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Review Samurai, Momoyama period, late 16th century

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by yellowcat, May 7, 2021.

  1. grasshopper A Fixture

    The conversation is fascinating...can’t wait to see my pieces ...
  2. myouchin Well-Known Member

    This is very embarrassing, but some of those involved in the Japanese armor are fraudulent.They pretend that the armor belongs to a famous samurai, when the owner is unknown.Doing so will increase the value of their collection and generate "money."Even the exhibits in famous museums are suspicious.While studying Japanese armor, I was shocked to learn this fact.I think foreign buyers are as bad as or even worse than Japan.I won't go into details here, but I've witnessed a daunting scam about Oda Nobunaga's armor before.

    Tyotomi Hidetugu's armor:Japanese armor researcher and antique dealer Tatsuo Ii has identified this armor as early in the Edo period.
    出典1.JPG 出典2.JPG

    Ryūzōji Takanobu's armor: Tatsuo Ii has identified this armor as early to mid-Edo period.
    出典3.JPG 出典4.JPG

    Senno Rikyū's Armor: Masataka Satō has determined that this armor is from the early Edo period.
    ↓ Masataka Satō's Twitter account

    Armor of Asano Nagamasa: It should be noted that Nagamasa died in 1610. It's the early Edo period.To me this armor looks like that of the Edo period.Teeth are visible in the mouth of menoshita bō, which is a characteristic of the early Edo period.Many of the older menoshita bō have no teeth.But there is a possibility that a combination of menpō of different era.And the shape of this kikkou tateage does not resemble the kikkou tateage in the early Edo period.This may be in the middle of the Edo period.
    But I am an "amateur". I cannot be a responsible judge for this armor.And I don't know what the experts have decided about this armor.If you want to know what the experts have to say about it, why don't you email THE JAPANESE ARMOR SOCIETY and ask them?

    Word to be used in the e-mail is recommended the Japanese rather than English.
  3. yellowcat A Fixture

    I have more samurai armours books in my library, both in Japanese and in English. My thread is about and focus on the review of Vladimir's sculpting and casting of his kit. My aim is not into the fine detail for the research of these armours if they have appeared before or after 1600. I am not an historian or researcher. Even the historians and researchers at times are not 100% correct. My final comment will end here.
  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Felix and Vladimir have done excellent work...this review is outstanding. One of best done on this forum..to date...and Vladimir is raising the metal aspect of our hobby to truly rival resin in traditional medium....great stuff...
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  5. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you, Myouchin!
    I agree with you, John. Very interesting conversation. I am grateful to Felix and Myouchin for this.
  6. Nap A Fixture


    Totally agree there

    It's good to have replies but such a mass of info which would have been better in a separate thread in the reference section rather than fill the excellent review

  7. oierlings Active Member

    I've received 2 Samurai models from Vladimir. This one and the archer. I'm very impressed of all the details and the superbe casting.
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