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Samurai 90mm Pegaso

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by ghamilt1, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Finally! I put the finishing touches on Pegaso's Samurai with Nagashina, with the exception of the groundwork. I'll get that done over the next few days, and to those of you who remember my earlier posts, I've decided to abandon the bamboo grove idea in favour of more traditional vegetation. They have grass in Japan too, am I right? In any case, I would happily entertain any questions or criticisms any of you might have for me. Thanks for looking.
  2. Roc Active Member

    Glenn, that is really beautiful, I love it, my compliments.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc. :) .
  3. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    Glenn,Samurais are one of my favorite subjects and I can say that this is maybe the most realistic armor I've ever seen painted!If you check some pics of reproduction pieces you may understand it yourself you've done a great job!If you want my opinion,I would give a coat of matt varnish Humbrol to the surfaces that look a little glossy(don't touch the armor!I'm talking about the clothes and the banner!),otherwise the figure looks perfect to my expectations!

    Of course grass grows in Japan as well,but go to "Google"=>" Images" and search for "Japan Forests".Very good pics are waiting for you ;).

    Great job!Let us check it finished!
  4. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Glenn
    These job Paint is very good
    compliments ;)
    MAB :)
  5. Roy New Member

    Very nice work on a very imposing figure Glenn..I like the armour a lot.

    All the best..Roy.
  6. Lubitch Member

    Extraordinary painting job !!!
    Super :)


    Wojciech Lubicz-Lapinski
  7. Bart Member

    Hi Glenn;

    I like it a lot. I love the details on the helmet and on the clothing.

    You did a super job!! (y)

    Best wishes
  8. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Beautifully done Glenn. Excellent skintones and neat painting.

  9. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Top painting there mate. Look forward to seeing more. ;)
  10. Frank-Holger Member

    Wow, what a paintjob! Extremly well done and a perfect choice of colours! I have often see Samurais painted, very well, too, but they seem to be a bit too colourfull. But yours is so well banlanced...

    As for the groudwork: Sad that you won´t do the bamboo idea. I think that would have completed this wonderfull figure/paintup. I could see it before my very eyes: A bunch of green bamboo behind the figure. But on the other hand, how can he wield his weapon with high bamboo behind him?

    Anyway, very sad. But nevertheless you will add a beautiful base!

  11. itifonhom New Member

    Hi Glenn,
    congratulations, you did a really nice job there, great painting indeed. I got this figure painted too and I know first hand how difficult and complicated it is. You painted it great, very lifelike!
    I got though some critic too. There are a few points that I think you did wrong or not appropriate. Having researched more than a lot for this figure I can surely say that first, the brass edges on the armour were rare and mostly used on decorative armours. Second, you painted the kamissimo, that is his internal clothing with different colors up at the sleeves and dowm at his "pants", although it was the one and same piece of clothing. Third point, the "cloth belt" at his waist was almost always white or colored with designs. Although at reproductions other variations can be seen, at contemporary drawings white is almost a rule. Fourth and last point of critic (and actually the most serious of all) is that you actually glued the Naginata blade the wrong way, looking "in". Of course, as you can imagine, this way he can do no harm to anyone.
    All these points have nothing to do with your painting which is excellent, there are only "rendering" critic points. Keep up the good work and keep us posted, I want to see the piece on it´s base.......

  12. Excatlon Active Member

    great work im imprested (y)
  13. megroot A Fixture


    I have nothing more to say. Everything is being said. Great work.
    I tip my hat for you.

  14. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    fantastic work! Clean and well ballanced. I would agree that the banner and clothing could use a bit of dulling down, but great work over all. I think the bamboo would have been a neat touch as you said, but there is also something to be said about a nice simple groundwork to really let this figure shine through! I know you'll make a good choice. Nice stuff!

    Jay H.
  15. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Wow! I a bit overwhelmed at how many of you responded, and as always thank you for your kind comments. Anastasios, I will be sure to reglue that blade to make appear a little more threatening. And I also promise to grit my teeth and do a proper job on the ground work. I agree that it would be a shame to have spent so much time on the figure just to slack off on the last bit of detail. Thanks again everyone.
  16. centurion Guest

    Hi ghamilt1,

    Wow!! Simply awsome and I mean "awsome." What a magnificent painting job you have done with your figurine. I would like to see some more of your work if that is possible.

    Kindest regards.
  17. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    Thanks very much Don. I don't have a v-bench, but I promise as soon as I finish them, I'll post them. Next up is Pili pili's scots highlander, featuring my family's tartan (Hamilton-hunting, ancient).
  18. Christos Well-Known Member

    Beautiful work,on a very large figure.
    Keep up
  19. carpo Active Member

    I have been watching the Planet just to see this one finished - such a good result!
    I love the armour - you have produced a very nice lacquer effect.
  20. rej Well-Known Member

    Glenn, great painting on an extremely complex magnificent figure :eek:

    Keep it up!

    Ray ;)

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