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Review Samurai, 13th century

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by yellowcat, May 1, 2021.

  1. yellowcat A Fixture

    Title: Samurai, 13th Century
    Manufacturer: Vladimir Vasilenko
    Scale: 90mm
    Sculptor: Vladimir Vasilenko
    Material & no. of pieces: 22 white metal, 2 pieces of wire, 1 wooden shaft
    Order from: Vladimir Vasilenko



    Received the kit from PF member Valdimir Vasilenko. The kit arrives in a white cardboard box with parts housed in cut out foam for protection. It consists of 22 white metal parts, two pieces of wire one for the yumi/bow string and the other for the tassels and 1 piece of wooden shaft for the arrow. Superbly sculpted and casted by Vladimir.

    The kit presents a Samurai archer of the 13th century, Kamakura period (1201-1300). He is wearing the O-yoroi armour and delivering an arrow from his yumi longbow.

    The O-yoroi Armour
    The O-yoroi (大鎧) means “great armour”. The distinctive appearance of Japanese armour derives from the padded styles imported from China and Korea during the first millennium AD. By the late Heian period (10th century), the box-like o-yoroi appeared. Luxurious and heavily armed ō-yoroi were worn by senior mounted samurai, while the lighter dō-maru were worn by lower-class infantry samuraiIt comprised a dõ, a body armour that wrapped in a ‘c’ shape around the body, and a haidate, an armoured thigh-guard apron. These were made of varying-sized strips of lamellae (small plates or scales arranged in overlapping horizontal rows) or iron plates, held together by silk lacing. Protecting the head was a large, multi-plate kabuto (helmet) fitted with a wide shikoro (neck guard) and large fukigaeshi (turn-backs). These hallmarks of Japanese armour design were to remain largely unchanged for centuries, bar certain refinements and cosmetic alterations.

    armor1.png O yorio.jpg

    The Samurai Yumi
    The yumi () is Japanese term for a bow. The bows must be long, sometimes even as much as 2 meters, which was quite the norm for any Japanese bow. It was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan. It shoots Japanese arrows called ya. Japanese bows are asymmetrical, and includes the longer daikyū (大弓) and the shorter hankyū (半弓). The grip is positioned at about two thirds of the distance from the upper tip. Gripping the bow two-thirds of the way down its length maximizes its rebound power and minimizes fatigue to the archer far better than the more familiar centered grip. To achieve significant power, the bow itself was made of bamboo sections wound with rattan and lacquered. These long bows were efficient and were used in both foot and horseback archery. Japanese arrows had bamboo shafts; fletchings of hawk, eagle, crane, or copper pheasant tail feathers; steel heads in a great variety of forms; and bindings of silk thread or floss covered with lacquer. Quivers occurred in a variety of styles, including open frames with a rack or cords to hold the arrows in place and closed cases with a covered opening on one side or end. They often were of fine lacquer work and frequently were ornamented with one or more mon, or crests.



    Here are the casting parts.
    Parts View


    Head View: Comes with three different head choices
    IMG_0104 (2)b.JPG



    IMG_0106 (2)c.jpg

    Continued in the next post...........

  2. yellowcat A Fixture

    ..........Continued from previous post

    Head armour, body and arms view
    IMG_0110 (2)a.jpg






    IMG_0048 (2)a.jpg







    Continued in the next post..........

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  3. yellowcat A Fixture


    Shoulder armour and chest board view



    Tachi sword, bow and arrow case view




    Bow string holder, tanto handle and tassels view
    IMG_0001 (2)c.jpg

    Base and wires view

    Final thoughts:
    PF member Valdimir Vasilenko’s Samurai 13th century is well sculpted and well researched with numerous parts. The O-yoroi is highly accurate and the kit is historically correct. This is the very first white metal kit that ever comes with three different head choices. The white metal casting is great it reminds me of the ones from Ceremonial Studios from the eighties. The things I would like to add or change are to add notches for the bow ends for anchoring the bow string, add some metal rings to the sode shoulder armour for tying the cords and to replace the arrow wooden shaft with brass rod (mine received broken). A magnificent kit and highly recommended. You can PM Valdimir for order information.

    Some photo and video references:
    The statue 徳川家康.jpg armor set1 (2).jpg
    board2.jpg board3.jpg
    osode.jpg osode2.jpg 1c3c02131a5d1cd63ede4e149e67426e (1).jpg

    612da7561c176d72a863a1de7a3974ef1.jpg b7.jpg 9815619cc73d6ac72c77c9d4e02dea0f.jpg
    b11.jpg TsurumakiBreit.jpg
    648a12675e3bddb4f9eedc9f8c7ffaab.jpg quiver_full_hi.jpg

    blade12 (2)g.jpg

  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Superb review..that’s what a review is supposed to be..and it’s not as tho you have a financial interest in the review or the piece..plus you know your subject...Vladimir and I are trading notes so I can get this and his other pieces..they are incredibly reasonable in price, and his care and attention is evident: he won’t take my money until I see photos of his recent casts..
  5. Banjer Well-Known Member

    Great review Felix and some very useful references. Tempted by this one!

    Thank you.

  6. Nap Moderator

    Hi Felix

    That's what I call a review , hard to believe it's all W/M as well , detaiks and casting looks really very good indeed

    Like the references and information you've added

    Appreciate your time

    Hope we see this painted up and more reviews from you

  7. Shellzdoggie PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow awesome review thank you! I am sold I want to paint it now!!!
    Thanks for all the work you did here.
  8. Renato Active Member

    Beautiful review, very thorough and accurate.....how do I PM Vladimir for a quote?

    I just cannot find him in this forum..........
  9. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you, Felix, for your review.
    I'm honored that you gave my samurai such a high rating.And I am, of course, sad that the wooden shaft of the arrow broke during transportation.In the near future, I will put a brass arrow shaft in the kits until I come up with a safe way to transport wooden parts.
    Guys, thank you all for your comments.If someone has questions for me, write in my topic "Samurai of the 13th century" or in a personal message
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  10. karlw Member

    very impressive review which made me place an order immerdiately !
  11. yellowcat A Fixture

    Thank you for your comment.
    I am working on the Samurai with hand cannon review. The sculpting is even more impressive. You may want to wait and order the two kits together to save some shipping cost.
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  12. karlw Member

    vladimir already replied and he is working on my order for all 3 (!) of his Samurai's. Collectors passion, hah !
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  13. TonyL Member

    Very thorough review. Great stuff!

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