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WIP Critique Samurai Horseman

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jan, Nov 10, 2022.

  1. Jan A Fixture

    fighting some hours with the ropes on the back and some minor repair issues

    067.jpg 068.jpg 069.jpg
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jan

    I can only imagine you were fighting painting those areas ....well worth it , they look really good, nice work on the bow arm as well

    Everywhere I look there's detail painting and colourful .....all credit to you

    Look forward to seeing more

    It's going to look spectacular when all together with the horse and basework

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime

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  3. Jan A Fixture

    Dry fit between the ridder and the horse, still some details to ad

    072.jpg 073.jpg 074.jpg 071.jpg
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  4. Oda A Fixture

    Absolutely gorgeous.

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  5. Steve Ski A Fixture

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  6. Jan A Fixture

    Added the last details, now correcting al the small misfits and create a decent groundwork.

    077.jpg 078.jpg 079.jpg 080.jpg 081.jpg 082.jpg 084.jpg 086.jpg
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  7. Steve Ski A Fixture

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  8. Oda A Fixture

    Bravo Jan!!!!

  9. yellowcat A Fixture

    Nicely painted figure but with some problems and errors.

    I mean no disrespect, just my observations and insights.
    From my observations and insights:

    I am surprised that all the PF enthusiastic Samurai members who had made comments did not notice or pointed this out. It is so obvious the left chest board is mounted upside down. There are two chest boards both tied to the shoulder straps hanging in front of the Do (cuirass). The SENDAN-NO-ITA (right side) and KYUBI-NO-ITA (left side). The Sendan no Ita resembles a miniature sode was designed to protect the chest and armpit area while riding into battle when firing arrows. The Kyubi-no-Ita is a solid plate, long and narrow, on the other hand it was designed to protect the heart. Both were made of steel or lamellar construction.

    board crop2 copy.jpg

    i-img1200x1200-1620468072tgloqe52612 copy.jpg

    There is also putty work showing under painted surfaces especially around the horse neck where it connects to the horse body area.

    horse1a copy.jpg

    The historical accuracy on the kamon or crest painted on the Do (cuirass) and the kabuto (helmet) is questionable. The Andrea 14th century Samurai horseman is wearing the O-yorio. Since the Heian period (794-1185) the O-yorio Do and some other parts of the armour were covered with Egawa (decorative picture leather). Egawa is leather that has a traditional decorative design or pattern, stenciled or imprinted onto its surface. The patterns are applied using blue and red dye over the natural tanned deer hide.
    Not until the 16th century a new style of armour called tosei-gusoku (gusoku), which means modern armour appeared. Coloured lacquer and maki-e designs and maki-e technique executed with gold and silver powders are used is drawn on the Do decoration.

    9b83e707af54c9969c0e2ba67eb2649f (1) copy.jpg



    Mark-e designs on tosei-gusoku
    御納戸糸威雲龍蒔絵山道頭桶側二枚胴具足-Suit_of_Armor_in_Okegawado_Gusoku_Style_with_Todo_Crest2 copy.jpg

    Some years ago on PF, Dr. Mitsuo Kure had made the following comment regarding the Andrea’s Samurai Horseman while supervising Seil 90mm Samurai with strong bow:
    “When I was offered to supervise mounted samurai figure from Mr. Jung Doo Hwa of Seil model, I was well aware of Andrea's one. Actually Andrea's figure, of which I saw in Historical Miniature magazine while ago were striking, though there were some errors. We discussed what pose was appealing to any modelers and came to the conclusion what we have done considering the weight of figure and weakness of horse's legs. We could have chosen more striking poses but we did not. I suggested the pose in which samurai shooting bow forward to shoot freeing Mongols up, but Seil wanted this one. By the way, Andrea's samurai is wearing wrong period's helmet and a sword.

    About Dr. Mitsuo Kure: author of several Samurai books, he reconstructed full-size samurai armour and started what is now one of the premier re-enactment groups in Japan. His group is currently one of the leading organizers of samurai battle re-enactments in Japan.

    And lastly please make sure there is a metal rod insert inside the only leg touches the ground. The metal rod should extend from the hoof and up the leg which anchors inside of the horse body to prevent the figure from collapsing.

    Happy painting!

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  10. Bundook Active Member

    Not a criticism of the painting at all, but he's almost doing a "Parthian shot". Can you actually do that wearing O-yoroi?
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  11. Oda A Fixture

    Felix your power of observation coupled with your knowledge is a level above everyone else here on PF when samurai are concernerd .You are of course correct concerning the sendan no ita and kyubi no ita.I do not own this kit (90mm is a particularly unfavorable scale to me) so I do not know if that detail is molded on or separately and attached by the modeller.Andrea is not very famous for making accurate samurai.If you see the armoured sleve (left kote)you will notice that it does not tally well with the period (probably Kamakura).The sode do not drape naturally over the the shoulders too.All these are of course mistakes on the part of the manufacturer not the modeller.These are unfortunately problems we have to cope with or accept as inevitable in our hobby.They just make the few "correct" samurai even more valuable as kits.


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