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Review Sapper Hussar Regt Nr 9 from Soga Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Continuing in my look at the Soga releases with a mounted piece and something a little different in subject with this release which was announced here:



    As you can see we have a Sapper mounted with a lance , this is as depicted in the "Manuscrit de Marckolsheim" and also the "Boisselier collection" as well as the "Musee de Rastatt" these date the type circa 1809

    IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0774.JPG

    My thanks to the following for their assistance in giving permission to use images , namely YVES MARTIN and JEAN-YVES FORTHOFFER .

    I would also like to thank PF member SERGE MORISSE for his help

    En français pour ces messieurs

    Mes remerciements aux personnes suivantes pour leur aide dans l'autorisation d'utilisation des images, à savoir YVES MARTIN et JEAN-YVES FORTHOFFER.

    Je remercie également le membre PF SERGE MORISSE pour son aide

    Some more from me :

    9th Regt of Hussars

    9thHussars1.jpg image sapper lance.jpg

    Books are readily available on the Hussars here we have afew:

    book.jpg book2.jpg booky 1.jpg booky.jpg book 1.jpg

    The weapon details

    lance 1812.jpg lance handhold.jpg

    sword in scabbard.jpg sword and scabbard.jpg

    Details of the release

    Title: Sapper Marechal des Logic, 9rd Hussar Regt, France, 1812 year

    Reference: 5434

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of Pieces: 18 for rider, 4 for horse plus Base and lead strip to cut for the reins

    Casting: In House

    Sculptor: Mikhail Tyulkin

    Horse: 3D Chronos

    Box art: Dmitri Baev

    As with previous releases I have looked at ( see links below ) this is a team effort working with Chronos 3D for the horse with Soga dealing with the remainder

    and here:

    Parts came in the usual good box with a coloured picture of the painted version on the lid , inside parts are packed well in clear bags with the longer pieces like the lance and base safely underneath


    DSCN1986.JPG DSCN1985.JPG

    As you can see there are plenty of resin to enjoy and one thing to note is the very good casting gates on the pieces , easily accessible and no issue to remove .

    One thing to say is be careful removing the pieces there are small items , in the next posts I will highlight any prep needed

    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets us get to the resin

    Upper Torso

    This is as you see sculpted with the head in place with the headwear , this is finely textured with the "bag" sitting naturally on top and the right side, particularly of note is the sharply done piping and the good folds

    The face is a cracker full of character , well detailed and with a cheeky look to him , he is almost smiling ! even under the well shaped beard which sappers are known for , again nice surface work , there is a well done chain strap nestling into the beard itself

    As the head is cast in place the collar is spot on , again the lacework is clean and sharp , the lapels have buttons running along the edge , with piping at the extreme edging ....this piping continues down and along the coat tails

    On the shoulders good shaped epaulettes displaying the piping and the button well

    Apart from the cheeky face the highlight for me is the excellent laced waistcoat .....the caster has done the sculpt much credit on all the lacework

    Across the chest the pouch belt strap

    At the rear we see piping on the pockets and defined seams , the tails are sculpted to sit right when in position on the horse , there is a locating hole for the pouch

    DSCN1987.JPG DSCN1991.JPG

    DSCN1993.JPG DSCN1990.JPG DSCN1994.JPG

    DSCN1988.JPG DSCN1992.JPG DSCN1989.JPG


    The riders legs are positioned accurately to sit on the horse , fit to the upper torso is by a large rounded piece of resin, there is a slight flashing to remove ...easily sorted

    Wearing tight trouser fitting into knee high boots , good folds and creases on both the material and the boots .

    A lot of care has gone into the folds and it certainly looks good , on the review piece one of the cast spurs was missing but again a easy fix

    The boots have a edging and a tassel at the front , well styled

    Around the waist a sword belt that stops at the sides to fit the torso correctly , nice "S" clasp

    Lacing is seen around the back and at the sides of the trousers with a good pair of very fancy trefoils , well sculpted and again casting has emphasised this

    DSCN1995.JPG DSCN1998.JPG

    DSCN2000.JPG DSCN2001.JPG

    DSCN1999.JPG DSCN2002.JPG DSCN1997.JPG


    The arms are on the same former as the saddlebag , again no issues in removing any of the pieces , the left hand is sculpted in place wearing a glove , the cuff detail on both arms is very sharp above the cuff the chevron of a Sgt , one on each arm , on the left the badge of a sapper , crossed axes above which is seen two service chevrons...again good work seen here , the clean casting will certainly make painting much easier

