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Review RP Models presents Sun Tzu

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hello from the keyboard ,

    Last year 2017 was an extremely challenging one for the owner of RP Models , namely Sr Hugo Pereira , he was as we know busy working on releases ...amongst them was of course one which everyone was waiting with baited breath to see....


    I refer of course to the subject of this in depth review

    RP Sun Tzu 001.jpg

    This will be a in depth review as there is so much to look at but for now ...

    Who was Sun Tzu ?

    A revered and much respected stratagist and military leader in Ancient China , a many of many quotes , he is credited with writing "The Art of War" ...a book much studied even today by the military in Officer training including at Sandhurst and Westpoint also many other academy's world wide , the book has been translated worldwide into many different languages .

    0000000000000000.jpg 000000000000000.jpg 00000000000000.jpg 0000000000000.jpg

    Here's some reference pics for you .....( more to follow!!!)

    z0000.jpg z0.jpg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    z0000000.jpg [IMG]

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    As you can see in the picture we have an eagle as well as Sun Tzu , used for hunting these birds are massive as you can well imagine , majestic , powerful killers and today still used by the Mongols to hunt on the Russian Steppes with wingspans recorded of nearly 7 feet ...incredible .

    Here are some pictures for you as well , feather colouration varies of course between each bird.

    bbbbb.jpg bbbbbb.jpg bbbbbbb.jpg

    CREDIT: Thanks to Carole my wife for selecting the best eagle pictures for the review

    The study of the Chinese army throughout the ages is well covered particularly in the Osprey Series of books :

    00000.jpeg 000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 000000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg


    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Here we go then ....the resin:)


    Title: Sun Tzu ( Generals and Commanders series )

    Reference: RPM-B-12-003

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 16 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: N/A

    Can I just advise that Hugo sells direct to trade , so if you want one get hold of the traders to reserve a copy asap , in UK we have El Greco Miniatures ( www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk ) and SK Miniatures (www.skminiatures.co.uk ) ...once they have gone they are gone !!!!

    You can contact Hugo direct of course he will help all he can

    The review piece was sent from Hugo with speed and very well packed and as always in a good strong box with parts well secured in bags and bubble wrap ......well done to him as this bust is a limited 200 run and 300 in the 75mm ...ALL are packed by Hugo with help and support from his wife , cousins and others ...he is so grateful!!

    RP Sun Tzu 001.jpg

    The information insert is personally numbered and signed by Hugo

    RP Sun Tzu 003.jpg

    The box contain a lot of resin so is quite heavy and I was actually expecting more parts but not so due to clever engineering by the RP team and the casting skills of Yiannis ...so WELL DONE for that.

    Parts consist of: Upper torso , lower torso, 2 heads ( one an enemy!!) 2 arms ( one with the eagles legs ) , 2 bow cases , sword , 2 hands ( one holding bow ) , helmet feathers , 3 arrows , cloak, and of course the eagle .

    RP Sun Tzu 012.jpg
    RP Sun Tzu 013.jpg RP Sun Tzu 009.jpg RP Sun Tzu 004.jpg

    Initial impressions

    A heck of a lot in the box , the cloak and the eagle are large ...very large ...but totally in scale ....this will be a subject that provides hours and hours of enjoyment ...

    I see Paulo here on PF is doing a WIP so that's well worth following and again will be a great reference point as well ..http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/sun-tzu.115075/


    Upper torso...On review item a tiny air hole at back of neck area ...easy to sort with filler

    Lower torso...Slight sanding of area where casting plug has been and small line to sand ...both are underneath..other than that NOTHING , the fit is very accurate to the upper torso.

    2 heads ( one an enemy!!)...On Sun Tzu ...sand away casting line on helmet and drill mall hole to fit feather , on other remove casting line at back of neck and ties on hair and then fit when appropriate

    2 arms ( one with the eagles legs ) ...Both have slight casting lines to easy sand away , a small amount of filler is needed where arms meet torso

    2 bow cases....Fine casting line to sand off on larger quiver and then fit

    Sword.... Minimal sanding on scabbard edge and fit

    2 hands ( one holding bow )...NOTHING on the single hand but to fit to the bent arm , on the bow hand , fine casting line top and lower of arm and on inside of bow curve ( this is minimal and again easy to do )

    Helmet feathers...Remove from casting block and clean flashing off and fit

    3 arrows...Remove from casting block and trim away all flashing

    Cloak...Tiny bit of sanding around edges , dryfit then PIN as well in place

    Eagle...Casting line on body sides , and on wings/tail edges , tiny it of flashing on feather edges, then fit to legs ....again I would suggest pinning ...for peace of mind!!

