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WIP Critique Rurik FeR wip

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by lespauljames, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. lespauljames Active Member

    Postie came today bearing good news.. Well a new bust anyway. This will be my second bust and the sculpt is exquisite .. I'm looking forward to painting this and will probably start later. I'm hoping to improve and have been struggling to find advanced tutorials, I'm not big on videos but I have seen a few.
    I'll try and document the painting process in more depth than I would usually but sometimes I get carried away.

    This was the last bust (and first ) so I'm hoping to see an improvement over it
    And I chuffed I won gold with the pilot at my local show.
    Anyway folks. More later
  2. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking forward to this one and the casting from FeR is very well done.
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  3. lespauljames Active Member

    Viking Bob , I was very pleased with the detail, I have been trawling for busts I like for a while and when I came across this I knew it would keep me interested. Very happy with it. Primer and eyes tonight.
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  4. santi fernandez Active Member

    A bust with character ... you have a good job.
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  5. lespauljames Active Member

    This is where I got as of last night, cant wait to get back from work and get painting
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  6. lespauljames Active Member

    View attachment 306376

    I have started sketching in the skin tone highlights and shadows to set me up for the next stage of layering acrylics. Shade here was achieved with the orange brown and red. The highlights were orange blue and red. The eyes I'm not sure about as yet but we will see when they have been properly closed

    Edit.. The photos are correctly orintated on my phone. Don't know what happened there lol !

    Attached Files:

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  7. lespauljames Active Member

    Hope these photos go the right way up.. Here is the head as of bed time tonight. I feel the eyes need improvement but am not sure how. Colours used are as above plus ivory .
  8. lespauljames Active Member

    Got some more face done and a stubble shade for the head. More highlights and refinement. Its really hard to photograph this and capture the subtleties. The photobox is too bright and washes the figure out, makes him look too pale, outside the photobox is too warm . So ill provide two images.. All the colours are what's used above plus black .
    I'm thinking of wrapping up the flesh soon, what could be done to improve the work? Thanks. James WP_20180309_006.jpg
  9. Alex Well-Known Member

    The eyes need some work : right eye has some dark paint going over lower eyelid. iris both sides are too big, not centered and out of round. also, I would like to see pupils more defined. all imho of course.
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  10. lespauljames Active Member

    Alex thankyou for your feedback.. I feel that the eyes were a bit off but had trouble painting them, my first bust was a little larger and was a bit more squinty so I could get away with it. I will try to re work them as they are quite prominent. Thanks again. Feedbacks the only way I'll improve
  11. lespauljames Active Member

    I tried re working the eyes, I feel it looks better than before, maybe right eye needs more white on the inside? Went for a more visible green for the iris after looking at some eyes.
  12. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

    It looks to me both irises are different sizes. I think it is best to choose which eye you prefer and try to match the iris of the other eye to that one. Other than that I can see no issues - but I consider myself far from experienced.
  13. Alex Well-Known Member

    maybe a little bit more but the 'white' on the inside should be less white (as you did) than the outside portion because of the shadows from the nose and eyebrows. Also, I agree, the left iris is a little bit smaller than the right one. I like how you have defined well the different planes of the orbits and the nose. You are on the right track.
  14. lespauljames Active Member

    Thankyou Alex and landrotten ! Very helpful feedback. Managed to get a poor photo of what I did before bed last night . I think I'm getting there.. Much happier with the eyes. And they are more even I think. I'll deal with the darker eyeball section after work

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  15. lespauljames Active Member

    Hey folks , I have moved onto the tunic and I'm not sure the colour choice is right, I went for a Prussian blue + green with red and black added for shadows and pale flesh for lights I feel that the bright colours detract from the moodiness of the figure. I really wanted to do some neckline trim, not as elaborate as on the box but something a bit more subtle, but the first attempt failed horribly. So here he sits with a shirt in limbo. Thoughts? James

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  16. Steve Brodie Active Member

    Thats looking very good
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  17. lespauljames Active Member

    Steve thankyou !

    So a small update. I decided to stick with the trim I painted, a rus Nordic design a bit of research and a bit of imagination. I'm not 100% on it but it has grown on me overnight. The tunic has been glazed with a black violet in the shadowed areas to push the contrast and the sword is alclad and citadel Metallics. I'm not sure on how to tackle the fur, any tips?

  18. lespauljames Active Member

    Morning all. Did some more work last night, the fur, the broaches and started the hand. Nearly there..
  19. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Really enjoying watching this come together. Fur looks good and I like the overall look and feel of the character.
  20. Steve Brodie Active Member

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