    Fit of the arms is as with previous releases easily done and accurate

    The saddle bag fits well into place , nice buckle and strap work , on the ends the number 9 depicting the actual regiment , the number is also well done

    DSCN2004.JPG DSCN2003.JPG DSCN2005.JPG


    2 are evident , the lance and the sword , again both on formers , the lance is just resin with no metal insert so some straight action might be needed ...easy to deal with using a hairdryer for instance , the business end of the lance is well shaped with the pennant flying underneath ...good to see this is not too thick and has a bit of movement , at the base end , the shoe the lance fits in , good shape , in the centre the hand grips the lance well , wearing a glove , good defined work and easy to fit

    DSCN2011.JPG DSCN2012.JPG

    The sword is sculpted in the scabbard , on a good former ...be careful when removing as the sword rings have been added alread and very nicely as well , the sword clearly shows the very distinctive cockeral head

    DSCN2009.JPG DSCN2010.JPG

    Remaining smaller pieces

    The plume , stirrups , hanging strap for horse and 2 tassels are all on same former and just need carefully removing and any flashing ...fit on all is good , the stirrups are well shaped , the hanging strap has good buckle details with a crescent at the end , plume and tassels are again nicely textured pieces and easy to fit , particularly like the way the plume has been done very effective

    DSCN2006.JPG DSCN2007.JPG

    The pouchbelt ends and pouch again on one former , , remove and fit into position ...I would suggest dry fitting the straps first and then commit ., , the strap has a nicely formed buckle and end , the pouch itself is plain ....some might like to paint or use putty to show the crossed axes badge on this


    Unfortunately in the review box there seemed to be no actual sword straps , a shame but all should be able to replace these with a suitable material like the supplied metal sheeting

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the Mount

    The horse is as previous release from the CHRONOS 3D team and suffice to say the sculpting quality is as good as ever , prep is minimal with just fine and I mean fine casting lines to quickly remove , a small amount of filler when fitting together

    The horse itself consists of 2 main pieces with the head and tails being added separately

    Muscle work is really well shown with the veins and surface shaping being excellent , again we have a stallion with the obvious associated parts !!

    The horse is moving slowly perhaps in a parade with good leg positioning

    Whats so good about the Chronos horses is the really good work on the equipt/saddle area , this is no exception the sheepskin is textured , very well with all the strapwork being sharply defined and sitting correctly .

    I would like the highlight the edging this is so well done and cast , really good undercuts , at the front under the sheepskin the rolled cloak and the ends of the pistol holster

    DSCN2013.JPG DSCN2014.JPG

    DSCN2016.JPG DSCN2018.JPG

    DSCN2015.JPG DSCN2017.JPG

    The good work continues with the head , the rider is pulling back on the bridle making the head come into the neck , again good neck muscle definition , what is nice to see is the care taken on the actual strapwork , very detailed , the head is easy to remove and fit , some addition of a smidge of putty might be needed .

    DSCN2021.JPG DSCN2019.JPG

    DSCN2022.JPG DSCN2020.JPG

    The tail is full of movement and like the mane on the neck well shaped and textured , again no fitment issues

    DSCN2023.JPG DSCN2025.JPG DSCN2024.JPG

    You will need to fit the bit pieces I would suggest pinning if possible just for added security , these are small so be careful when removing from the former , after fitting use the metal sheeting to make the reins and fit



    As with previous releases , a good substantial piece of resin well textured and more than suitable for purpose , some might like to include within a larger area of groundwork


    Final thoughts

    Another really good release from Soga with excellent detail work , both sculptor and caster should be congratulated on the end result , brought to life even more by the artwork

    Prep is not any issue , fit is good with accurate fitment points , a interesting subject and not often seen ....after painting you will have a really nice display item

    Again I would like to highlight the option to look at the website ( see link ) in English as well as Russian


    Thank you to Dmitri @ Soga Miniatures for the review piece(y) stay tuned for more from Soga soon !!

    For more information and to order go to their website via this link :


    Or contact Dmitri here on PF

    Thanks to all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  4. Redcap A Fixture

    Cracking review and photos of a really nice figure - thanks Kev.

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  5. Sylvanus PlanetFigure Supporter

    NIce one.

    I rember when I used to paimt 54mm! Even cavalryt ! still have them as well!
  6. BRAN Active Member

    Really good Nap !! (y)
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  7. Edorta A Fixture

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