patrick Kirk New Member

    and one more...

    Looking forward to your thoughts...

    Attached Files:

  5. Guy A Fixture

    He looks great Patrick....you did a super job.
  6. KeithP Active Member

    I agree. Looks great. Next round of pics, show some shots of his back. I'd be interested in seeing his pack and kit.

    It may be the photo but the metals on the belt buckle and shoulder blts seem a bit one dimensional? You could add one more highlight? OTH, he is a sapper...

    Keep going! :)

  7. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Keith and Guy,
    Thanks for your kind words...I'll continue to push forward on him.

    I'll take some pics of the back next time; he wont have a pack so I hope you aren't too disappointed. As for the metalics, I don't do them until he is finished and as at least three coats of dull coat...then I'll hit the metalics and the dramatic highlights once more.

    Hope all is well

    Happy Holdiays

  8. Bluesking Active Member

    Simply marvellous - you must be proud.
  9. johnbrewer New Member

    Great stuff Patrick, more pics to drool over please
  10. y_wong New Member

    Dear Patrick,

    Very well painted indeed. I have to say it again, I particularly like the weathering that you have done to the apron and the belts.

    regards :)
  11. Joe Hudson Active Member

    Hey Patrick,

    I too agree with the others he is looking really nice. I like the effects you have on the apron.

  12. Lou Masses Member

    Being that you must be used to wearing an apron, I would expect your painting of one to be top notch as it is. Like the hihglights on the green and the boots and leggings are excellent. Keep up the good work!
  13. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Folks...here it is...got him finished this morning...

    Really enjoyed this piece and the color combination. Look forward to your comments.

    All the best


    Attached Files:

  14. Patrick Kirk New Member

    ...and a back view...

    Attached Files:

  15. Joe Hudson Active Member


    Really nice work on this one. I like the whites and the dirt that you brought up on the figure. Again, nice work and I think your best to date.

  16. John Long Active Member

    A very fine job Patrick. I especially like the bearskin and cord. This sort of green is very difficult. Your highlights may be a tad stark, but this could be the photo. The weathering oin the apron is very convincing as well. A terrific single figure scene.
  17. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Thanks Guys...

    Really appreciate your kind words; coming from you, I am humbled. I probably should've used a more stippling action for the "dirt look" on the apron and the whites...but nonetheless, I learned so much with this figger!

    Thanks again, my friend ;)

    I do think it's the picture, at least I hope it is. I wanted to show a fadded uniform, and since the Irish Legion didn't have the best quality of uniform, I wanted to really bring that out in the highlighting and shading. I musta painted that apron three of four times trying to get the weathered and dirty look. Still am not happy with it, but learned a lot! After all, learning is why we keep painting.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, John...I'll get better I promise!

    All the best

  18. megroot A Fixture

    Hey Patrick,

    Yes i waited till he was finished. I think i am gonna nothing else to say then echo all before.
    Superbe painting.
    I like it, I like it. Gonna buy me also a sapper.

  19. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts, Marc; I appreciate them.
    Hope that you find yours as enjoyable as I did. ;)

    All the best, Marc

  20. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Patrick,

    Hope to see more Napoleontic area figures from you. Gotta learn a lot of it.

    For now good night (here in Europe)


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