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Review RP Models "Bustorama" Parthian Camel Warrior

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    Its been busy year for the RP team with releases being eagerly anticipated , I have had the pleasure to review busts for Hugo here are a couple of links to them



    You might have noticed we have a animal theme .....and the ark continues to let a another out ...this review of the bustorama will include a camel ...or at least a part of it !!!

    This was the inspiration for the subject release:


    I would like to take a moment to emphasise a few points regarding RP
    • They do everything from concept to shipping
    • Hugo welcomes all idea's with feedback is always greeted positively withHugo making a point of replying to all
    • Customer service is second to none
    • RP send all their limited ( this run is 300 ) editions releases to their partners (for instance SK Miniatures and El Greco Miniatures in the UK)
    • Releases are done in Bust, Bustorama (both 1/12th) and 75mm scale as a full figure
    I have over 120 pictures to show you so thsi will be heavy on them !!! as a result I will provide references at the end of the review allowing you to see the resin first

    Details of the release:

    Title: Parthia Catafratari (Ancient World )

    Reference: HRP-B-01-004

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 47 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting : YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: N/A

    As before we are provided with a very strong box , this time in an eye catching gold , there is no box artwork but a very striking picture on the top

    camel 001.jpg

    With details on the sides including special thanks to Planet Figure and Figurementors (Jay Martin) as well as some other guy......:happy: ......was my pleasure to help with research

    camel 002.jpg
    camel 003.jpg

    As you can see we have a lot of parts in the box this is broken down to :
    • Camel 6
    • Figure 8
    • Weapons 18
    • Remaining 16
    Lets have a look at all the parts laid out


    camel 004.jpg


    camel 005.jpg


    camel 006.jpg


    camel 007.jpg

    As you can see a lot , I would like to mention the packing that I was greeted with and very happy to say there was no damage or bits broken off ...like the tops of the saddle for instance (to the right of camel in first picture )

    • There is a choice of 2 heads for the figure
    • The camel is cleverly cut and fits together well in a logical way
    • There are parts to fit but reference to the box pictures will help
    • Casting is very good indeed especially with such intricate detail
    • Parts need to be removed from formers and flashing (arrows/reins)
    • Minimal casting lines to remove
    • Textures abound on the piece
    • The figure has one full leg the other cut below the hip ...you will see more in pictures!!


    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets look at the camel

    • Consisting of 3 main parts , front, rear and neck/head
    • All parts fit easily together (more later!!)
    • The central portion and the armour will be in next part

    The camels skin is well textured , something that RP are well known for on the rear part we have straps with decorated round pieces , definition is very good ....of course we have a tail as well , nicely detailed.... one comment is I will soften this to reposition a little more to my taste

    camel 008.jpg camel 010.jpg camel 011.jpg camel 009.jpg


    This continues with the skin textures , as you can see we have really good locating cutouts that are for the hanging armour and the head, the leg is nicely cut at just below the knee joint
    We also have some of the armour this is a sign of things to come the lamellar scales are very nicely done

    camel 014.jpg camel 013.jpg camel 017.jpg camel 015.jpg camel 016.jpg


    This is where the piece really comes to life and this is a area that particularly attention was paid to when referencing with Hugo meeting with animal specialists as well ..has it paid off .....ABSOLUTELY in my opinion
    • The neck is fully armoured
    • The top of the head has a covering over it
    • Cutout for the head feathers on top and a excellent fitment area to the back of the neck
      camel 023.jpg
    • Again the armour is finely worked with supporting straps and buckles being well defined
    • The mouth is wide open teeth and tongue very evident ...its a cracking piece of work both sculpting and casting
    camel 018.jpg camel 019.jpg camel 025.jpg camel 026.jpg

    Just look at the head details :

    camel 022.jpg camel 021.jpg camel 020.jpg
    camel 027.jpg camel 024.jpg

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap Moderator

    Now to the Central piece and the hanging armour ( we will look at how they all fit together and sizes in the next part)

    Central Piece

    This is the saddle covering consisting of several layers all covered in details from a design , stitching , tassels together with the actual saddle again wonderfully decorated , the wood effect is very well done , with the front and rear pommels sitting proud on each end

    camel 034.jpg

    camel 035.jpg camel 036.jpg

    camel 037.jpg camel 038.jpg

    camel 044.jpg camel 043.jpg

    camel 039.jpg camel 041.jpg

    camel 040.jpg camel 042.jpg

    camel 036.jpg

    Hanging armour

    Another piece of very good sculpting with these details being cast by Yiannis at YS with real skill ...resulting in the piece you will see below in the pictures , on the rear there is the backing to the armour ( this could have been easily left off but that is not the way RP work , you will see areas that are different this is to allow for a accurate fit, again we have a really secure fitment post

    camel 031.jpg

    camel 028.jpg

    camel 029.jpg camel 032.jpg

    camel 033.jpg camel 030.jpg

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap Moderator

    Let me show you how the 5 camel pieces fit together (using blue tac for pictures)

