Samo figure - brginner looking for help

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Tyrell90, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Tyrell90 New Member

    hi, I posted on just started, but it seems dead, i eoild like to kindly ask for hrlp as when it comes to colourd and brush what id my best bet please? the model id SamoI erote more into just stsrted, thanks to everyone gor hrlp
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there

    Fear not it's not dead my friend ...BIG WELCOME to PF

    I presume you mean this figure image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I would suggest you first wash your figure to remove any casting residue

    then when fully dry take off all the exceeds casting resin ,

    prime in a colour of your choice some use white, gray, black

    Use the pics from the site as a guide for colours

    Paints what are you wanting to use , oils, acrylics

    Brushes ..get the best you can afford ...probably no more than a size 1 in this scale

    Have a look at the welcome aboard part as well as Just starting ...lots on there

    Hope this helps

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  3. Tyrell90 New Member

    Do you think the handle of the sword is golden or bronze, interested also from historical aspect as I'd like to use accurate colour, as for me I'd say bronze also the jewellery on his belt. Not exactly sure if Frank's already used gold in 7th century. I wonder, because I'm looking for a specific colour for it, though a beginner. Thanks for answearing
  4. Henkm Active Member

    Gold was used long before bronze and both were established long before the 7th century, when the iron age was well underway.
    In general, you can figure out the most 'high-tech' material of the times by the 'age' designation (Stone Age, (Copper Age), Bronze Age, Iron Age) but be aware they didn't all start at the same time in different regions. Gold is an easy material to use as it's found in its pure, metallic state needing no high temperature process, just hammering, to work it. Most other metals are found as ores, which need roasting. This was only possible when people figured out how to get their fires hot enough. You can find much reading material on this when looking for archaeology.

    As for this particular figure, I would not think people used bronze for weapons anymore (too weak) but gilding for ornamentation is always possible for those who can afford it. You would expect that more for ceremony than for battle and indeed this guy is totally unarmoured. Can't easily find reference pictures except for a very indistinct mural.
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