    Overall very little to deal with except fine casting lines and test fitting so the scupting has been brought out even more by the skilled casting ...a testament to the VERY HIGH STANDARD demanded by RP for the customer.

    Onto the parts

    General comment applicable to all parts ....QUALITY in details and in textures , movement and interaction between the parts , the subject and the eagle.

    Upper torso

    This is the largest part of the actual warrior and it just screams details from the armour plates , their securing ties , the ribbons on the front and rear, cords and discs , all having extreme detailing , the edging of the armour has nicely worked creases , and around the waist we see a belt again with really good decoration the decoration.

    RP Sun Tzu 014.jpg RP Sun Tzu 015.jpg RP Sun Tzu 018.jpg
    RP Sun Tzu 017.jpg

    Under the armour there is the under garment beautifully textured and seams spot on .

    Around the neck there is a tied scarf , nice folds and with the neck area perfectly clean to receive the head

    At the shoulders we have the cut out locations for the arm

    RP Sun Tzu 020.jpg RP Sun Tzu 019.jpg RP Sun Tzu 016.jpg

    Lower torso

    The textures continue on the lower torso as you can see and this time we have some rather nice edging decoration in the form of swirls .

    The piece is cleverly worked by being bevelled out underneath but showing the portion of trousers , there is also a locating lug to fit into the upper part with the fit being again really accurate .

    There are cutouts and folds & creases worked nicely to allow for the equiptment etc , you might like to drill a hole for your display support before you fit the 2 torso parts together.

    RP Sun Tzu 021.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 023.jpg RP Sun Tzu 022.jpg

    2 arms ( one with the eagles legs )

    One of the arms is held horizontal ( this holds the bow hand) , the other is bent at the elbow

    Both arms have the same high texture result and decoration at the cuffs ...all well defined again

    Of particular note is the depth of the cuff on the inside , this has been sculpted to allow the hands/lower arms to fit perfectly

    On the left arm there is the eagles legs and I am happy to tell you that Hugo has insisted there are pins into the shoulder so all is safe ...I will still pin the actual upper legs to the eagle itself .

    The sharpness of the feet of the claws and the detail on the feathers is a pleasure to look at , this bird is actually gripping the shoulder .

    Needless to sat fit is very good with a small amount of filler needed where the arms match up to each shoulder area

    RP Sun Tzu 027.jpg RP Sun Tzu 029.jpg RP Sun Tzu 028.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 025.jpg
    RP Sun Tzu 024.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    More resin!!!

    2 heads ( one an enemy!!)

    This is where the bust really comes to life , Sun Tzu shows excellent features , classical in a very close representation of the man based on many reference pictures , he wears the full helmet angled down at the sides , the edges raised , the features are very sharp , the nose and eye areas defined well .

    We also have a great scar on his left cheek ...a close call I think !!!...an interesting thing to paint in .

    My favourite part is the hair ....straggly hanging out at the front sides and flying about at the rear in response to the action pose .

    Fit into the neck area is again accurate and no filler is needed , he is looking along the top of his right arm

    RP Sun Tzu 031.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 034.jpg RP Sun Tzu 032.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 033.jpg RP Sun Tzu 030.jpg

    The 2nd head is a executed enemy and is fitted to the belt at the rear , the head sways with the movement of Sun Tzu , the hair is pulled up tightly with a small beard and moustache on both heads , the texture of the hair on both is very good .

    On the severed head you might want to look for the cut neck image when you paint it ..but be warned there are some messy pics around !!!

    RP Sun Tzu 035.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 039.jpg RP Sun Tzu 036.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 037.jpg RP Sun Tzu 038.jpg

    2 bow cases

    The cases both show a large amount of intricate details , the sculptors having stayed close to the reference pictures as seen in this review , the definition of the patterns are sharp with both having openings at the top fit is by a small post which fits well into the cutouts on the torso ...excellent work all over .

