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Samurai, 13 century

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Vladimir, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Vladimir Active Member

    • Hello everyone.
    • A samurai, the size of 90 mm, if he stood in full growth. The actual size is 60 mm. Three head options to choose from.
    • The samurai corresponds to the end of the 13th century, the period of the Mongol invasion. At this time, the samurai fought defensive battles from hiding. He is dressed in o-yoroi armor, corresponding to this period. Sudji-kabuto helmet with horizontally positioned sikoro. Weapons - long bow, long sword tati, short sword tanto.
    • This figure was made in January, unfortunately the photo of the master model has not been preserved. Photos of metal copies have been preserved. I hope you like this samurai!
    • IMG_20200120_081203.jpg IMG_20200120_081440.jpg IMG_20200120_081355.jpg IMG-20200120-WA0008.jpg IMG-20200120-WA0002.jpg эбоси1.jpg кабуто2.jpg кабуто1.jpg разборка.jpg
  2. mortier A Fixture

    Very nice,i like the helmetversion
  3. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked my work
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Vladimir

    Thanks for sharing this a lot of detail there and in white metal ...was this ever released ?

    The 3 head option is good

    Shame the master pictures aren't available

    Happy sculpting

    Stay safe

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  5. Oda A Fixture

    Simply put:Superb!Sculptural integrity and historical accuracy to the fullest.Well done sir!

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  6. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you for your appreciation! Yes, this figure was released in a small edition. I'm planning another release later. Found a photo of an incomplete master model
  7. yellowcat A Fixture

    Fantastic sculpts!
    I like all things Samurai especially Samurai in O-Yoroi armour in 90mm and larger.
    I have been studying Samurai, collecting and building Samurai kits since the early eighties. I also restore antique Samurai dolls.

    Keep up the excellent work.


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  8. NeilW A Fixture

    Interesting and novel piece (y)
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  9. Vladimir Active Member

  10. Alex A Fixture

    Where can we buy a copy ?
  11. Vladimir Active Member

    Alex, Hello! I am preparing the second issue of this samurai. You can buy it from me. I'll let you know when it's ready!
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  12. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    Please keep me in the loop as wel. Will get a copy of this, for sure
  13. Vladimir Active Member

  14. yellowcat A Fixture

    Received a copy of this Samurai archer sculpt. Again, just like the Samurai with hand cannon the detail is incredible. It also comes with three heads. All three heads are full of Japanese character and have good eyes. What really amaze me is the sculpt and casting for the O-yoroi kabuto. Who said you can only achieve fine casting from resin. Just take a look at the kabuto in white metal. Apparently Vladimir also does his own casting too.

    IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0008.JPG IMG_0010.JPG IMG_0104 (2).JPG IMG_0107 (2).JPG IMG_0110 (2).JPG
  15. Oda A Fixture

    Again, I will back Felix up on this one. Exceptional work all around. Highly artistic and incredibly accurate. I received it along with the Momoyama samurai with the hand Canon.
    Vladimir Vasilenko is a true revelation. Hope he goes on to produce more samurai.

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  16. Vladimir Active Member

    Thank you for your comments.
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  17. Fatboy-66 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very impressed. How can I get one?"
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  18. Vladimir Active Member

    Thanks!You can buy a samurai from me.Its cost is 30 euros, excluding delivery.I will find out the cost of delivery today and let you know
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  19. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks to Felix for highlighting the extremely high quality , the casting and details speak for themselves

    Well done to Vladimir for all the superb research and sculpting and indeed casting skill

    Enjoy the purchases


    PS Moved to Figure News
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  20. Vladimir Active Member

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