Completed Samurai XIV century, 90 mm

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Vladimir, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Vladimir Active Member

    Hello everybody!
    The next samurai series - XIV century, period Nanboku-te, 90 mm in full growth.
    A samurai from a poor family, armed with a large sword no-dachi and a small uti-gatana. From gawa-tsuzumi haramaki cuirass and happuri mask. Samurai armed with no-dachi often wore a minimum of armor so that they did not restrict movement. I hope you like it. If someone sees any shortcomings, please let us know. I would be very grateful. You can also eliminate the disadvantages, this is the master model.
    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg
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  2. 1969 A Fixture

    Nice sculpture, I know nothing about Samurai so cannot comment on that but sculpting looks nice.
  3. karlw Member

    Hello Vladimir,
    I'm a collector and specialise in Samurais since about 20 years.Are your Samurai's for sale ? I would like to buy one. This no-dachi wielding figure finds my interest ! If you continue sculpting Samurai figures I suggest to stay away from all the well known commanders (most of which exist in multiple versions) of the late Sengoku period (civil war period), a segment which is really overcrowded. I think the late Heian period is a very rewarding one, with rarely any figures covering this period.Many court aristocrats were dressed in very colour full dresses - no need for battle armor - and the no-dachi was quite present.I have 3 90's figures in my collection from this period. Outstanding pieces which I yet have to identify. Over time the challenge of painting these very detailed armored pieces get's quite boring and repetitive and due to the highly regulated patterns and colours it leaves one with limited creative painting options. And I hate when socalled Samurai's are painted in garish colours looking more than a Fantasy figure rather than a historical Figure ! But I digress. Keep up the good work
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  4. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you for your high rating! Samurai are for sale, this one I'm still preparing to copy. This process was delayed a bit due to the quarantine. I'll let you know when the copies are ready. I plan to continue making samurai and you are right, a lot of commanders have been made. I won't do them yet. Thanks for the tip
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  5. Oda A Fixture

    A masterful sculpt and very,very well researched too.Do you only work in 90 mm scale or do you plan to make samurai in lesser ones like 75mm and 54mm?

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  6. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked my work. I'm planning a 75mm samurai, 54mm not yet. My goal in sculpture is maximum detail. I like it when the figure visible wrinkles, the texture of the fabric, the seams. I don't know yet how to do this in 54 mm. In 75 mm this is done, I make dwarfs on this scale.
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  7. Oda A Fixture

    As a fanatic admirer and student of the samurai culture I spend a lot of time studying Japanese arms and armour.Whenever I see a figure of a samurai I try hard to spot any faults or anachronisms etc.I cannot find anything wrong with your works.They are as far as my knowledge allows me to judge,historically accurate down to the smallest detail.90mm is a scale that is not represented greatly in my Grey Army.It is a little too large for my taste so saddly I will not be adding these beautiful 90mm samurai to my collection but should you make a figure in 75mm I will definitely add it to my army of samurai.


    P.S: Do you restrict yourself to specific periods of samurai history?Is a Sengoku or Momoyama samurai within your plans?
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  8. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you for your appreciation! I often show step-by-step work when I make complex shapes. I really hope for your help and the help of other knowledgeable people in finding flaws.

    I am interested in the entire period of samurai history. The Edo period is less interesting than the rest. Sengoku is the most interesting period. The next samurai is planned for the Momoyama period, armed with an o-zutsu, 75 mm scale
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  9. Oda A Fixture

    This is great news.Please keep me up to date,a 75mm samurai of the sengoku period sculpted to the standards you have exhibited is a must have for me.

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  10. yellowcat A Fixture

    Another fantastic sculpt!

  11. yellowcat A Fixture

    Please check out my o-zutsu reference:
    Samurai hand cannon and fire arrow HERE

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  12. Oda A Fixture

    As usual your documentation is sheer gold for us modellers.

  13. NeilW A Fixture

    Nice piece... sort of reminds me of Kikuchiyo from Kurosawa's Seven Samurai :)
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  14. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you for your comments!
    Felix, thanks to your reference, I decided to start making a samurai with o-zutsu. I have long wanted to make several samurai with similar weapons in different poses, but I did not have information on hand-canone. Thank you for your references. Now I'm ready to start. Only dwarf will finish
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  15. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you all for your comments!
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  16. Merryweather Active Member

    Wow! Facinating!
    Those guys must have had biceps and shoulders of steel to fire that- never mind cojones!
  17. Romariogendalf A Fixture

    Hi guys
    As you know I produce samurais in 90mm but everytime I am happy to buy something for my collection.
    2 week ago I boutgh 2 samurais with bow. Casting in metal, I was suprised the quality of figures, so I recommend to buy this too.
    Very accurate and very well done.
    So I need this two also.)
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  18. NeilW A Fixture

    There could be some interesting possibilities with this range (y)

    ... and thanks Felix (as usual) for the hand-cannon refs... I particularly like this sequence ;)


    I always fancied the idea of a series based on one of the 'order of arming' woodcuts, eg (from Koku-Buki0-Zuzi MS as in my very old copy of Robinson's Japanese Arms and Armour- cost me £4.50... a lot of money in c1969):
    Arming1.jpg Arming 2.jpg

    I always particularly fancied these two poses:
    arming 3.jpg

    ... why not give them a go?
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  19. Vladimir Active Member

    [цитата= "Merryweather, сообщение: 1060815, участник: 8771"]Вау!Фациальная обработка!
    Those guys must have had biceps and shoulders of steel to fire that- never mind cojones![/quote]


    Thank you very much, Roman! Your opinion is very important to me. Such messages support the desire to continue working on the miniature
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  20. Vladimir Active Member

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