    • There are fitment lugs to use
    • I suggest you pin as well as glue
    • Work out how you will base up the piece first
    Front and Neck

    camel 046.jpg camel 049.jpg


    camel 047.jpg camel 048.jpg

    Hanging armour

    camel 045.jpg camel 050.jpg

    All together

    camel 052.jpg camel 051.jpg

    Now for the size of the pieces

    camel 057.jpg camel 055.jpg camel 056.jpg
    camel 053.jpg camel 054.jpg

    Continued in next post where we will look at the warrior

  5. Nap Moderator

    This part will cover the main torso and limbs

    Lets have some measurements first

    Camel 058.jpg

    Main Torso

    • Consisting of upper and lower body down to the edge of the mail
    • angled to the right wearing shoulder protection under which there is a mail shirt which extends to the above the knee when leg in position
    • Fitment points for the cape, weapons and for the arms
    • Mail and armour definition good overall , sharply cast
    • Belt detail again has a good design on them
    • Shoulder armour has indentations where cloak fits to
    • Underside smoothly cast to take legs
    Camel 067.jpg Camel 063.jpg
    Camel 060.jpg Camel 061.jpg Camel 062.jpg
    Camel 064.jpg Camel 065.jpg Camel 066.jpg
    Camel 068.jpg Camel 069.jpg


    Or perhaps that should be leg as these have been cleverly cut down on the left one to just below the waist
    The trousers are as I expected full of texture work , showing the material up well ...this texture work is something that Hugo is quite rightly proud of
    Moving down he is wearing knee high boots again with a leather texture effect , the top and ankle areas have band around them this has a circular design on them and extends along the upper part of the boot
    On the main boot there is a wonderful design of a winged beast ...on both sides again well cast

    Camel 070.jpg Camel 071.jpg
    Camel 074.jpg Camel 076.jpg
    Camel 073.jpg Camel 072.jpg


    As with the legs these have a well done fitment post that provides a secure and accurate fit
    Again we have the textures on the sleeves over which the lower arm is protected by a armoured plate , a nice touch is the cuts and damage that's been added , both have the same pattern cast on it ...another detail to enjoy
    The armour is held in place by well shown straps and buckles as you can see in the pictures

    Camel 077.jpg Camel 078.jpg

    Continued in next post

  6. Nap Moderator

    Now to the cape and the heads


    • This feature is seen in previous RP releases adding movement and interest to the piece
    • Full of folds and movement with a decorated edging , the cape gathered at the shoulders culminating in a lions head boss on each shoulder
    You could if you so wish do a bit of putty work on the torso armour and leave this off ......the choice is yours , perhaps something I might consider doing when this arrives at my bench

    Camel 092.jpg Camel 093.jpg


    The head is something that is always focussed on and here we have a choice of 2 very good ones , one open faced the other wearing a mail head covering showing only the eyes ....the difficulty is ...which to choose

    Camel 081.jpg
    • Both have different style helmets as well as you can see
    • The open faced one is full anger and wonderful features mouth wide open shouting showing both teeth and tongue , great cheek work and eye definition
    • The helmet is a high conical one with really detailed decoration on it , teh bar is again raised by looking at the cheek pieces
    • Of note is the fact that despite the nasal bar being cast on ..you have easy access to the nostrils and the eyes for painting
    • Long straggly hair flows out from under the helmet at the rear
    Camel 090.jpg Camel 087.jpg Camel 088.jpg Camel 089.jpg
    • The other option has a face fully enclosed
    • A lower conical helmet , 4 sectioned with a design in each quarter the mail covering is held to the helmet with well done links clearly worked and cast
    • The mail sits correctly in respect the turned head , good suggestion of the facial features under it
    • The eye work is clean and despite being surrounded is quite accessible
    Camel 085.jpg Camel 086.jpg Camel 083.jpg

    Camel 084.jpg

    Continued in next post

  7. Nap Moderator

    On now to the remaining pieces

    As before lets see some measurements

    Camel 094.jpg

    Looking at the weapons and accessories

    If you have slightly bent pieces then carefully use a heat source ie hot water to soften and then straighten

    You are supplied with a total of 7 full arrows all need to be removed from the formers and flashing removed

    Camel 097.jpg

    There is also half a bow which fits into a quiver (dont forget the string ....fishing line is a good idea or fine lead wire)

    The bow itself has some nice detail work on it , brought out more by painting , nice work on the grip as well

    Camel 116.jpg

    The quiver itself is very well styled with 2 good boss plates on it , with a lions head design in the centre

    Texture work is evident as are the stitching

    Particular and very well done casting has been achieved with the inside being fully ready to take the half bow

    Camel 108.jpg Camel 110.jpg Camel 109.jpg

    There are another 2 containers for arrows and both have the same high quality in detail work , one with the similar to the above the other is strewn with a flower design , front and back

    Both have the usual fitment points as seen below and both have the inside clear to take arrows

    Camel 105.jpg Camel 107.jpg Camel 106.jpg

    There is a sword scabbard ( the review one was slightly bent) and a separate sword handle , I would have preferred it all together , but the fit is easy to achieve

    Good work on the straps and again we have textures on the leather with stitching , both have a design on them

    There is also a small axe , a point one end with the axe head the other ,both sword and axe fit to the figure with ease

    There is a small strap to use when fitting the scabbard to the figure

    Camel 099.jpg Camel 100.jpg Camel 101.jpg Camel 118.jpg

    No warrior would be such without a shield and we are again in for a treat with the work on this fellows , this exhibits a really good wood effect on both sides , the front having well worked metalwork ...a veritable feast to paint up

    I am thinking if I leave the cape off I could fit the shield to the back of the figure ...just a idea...whats modelling is all about imo !!

