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Review Sanada Yukimura from Revolution Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Sergey Popovichenko, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture


    Greetings to all. Most recently, I received a parcel from REVOLUTION MINIATURES, a new and rapidly gaining Russian manufacturer. In the parcel - three distinct figures of 75mm of resin. And also a set of Rubleff brushes. I have been using the column of this brand for quite a long time.
    It should be noted the accuracy and respect for the buyer and his product.
    The boxes were neatly wrapped in many layers of bubble film. All arrived safely.
    DSC02962.JPG DSC02965.JPG

    Surveys will begin with the brightest set - the samurai figures Sanada Yukimura.
    Sculptor Dmitry Shevtsov, a Master who has long needed no introduction.

    Sanada Yukimura - an outstanding Japanese samurai (1567 - 1615)
    Packaging of excellent quality, as well as printing. Thick cardboard, details in polyethylene bags are padded with foam rubber.
    Also included is a booklet with detailed photos and instructions for assembling the figure, autographs of the creators. This approach to packaging and decoration is respectful and, I think, will be favorably received by collectors.
    I counted 21 items in the kit. There are four options for a head with a helmet and without, different versions of weapons. A steel spoke to replace the resin shaft.

    The quality of casting is remarkable.
    DSC02987.JPG DSC02990.JPG DSC02991.JPG DSC02992.JPG DSC02993.JPG DSC02995.JPG DSC02996.JPG DSC02997.JPG DSC02998.JPG DSC02999.JPG DSC03000.JPG DSC03002.JPG DSC03004.JPG DSC03005.JPG DSC03007.JPG DSC03011.JPG

    Versatile assembly options

    36831827_1309980972466403_6096716122600505344_n.jpg 36892517_1309980525799781_948626982831128576_n.jpg 36894708_1309980179133149_8402380929326120960_n.jpg 36899993_1309980202466480_6489787170138619904_n.jpg 36909182_1309980865799747_5723672297110241280_n.jpg 36912393_1309980629133104_2463203167760809984_n.jpg
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  2. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture

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  3. jumpugly Member

    Thank you Sergey! This is very helpful!!!
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  4. grasshopper PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice.dont sweat the English..it’s fine and your images are really useful.there seem to be many finishing options and useful spares for other projects
    ..Rubleff? How do they compare to other brands?
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  5. yellowcat Well-Known Member

    1. Replica armour: HERE

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  6. yellowcat Well-Known Member

    2. Photo shoot: HERE

  7. yellowcat Well-Known Member

    3. From TV series: HERE

  8. grasshopper PlanetFigure Supporter

    Way cool Felix
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  9. myouchin Active Member

    Mitsuo Kure, a researcher of Japanese armor, claims that the family crest of Sanada Yukimura (Sanada Nobushige) rokumonsen is Vertical 3 columns × 2 like the photograph. He says that Horizontal 3 rows × 2 is the family crest of the Sanada main family which Yukimura's older brother Nobuyuki succeeded. Although I can not judge whether Mitsuo Kure's assertion is correct, I introduced it as one reference.
    However, whatever the historical facts it is certain that Yukimura of REVOLUTION MINIATURES is a wonderful figure.
  10. Oda A Fixture

    I have ordered the extended version the minute I saw it.A few days ago I received it.It is REMARKABLE.Extremely high quality on all accounts.Totally recomend it to anyone.

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  11. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

    I can only copy this comment, or as I usually say: ditto
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