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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Following on from my look at previous Himini releases here :

    and here:

    Its my pleasure to be able to show you another this time a bust , advised here by PF member Martin Rohmann along with other figure releases

    with the sculptor ( pf member RantaN showing here:

    another version painted was shown here by PF member Klassik:

    The release is of course this ( painted by Kirill Kanaev )



    Depicting a high status Russian Noble , this is a very well armed and armoured individual , , the company have based these on original items found in museums amongst them the armoury in the Kremlin and also finds in various cities/towns , also looking at original manuscript illustrations

    I will include reference at the end of the review for your information

    Details of the release are :

    Title: Noble Russian Warrior 14th Century

    Reference: HI-B-001

    Scale: 1/9th ( 250mm )

    Material : Gray Resin

    No of pieces: Information insert plus 20 resin parts

    Sculptor: Stepan Nikolaev

    Box Art: Kirill Kanaev

    Casting: Russian Company local to Himini

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Onwards we go..

    Initial thoughts
    • Himini continue to use high quality resin = very high quality casting definition
    • Presentation the same as previous releases in respect box and packing quality
    • Dry fitting is excellent
    • Choice of 4 weapons
    • 2 head options ( helmet of mail )
    • Cloak fits over the cast head ..if you choose not to use then a little bit of rework will be needed on the right arm fitment
    • Parts are on easily removed casting plugs
    As before all packing is very secure in a laser cut wooden box , with the parts in bags and in recycled materials (straw type) , the box being held by a push on cardboard surround with pictures on one side ( not colour ) and on the other the box artwork in a frame by Kirill , some might prefer a larger picture.

    Himimi bust 001.jpg Himimi bust 002.jpg
    Himimi bust 003.jpg Himimi bust 004.jpg

    Insert includes the informative detail as we have seen in previous again signed by the sculptor

    Himimi bust 006.jpg Himimi bust 007.jpg

    Parts consist of
    • Main torso
    • 2 arms
    • Shield
    • Cloak
    • 4 weapons
    • Sword Blade and Handle and crosspiece
    • Mace end
    • Small satchel/Bag
    • Helmet and helmet finial
    • 2 shoulder pieces
    • 2 sets of hanging straps for the helmet
    Himimi bust 005.jpg Himimi bust 009.jpg Himimi bust 010.jpg Himimi bust 008.jpg


    • This is a big chunk of resin so think before you do anything how you are going to base it up
    • Choose your weapon and headwear
    • Build the sculpt up as you wish , I would suggest you paint the cloak separately and fit once the torso is completed.
    • The casting is very high quality and parts fit into place accurately and with ease , no filler needed if you fit the cloak ( see comment above )
    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    In this part I will look first at the Torso and then arms


    • Sculpted as a 3/4 bust cut away below the waist in order to add the full sword belt
    • Wearing full plate armour with additional mail protection , these are based on city finds in Novogrod and Torzhok
    • The warrior is wearing his mail hood up on the head
    • The undercuts and detail work is spot on , the plates are well defined with the mail being the same
    • The sword belt is again very high quality sculpting and casting throughout
    • The mail sits very naturally with the movement of the piece , the head being turned to the left looking down at an enemy
    • Hanging centrally on the chest we have finely sculpted crucifix..a joy to look at
    • Facial features are excellent particularly the work on the eyes , he is bearded with good texture work
    • There are cut outs to fit the shoulder pieces and the arms as well as the satchel and the scabbard
    Himimi bust 011.jpg Himimi bust 015.jpg Himimi bust 014.jpg Himimi bust 013.jpg
    Himimi bust 016.jpg Himimi bust 012.jpg
    Himimi bust 017.jpg Himimi bust 022.jpg Himimi bust 021.jpg Himimi bust 018.jpg Himimi bust 019.jpg Himimi bust 020.jpg Himimi bust 023.jpg Himimi bust 024.jpg

    on to the Arms ...

    • Both are fully armoured with again the same excellent detail work , wearing heavily armored gloves based on items from Visby..suffice to say the high quality continues .
    • The right arm is raised with your chosen weapon
    • The left is sculpted and cast with the shield arm pad to it ...the work on the strapping is of particular note , the hand gripping the straps really well., the pressure of the arm to the pad is well shown , pushing the material out to folds nicely

    Enjoy the pictures here:

    Himimi bust 032.jpg Himimi bust 033.jpg Himimi bust 034.jpg Himimi bust 036.jpg
    Himimi bust 027.jpg Himimi bust 028.jpg Himimi bust 025.jpg
    Himimi bust 026.jpg
    Himimi bust 030.jpg Himimi bust 031.jpg Himimi bust 029.jpg

    Cracking work I am sure you will agree !!!

