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Rules & Guidelines - must read and accept before posting

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by pwadm, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. pwadm Administrator

    Only active community members are allowed to open a new thread in the 'Market & Commision' forum. New members should contribute to other sections of the forum before gaining access. A minimum number of 50 posts is required.

    1. Please take time to create a proper for-sale thread and include the following:

    Item Condition:
    Extra Info:
    Preferred Contact Method:

    2. No "testing waters" threads. You're either selling it or you're not.
    3. Finished pieces including box art can be listed without specifying sale price. In such cases purchase price should be negotiated solely by PM. For all other items price must be specified. No price = no thread (no ONO threads unless a price is also included)
    4. Do not bump threads more than once a week.
    5. Do not make any negative comments about the price a person is asking for their items. If you have evidence that this person should not be selling items on the board, please PM a moderator.
    6. Do not spam your items for trade in other people's threads unless they specifically asked for it. Use PM for this type of activity.
    7. If you want to post an eBay or other link, please use the provided For Sale Watch thread.
    8. Do not post the same items in more than one thread.
    9. Once your item is sold, please update the thread. This makes it easier for other members, and also helps to ensure that you don't get PM's or email months later with offers.
    10. Threads will be removed after 3 months from the initial thread date in order to keep the Marketplace easier to view

    Copyright issues:
    You may include a single photograph or paragraph from a published text in your post if you give proper credit to the owner. This is covered under the "Fair Use" clause which protects such reproduction for "research/educational" purposes. Whole image collections, chapters from published texts etc is not permitted without expressed consent from the authors/owners and is in violation of international copyright law.

    Piracy issues:
    News posted about or pertaining to pirating, casting, knock-off or reproductions of commercial kits will be removed. Postings about pirated work or where to locate it will be removed. PlanetFigure does not endorse or tolerate pirate works.

    Recasts are not allowed, and members found selling them may be banned from the forum.

    All users of the planetfigure.com web site must understand and accept the following legal disclaimer:

    planetfigure.com reserves the right to remove posts and topics without giving reason.
    planetfigure.com does not endorse nor profit, in whole or in part directly from the sale of any product or service offered or promoted by any of the items that appear herein.
    planetfigure.com has not evaluated the suitability of the information provided via these "For Sale" items, and inclusion of an item does not constitute the endorsement of any item presented on this page.
    The information presented is provided by the posting user "as is" and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement.
    Information provided may include errors or inaccuracies.
    Buyer is responsible to evaluate item(s) and negotiate purchase agreement with the seller.
    planetfigure.com will not be a part of said negotiations nor in any purchase arrangements between buyer and seller.
    planetfigure.com accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the website and in any publications of third parties supplied by
    planetfigure.com and expressly disclaims any such responsibility.
    All advertisements on planetfigure.com are published in good faith and without verification.
    planetfigure.com reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse any ads for any reason.
    planetfigure.com reserves the right to change the website, as well as this legal disclaimer, at any time.
    planetfigure.com may be unavailable from time to time for maintenance, upgrading or other reasons.
    planetfigure.com makes no warranty that the service will meet the user's requirements, or that the service will be uninterrupted,
    timely, secure or error free.
    planetfigure.com disclaims all and any liability to advertisers and users due to their use of the website for loss or damage of any nature and
    however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause and due to the acts or omissions of planetfigure.com,
    its owners, or employees.
    planetfigure.com is in no way responsible for any errors or omissions in the details in each listing displayed on this site.

  2. pwadm Administrator

    As specified in the new guidelines a minimum number of 50 posts is required to get access to the Market & Commission forum. Please note that if you have been only posting in the Market & Commission forum before the introduction of the new rules, you may see your post count decreased. We want members to contribute before gaining access to the forum - the 'for sale' posting obviously should not count.
  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    The marketplace is the place to get some great bargains

    I would just like to ask all sellers to think carefully about the way they actualky pack the models as it can be dissapointing if it's damaged when received ( as I know and others know ) due to insuffiicient packaging by the seller of both resin and metal parts and of course the efforts of the worlds postal system!

    Personally I packed resin in kitchen towel and bubblewrap as well as using the provided company packing well worth the effort .

    Here's an example of a happy purchaser ....so nice one Rossbach


  4. Nap Moderator

    Rules and Guielines updated regarding Friends and Family payments

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  5. pwadm Administrator

    Updated rules with new Terms and Conditions
  6. housecarl Moderator

    Thanks Pawel.(y)
  7. Nap Moderator

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  8. pwadm Administrator


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  9. pwadm Administrator

    Changed #10 to: Threads will be removed after 3 months from the initial thread date in order to keep the Marketplace easier to view
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