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Video Review S&T Products - Schutze Kar 98 Kharkov

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by MrBMB, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. MrBMB A Fixture


    S&T Products Schutze Kar 98 Kharkov 1/16th scale resin figure Sculpted by John Rosengrant

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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Once again a great review.

    Such a shame that the guy who owned S&T pulled the plug on the company and that the masters for these figures have apparently been lost to the hobby. It was a lovely range.

    - Steve
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  3. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    U have to whole heartily agree with Steve. I was lucky enough to ad a few of these S&T 1/16th guys to my grey army over the years plus some of the 1/35th. They are all very nice figures and sorely missed. Regards, Brock
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  4. Redcap A Fixture

    Great figure range .....and what a 'tease' for those who can no longer get them (legitimately).

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  5. Babelfish A Fixture

    John Rosengrant himself has been selling some off on here that he says he rediscovered when he moved house, but he's charging top Dollar.

    - Steve
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  6. MrBMB A Fixture

    Like all rare things the price goes up, the fewer around the more the price goes up it happens with most things. Just like the price of one-offs, if you ask one of these great sculptors to do you a single private piece it might end up into the thousands so getting one for around the prices they are going for now 10 or more years on I think is a fair price. Great sculpted figures are still the cheapest "real art" around I think :)
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  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    I've seen them go for less, and I was lucky enough to get an unstarted S&T "Chosin Few" set (which for years had been my "Holy Grail" kit) in straight trade for two other 1/16 figures (one of which was an S&T 1/16 German) from a member on here. But I agree 100% that these are mighty fine figures, and I also take your point. They are worth whatever someone somewhere is willing to pay for them. I guess it depends on how badly you want something.

    Wingnut Wings WWI aircraft kits are another example - Peter Jackson pulls the plug on the company and the result is skyrocketing prices on eBay as suddenly everyone and his dog wants them. I think there's also a lesson in human psychology in there somewhere: the desire to own something that's "rare".

    - Steve
  8. MrBMB A Fixture

    I had the S&T "Chosin Few" set and when moving house it just vanished I have no idea how or where it went. Never to be found again even years after move :confused:
  9. 1969 A Fixture

    Quality figures, such a shame they have ceased as they really stand the test of time regarding sculpting and casting.
  10. Babelfish A Fixture

    Isn't it strange, that's also happened to me a couple of times: Figure in the stash then suddenly no longer there and seemingly vanished without a trace. Nothing rare/expensive/irreplaceable fortunately, but still maddening and very puzzling.

    - Steve

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