    RP Sun Tzu 050.jpg RP Sun Tzu 051.jpg RP Sun Tzu 052.jpg RP Sun Tzu 053.jpg RP Sun Tzu 054.jpg RP Sun Tzu 055.jpg

    2 hands ( one holding bow )

    RP Sun Tzu 042.jpg RP Sun Tzu 044.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 046.jpg RP Sun Tzu 047.jpg

    RP Sun Tzu 040.jpg RP Sun Tzu 041.jpg

    The right hand holds the bow now relaxed after letting loose an arrow , the grip on the centre is tight and with good finger definition and lower arm veins etc being in position to the intensity of the action

    The bow has designs on it with there also being a hole marked so you can fit the bow string , this will be vertical as the arrow has been sent of course .

    The other hand has the fingers positioned at the moment, just seconds after the arrow has gone towards an unseen enemy , again great finger work

    Both fit into the deep cut out of the inner sleeve cleanly and with no issues .


    This is the long sword as seen in statues of Sun Tzu , yet again the sculptors have captured the details on the scabbard and the handle ...another nice addition

    RP Sun Tzu 049.jpg RP Sun Tzu 048.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the final parts ....

    Helmet feathers

    These are a set of 2 , of course you don't have to fit them but as stated in the prep you will need to drill a small hole in helmet , they are nicely detailed and easy to remove from the casting block/flashing they are received in.

    RP Sun Tzu 056.jpg


    These are all ( 3 of them held on a long casting block ) with no arrow heads as they are designed to fit into the quivers , the flight feathers are good and again like the feathers they are easy to remove and to fit

    RP Sun Tzu 057.jpg


    When I first saw this I was a little concerned regarding the size and the weight but no need to worry as even dry fitting showed me that it balances well into place , there are 3 points of contact to the torso itself , but I would still say pin each point as well ..again better safe than sorry , the cloak ends fit well to the tosro needing just a little bit of filler ..... fit the cloak last !!!

    Again the cloak is textured with a edging so you could put a design onto this , whats particularly nic eto see are the many folds and creases that show us the movement in relation to the action ...excellent .

    Painting this will certainly take couple of hours with the highs and shadows being worked correctly...but what a result you will have.

    RP Sun Tzu 009.jpg RP Sun Tzu 011.jpg RP Sun Tzu 010.jpg

    This is the "piece de resistance" ..its awesome , the feather detailing in a joy to behold to say the lease , wings outstretched , all feathers well executed , the bird slightly hunched up looking down , the end feathers are splayed out exactly as in the reference pictures , as are the tail ones ......certainly a challenge painting wise and again the result will be wonderful and provide a focal point which all will be drawn to for sure ... at over 20cm wingspan!!!

    let the pictures show you......

    RP Sun Tzu 004.jpg RP Sun Tzu 005.jpg RP Sun Tzu 007.jpg RP Sun Tzu 008.jpg RP Sun Tzu 006.jpg

    Final thoughts

    Well what to say really ...yet again RP have raised the bar higher not on in quality but in concept , not a piece for the faint hearted but take your time , enjoy the process, soak up the action and the textures .

    I wonder what on earth will be next from the RP stable ....what ever it will be you can be certain that the RP team will give 100% and much much more


    Again RP would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input ...so much appreciated .

    For more details contact:

    www.rpmodels.pt (website currently undergoing maintenance)


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

    Thank you for looking in on this little review hope you found it of use and interest...off for a large coffee!!!

  6. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello my GOOD FRIEND Kevin

    Congratulations for the review... We will continue working hard. everty day and trying to be better abd better... The best way to work is with demand... Now its time to do package... LOL... LOL... What comes next? I can assure it will be AMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG... In my opinion of course...

    Thank you so much.
    Big ugg.
  7. kilsh Well-Known Member

    Great Review Kev!

    Great bust Hugo!


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  8. kagemusha A Fixture

    Nice review Kev....with some great ref pics.
    I have to say that I have this on pre-order and...having seen your pics of the kit...I wish I hadn't bothered!
    There are a great number of mould lines...and a fair amount of flash evident...along with some difficult drops along fine areas/edges such as the feathers.
    For me... the casting does not look anywhere near as good/sharp as the normal offerings from RP....a particular area being the two cords across the chest plate!
    I will reserve judgement until it arrives...but I am disappointed right now.

