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Rules And Guidelines For Critiques

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by gordy, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. gordy Well-Known Member

    Rules for Posting and Replying in the Brutal Honesty Critique Center
    • Start a new thread for each piece wanting critique.
    • Only post if you're willing to be critiqued - this isn't a place for showing off, but a place for people to suggest how you can improve. If you don't think you need to improve then this might not be the section of our forums for you.
    • Be prepared to hear that image might not be perfect in everyone's eyes. This doesn't mean that you need to defend yourself every other post. If you don't like Critique, do NOT post.
    • Your job isn't to pick out the problems with others images but to help them improve, EXPLAIN what you see needs improvement.
    • Be encouraging with your comments
    • Do pick out problems with images but please also include suggestions on what could have been done to overcome them.
    • Be friendly and helpful.
    • Remember that everyone here is at different levels of experience and skill.
    • A critique is not a putdown. Critical comments are meant to help you improve your work. Those posting critiques should keep this in mind; simple expressions of approval or dislike ARE NOT enough to tell a figurist why you think a piece is good or bad. If you're willing to make comments, please post a few of your own images for us to see. Good posts of your own will give weight to your opinions.
    • When offering critiques or comments, please be candid, critical, constructive, and friendly. When reading them, remember that because web discussions lack facial expressions, body language and nuances of voice, the emotion and attitude you read from a message is often a reflection of your own feelings and are not necessarily what the poster meant.
    • This forum does not mean that encouraging comments in other parts of planetFigure are not allowed.
    • Any member can critique as long as it's within our guidelines.
    • When posting here it may SEEM to you people attack your work with criticism. Sometimes, according to your opinion, they may be wrong. Keep in mind they are only trying to help you. If you can’t deal with criticism, DO NOT post here.
    When giving critiques:

    1) Respect the artist
    The artist posting his work is looking for criticism, this doesn’t mean you need to kill him! They worked very hard on a piece and is looking for ways to improve it, please show them some respect.

    2) Provide useful feedback
    This is a focused critique forum; people posting their work here are looking for feedback. We will therefore only allow posts that give constructive criticism. Posts like “Wow that’s cool”, “Jeez you suck” or even "This is some of the best work I've ever seen" will be removed.

    3) If you haven't got anything to add with examples, DO NOT reply!
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  2. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Great idea sir. this will be a very good place for everyone. I know I get stuck sometimes and would like a place I could ask 'what do you think?" type questions.

    While were at it, I have one.

    "1) Respect the artist
    The artist is posting his work is looking for criticism, this doesn’t mean you need to kill him! They worked veryhard on a piece and is looking for ways to improve it, please show them some respect."

    I think I would take out the first "is" in this phrase to make it read better. :)
  3. gordy Well-Known Member

  4. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I love this idea. I would consider myself an intermediate painter and I joined the group to get some help and improve as there is no centralized group of figure painters in my area.
    I will lay myself out as a sacrificial lamb tomorrow after I take some pics of the latest stage of my Red Lancer. I know there's something missing, I just can't put my finger on it.


  5. Jazz A Fixture

    Wow, this is a frightening site. It takes guts to put stuff on this.
  6. DEL A Fixture

    Great idea, in addition to helping the individual it will create an invaluable reference resource.
  7. Einion Well-Known Member

    Yay, great addition (y)

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  8. debrito A Fixture

    excellent !(y)

    can we post on the v-bench session and here in the same time?
  9. gordy Well-Known Member

    That may be confusing, I would recommend against it. Is there a reason why ?
  10. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Maybe so that figure ends up on the vBench list?
  11. debrito A Fixture


    The reason to put in the v-bench is only to have a database of our work, kind of gallery file.


  12. gordy Well-Known Member

    I understand now, yes for that reason I think there would not be a problem ;)
  13. debrito A Fixture

    Cheers Gordy....(y)
  14. Piotrec Active Member

    This is a fantastic subforum Gordy. I am getting close to finish my first figure soon. Definately this is the place I will post it.
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  15. Iguazzu A Fixture

    fantastic idea Gordy. thanks:)
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  16. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Great idea ! but not for the faint hearted or paint fragile.
    Should be interesting, looks like you were the first casualty Gordy, but you took it well :D
    gordy likes this.
  17. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Hi Gordy,
    I'm working now a 54mm figurine and was thinking to post a WIP in this place to receive critique on what I did and also to receive feedback on the future steps. Do you think that this is the place?
  18. gordy Well-Known Member

    It can be, be sure you are comfortable to hear criticism. ;)

  19. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Zeno, Put it in and well will all put the boot in :)

    No seriously if you want to improve this would be the best place for constructive criticism and help.

  20. kev Member

    great idea gordy, although I have been painting for a long time now, what I have learnt is that you can always improve
    and you can always learn

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