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WIP Critique Samurai, Momoyama period, late 17th century

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Vladimir, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

  2. Banjer Well-Known Member

    Hi Vladimir,
    I may have missed this in a previous post ,how do we order your pieces?
    Do you publish your prices?


  3. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank You, Peter.
    Hi, Bill. Samurai you can order from me, their cost is 30 euros, plus delivery to the UK 14 euros
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  4. Borek A Fixture

    Looks absolutely great. Amazing progres, very cool :)

    Cheers Borek :)
  5. Vladimir Active Member

    I finished making two swords. Swords have a minimal blade bend, which was popular at the end of the Momoyama period.
    Unfortunately, the photos do not convey the texture of shark skin under the braid on the handle
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Vladimir

    Yet again the sculpting is great to see lovely detail on the handles

    Are the swords made with metal and covered with a putty ?

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime

  7. Vladimir Active Member

    Yes, that's right. Inside, I make a strip of hard metal, so that the sword does not bend when working with it, and I cover it with FIMO.
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  8. Vladimir Active Member

    Hello everyone
    I made the Kote Bracers and then I saw that the metal rings on the chain mail look very large, on the hands it is especially noticeable.So after several unsuccessful attempts, I made a chain mail of the right size from putty.
    For comparison, on the other hand I left a chain mail made of metal rings

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  9. NeilW A Fixture

    Good call on the mail.... Japanese mail is tiny compared with european.

    Did you make some kind of impression tool to form it?
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  10. Vladimir Active Member

    Yes,that's right. I inserted a piece of guitar string into the needle from the syringe . The diameter of the string should be slightly smaller than the hole in the needle of the syringe. It is even better to use a sewing needle instead of a string, but I did not find a needle of the appropriate diameter.
    If you need photos of my instrument, I can take them tomorrow
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  11. NeilW A Fixture

    Yes please... sounds similar to a method I tried (and failed with) by creating a 'female' ring on the end of a plastic rod.

    I keep trying various formers in Blutack to see what works.
  12. Vladimir Active Member

    Tomorrow morning I'll take a photo and show you
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  13. Vladimir Active Member

    The tool I made is like this
    First, I saw off the tip of the medical syringe and sand it a little to reduce the thickness of the walls of the syringe needle
    Then I insert a piece of guitar string with a pointed tip inside
    Instead of a string, it is better to insert a sewing needle, but I did not find a needle of this diameter. The needle is fixed inside the syringe, so its tip is in the center. The string inside is not fixed well, so its tip may shift and it will have to be fixed in the center in some way. Now you can make chain mail
  14. NeilW A Fixture

    Thanks Vladimir,

    Looks similar to some of my experiments (at a slightly larger 1/12th scale, but still difficult to get a convincing effect).

    Have you thought of using wire (fuse wire or stripped from cable)... may be more suitable?

    I have some old Rotring pens with fine nibs and a special 'cleaning wire' gadget... I may see if I can dig them out and give them a go.

    I'm still of a mind to make a master textured piece then mould sections from that.

  15. Vladimir Active Member

    I made a master textured part and then cast sections from it. But I didn't do it well. The sections turned out to be very hard, I did not manage to install them in their places, so that it was beautiful
    Today I slightly modified my tool for chain mail. I added an imitation of vertical rings on it, for this I cut 4 indentations with a model knife. You can't see anything in the photo, so I'll draw what I did
    3.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  16. Vladimir Active Member

    I forgot to mention an important detail.The needle from the syringe should be heated, and then, when it cools down, make depressions in it.Otherwise, it will be difficult to cut the hard metal of the syringe
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  17. NeilW A Fixture

    I made a master textured part and then cast sections from it. But I didn't do it well. The sections turned out to be very hard,

    Yes: I think it's a matter of using a putty mix that stays flexible and/or using iot before it's fully set.

    Like the cuts to make the joining rings... you must use a microscope!!!!
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  18. Vladimir Active Member

    I have attached a magnifying lens to a table lamp and use it for this purpose
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  19. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Vladimir

    Just wonderful accuracy to such intricate detailing in this scale

    It's great to see the tools and methods you have used ...and very well explained

    Following with interest

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  20. Vladimir Active Member

    I try to do as much detail as my eyes and fingers allow
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