  9. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Ron

    Thank you so much for your comment... In first place I ask apologies if I disappoint you... Its not my intention... If you will be disapointed I will talk with you and I preciated you send me a message inform me about something wrong. Im here... The line mold that you see its very easy to clean... Very easy... We continue working with Yiannis and he works very weel... Its the same guy that do my castings since RPmodels exist...

    I hope when you see the model you can change opinion... Thank you so much for words and we will working hard to improve...

    Once again, THANK YOU Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Ron

    Thanks for your comment , you do not in my opinion need to have concern prep is minimal as detailed in the review the castings lines are very fine and as I said easy to remove including on the helmet , the aim of review is for me to be honest and show it as it is and ofcourse the comments are MY views only.

    Don't forget these pics are much larger and in real scale the cords you refer to are very good

    Flashing ....again a tiny bit on wing edges and together on the casting blocks which hold the feathers for helmet and the 3 arrows ...again very easy to remove with a sharp modelling knife .

    Reserve judgement of course but this is a really very good piece of sculpting and presentation .


    Feel free to PM me if you wish
  11. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Neil...

    Thank you Sir... Im very happy because you liked... This is a final stage of almost 8 months of work... It was a challenge and now the big challenge is teh packing of the figures and busts... I feel very happy because this piece its SOLD OUT in the company and my partners have just a few left... I believe in 2 weeks or a little more its impossible to get this piece in the market... Of course this is possible because Ive plenty of people that believe in us and support us...

    I will continue working very hard to improve and grow like a person and professional..

    Thank you sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  12. kagemusha A Fixture


    I will look forward to receiving the kit...and have taken your comments into consideration.
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  13. kagemusha A Fixture


    Good evening Hugo....no apologies needed.
    As said...I look forward to receiving the kit....and will then have a much better opinion to offer.
    As Nap has said....the pictures can deceive.
    YS castings have a very good reputation...so...again...I will wait until I have the kit in my hands before making a final judgement.
    You have a well earned reputation for customer satisfaction...and are always willing to listen...so I have no doubt you would be willing to discuss any concerns I may have.


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  14. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks for replying ........If I may just clarify I didnt say deceive !...merely show it as it actually is !

    With a minimum of prep you will I am sure enjoy the piece

  15. kagemusha A Fixture


    I meant it in the context of your pictures being much larger that reality as you said.

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  16. Fokionas Active Member

    I ordered the bust yesterday and I am looking forward to receive it.
    I haven't done any figure or bust of this period so this review was great source of inspiration and guidance.
    Thank you Nap!!! Thank you Hugo for offering us this high level of detail and......subjects that are rare to find...
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  17. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Fokion

    Thank you so much for your words... Last night many people want to buy the bust... Im told them to try to fix in one of my partners like you... This pieve takes a long time to develop and he planning everthing. The eagle have metal pins on legs just to support the weight og the eagle... The casting og eagle are thinking too.. For Yiannis the eagle its one of the dificulty piece that he did until now... Yiannis wants to kill me... LOL... LOL... LOL...

    Thank you so much for your prefernece... I pay attention because the HOT items on the 'stable'... LOL...

    Thank you so much Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  18. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Ron

    Thank you for your comments. In RPmodels Ive a policy... If something is wrong with one of my pieces, I WILL ALAWAYS send a new piece to the customer. Ive one guy in Australia that had a problem with one of my French Dromedaire Regiment. This figure its SOLD OUT a long time ago... I did a big effort to try to fix one and if I have to produce and devlop a new mold just to produce a figure, I can assure that I will do it... RPmodels is a BIG PASSION that Ive... RPmodels born almost that some time of my son... Its like a son too... And I fell very proud for all the projects that we developed and we are developing... RPmodels is very SPECIAL TO ME... I worked in a very dangerous places in the past, and infortunally i saw many people dying... Many of them in my hands, because sometimes we do more then everthing but isnt enough... Many times to telling the truth... And with RPmodels I have the chance to bring many heroes from the fog... Bring them to life... Read histories of them... And dream with pieces of history are forgotten in books and in the minds... This is RPmodels...

    Thank you so much and I believe you wouldnt be disapointed... But if you have a problem Im here for what you need...

    Thak you Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  19. Theodoros A Fixture

    Amazing sculpture !
    Hugo, I wish you all the best at your effort ! (y)
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  20. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Theodoros

    Thank you so much Sir for your words.

    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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