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remainder of the pieces


    This is a full flowing piece with plenty of movement cast complete with the front being held together by a brooch , nice folds , there are a couple of casting plugs to take away , be careful so it does not pull the resin away , fitting very well over the torso this allows full painting of both the pieces easily.
    No texture is on the material to depict silk or a satin material

    Himimi bust 040.jpg Himimi bust 041.jpg Himimi bust 042.jpg


    A very large item slightly textured but with no design on it allowing your own choice to be depicted

    Fit to the left arm poses no issues whatsoever , in place its very imposing

    Himimi bust 043.jpg Himimi bust 044.jpg


    This is a very unusual shape but typical of the Russian types known as the "Greek ht" in the Kremlin armoury , conical in shape , pointed with a apex piece that needed to fit in place ( good idea as this stops its being damaged in box )

    Fit is excellent to the head if you choose to do do , what I like is that Himini have included a arrow showing which way to fit ( arrow forward !! )

    Himimi bust 038.jpg Himimi bust 039.jpg

    There are also 2 hanging straps to fit if the helmet is used, one having the buckle on it

    Himimi bust 058.jpg

    Shoulder pieces and Satchel/bag

    Both are well sculpted , fit of the shoulder pieces a little fiddly so take your time , well shaped and sitting good in the cutouts
    The bag itself is full with a nice design shown on it , good locating pieces to the cutouts

    Himimi bust 056.jpg

    Himimi bust 054.jpg Himimi bust 055.jpg


    • A choice of 3 main ones Axe, Mace or sword plus a large dagger
    • Scabbard is provided as well ...if you choose the mace or axe then the sword handle and crosspiece are included to fit to the scabbard...great option , choose the sword , scabbard stays empty with the blade and handle etc fitting to the hand
    • The mace has a small round end to fit
    • There is a separate sword blade
    All the weapons are very well sculpted and cast again a great option choice ..., all are detailed up nicely as well favourite being the mace ( think I will add a wrist strap as well )....of course you could add the axe hanging from the belt as well!!!

    Himimi bust 047.jpg Himimi bust 046.jpg Himimi bust 045.jpg Himimi bust 048.jpg

    Himimi bust 049.jpg Himimi bust 050.jpg Himimi bust 051.jpg

    Himimi bust 052.jpg Himimi bust 053.jpg Himimi bust 057.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Well there you have it Himini's first bust release , a very interesting subject , extremely well sculpted with casting being the same , I certainly am very impressed by this release , something different , packed full of details , ease of build , and as we have seen great results when painted

    I hope this will not be the last bust from Himini , Russia is full of history and subjects , I would like to see them look at other periods of history , Napoleonic , WW1 perhaps .


    I would believe a website is currently being worked on but for now you can contact by :

    but you can contact Vasily either by :

    Message on FB page

    Or a PM via this forum to user ID HIMINI


    If you are in the UK then El Greco Miniatures are showing the releases

    Thanks to Himini and for you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  5. Nap A Fixture

    As promised lets have the references for the piece

    Here's a couple of Osprey books that are a good reference point

    Z0.jpg Z00.jpg

    262427776.jpg IMG_4479.JPG risunok-na-shhite-003.jpg post-172-0-40339100-1343127807.jpg avessalom1.jpgМиниатюры Симоно-Хлудовской Псалтири, вторая половина 13 века.jpg history.exe.jpgАМАРТОЛ.jpg 3saw6l-mUTY.jpg
    14в. Русский князь.jpg dEY_SUbujCY.jpg

    Continued in next post

  6. Nap A Fixture

    Now Armour/Reenactors

    0_1715c2_b91ed9a4_orig.jpg 0hda4Eeb3Ec.jpg fncIqSrwmhM.jpg JEGF4FRmIu0.jpg Русь. КБ. 14 в. музей в с.Монастырщина-2.jpg wwFv_KZezIc.jpg
    Новогородец-1. 14-й век..jpg Новогородец-3. 14 в..jpg ZZZZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZZZZ.jpg Z.jpg ZZZZ.jpeg ZZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZZ.jpg ZZ.jpg
    IRG7IPzxKek.jpg pic-01-006.jpg

    Thank you and Enjoy

  7. Jonthan mcmeekin Active Member

    Cracking review Kev!
    As I mentioned at one point I didn't like the helmet...picky me :)… so I really didn't give this a second look.
    Interesting that all the real examples are in steel plate where the paint work is in brass.
    I'll see if it makes it into the cabinets after I look at a few more times.
    Well done and keep up the excellent work.
    Cheers from sunny Cumbria.... Deadly for the painting but great for gardening :0
    Klassik, HIMINI and Nap like this.
  8. HIMINI Active Member

    A small remark if you don`t mind)
    That`s not brass but gold on the artifact and it`s replica.
    Klassik likes this.
  9. DaddyO A Fixture

    Great review again(!) Kev. (y)

    Stunning piece of sculpting and it looks like a great casting too. If I were a 'bust' man it would definitely be one to buy . . . who knows what the future holds. Just love the work that Himini are producing at the moment. Did I mention the artwork? Eye catching and a great piece of inspiration to any fortunate enough to take this beauty on
    HIMINI and Klassik like this.
  10. S-73 PlanetFigure Supporter

    It's a beautiful bust.I was lucky to work with him.
  11. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Thanks Kev. Brilliant review and all that reference material too(y)
    Nap and HIMINI like this.
  12. Nap A Fixture


    Pleasure Paul ..perhaps we will see your version

    Paul Kernan likes this.

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