    Camel 102.jpg Camel 103.jpg

    The spear now , well thought out and in 3 sections , the lower and centre section has hands cast on , these fitting to the arms well , assisting in lining the spear up , the full shaft is a very dangerous looking weapon and I can well imagine it going through 2 men easily when in action , the wood effect is on the shaft

    The hands are protected by armour over the upper surface with good clean definition on the hands themselves , these fit into the arms easily , they are holding a hand grip on the spear itself

    Camel 095.jpg Camel 096.jpg

    You can see the 3 pieces in the measurement picture in the centre

    There is a set of reins for the camel , again textured , some might like to replace these with a lead sheeting , a matter of personal choice , these fit simply to either side of the camels head

    Camel 111.jpg

    There is also another similar piece which is in fact to use as a hanging strap to the shield again fitting easily in position

    Camel 112.jpg

    We now come to the final pieces
    • 8 large tassels ...all in various movement styles all well detailed up again adding a nice addition/interest Camel 113.jpg
    • 4 smaller ones these are for the quiver/container with the lions centre boss Camel 115.jpg
    • 2 options of a helmet ornament to fit to the helmet points , both flowing in design , fitted by pre drilling Camel 114.jpg
    • Finally we have a rather magnificent set of plumes that fits to the camels head itself Camel 119.jpg Camel 120.jpg
    Final Thoughts

    Hugo and the RP team are always striving to give the customer something different , that is full of action and detail ...have they achieved it with this camel release ...from me its a resounding YES and I am sure the same comment would be from those that purchased the 75mm full version

    Again its only right that congratulations are going to Hugo and his very supportive family ....there is a heck of a lot of time spent packing the pieces up even in the limited casting runs RP do

    Recommended for sure ...a great long term project and the end result will be amazing

    Again RP would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input ...so much appreciated .


    For more details contact:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

    Thank you for looking in on this little review hope you found it of use and interest...off for a large coffee!!!

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  8. Nap Moderator

    As promised

    Here are some books you might like to get hold of

    c.jpg ccccc.jpg ccccccc.jpg

    lets have some references

    c0.jpg c000000.jpg c00.jpg ccc.jpg cccccc.jpg cc.jpg

    cccccccccccc.jpg ccccccccc.jpg ccccccccccc.jpg cccccccc.jpg

    c0000.jpg c000.jpg

    Some from Hugo ( thank you )

    image.jpeg image.png image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg


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  9. Nap Moderator

    As a final flurry of camel lets have some pictures fro the RP FB page:

    rrrrrrrrr.jpg rr.jpg rrr.jpg rrrr.jpg rrrrr.jpg rrrrrr.jpg rrrrrrr.jpg rrrrrrrr.jpg


  10. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice review Nap,
    I am sure someone on here is painting this with an SBS.
  11. yellowcat A Fixture

    Nap, Fantastic review. It is disappointed the camel is only half round.
    Nap likes this.
  12. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello my GOOD FRIEND

    Thank you so much for the review... Thank you for everything.

    Big hug.
  13. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. YellowCat

    Im sorry if some how I disapointed you. The idea is bring a bust of Catafratari... With this we want bring the detail to a big scale. I will try to improve in the next time... Thank you so much. My apologies for any inconvenience.

    Thank you Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
  14. yellowcat A Fixture


    Hello Hugo,
    Thank you for the info. It is kind of odd that the bust/figure is almost a full figure riding on a camel that is only showing one side of the camel's body. BUT from another perspective it is clever to design for such a bust. Keep up the excellent work.
    Nap likes this.
  15. tefaet Active Member

    Amazing review.Very nice work
    Nap likes this.
  16. Nap Moderator

  17. Jonthan mcmeekin Active Member

    Cracking review of a belter Big Man! Well done on all fronts.
    Cheers from Cumbria.
    Nap likes this.
  18. Paulo A Fixture

    :D :) Hi Bob !! Unfortunately I cant do everything on SBS is very time consuming ( and in some way brakes your rythm /weeling of painting) But I do am working on it now, I´ll put the photos soon
    A big hug my friend and nice paintings
    ps: ... maybe the other versions I´ll made a SBS
    Viking Bob and Nap like this.
  19. Paulo A Fixture

    Or maybe ... on the next Catrafra ... oops :eek:
    talk too much ... Hugo is going to kill me

    PS: Nice to meet you all Planeteers ... see you on the next life (y)
    Viking Bob and Nap like this.
  20. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nap, you were right ....... well worth the wait. The detail on the 75mm version is also just as stunning. And the camel goes together like a breeze.

    20190622_173938.jpg 20190622_174329.jpg
    Though the camel looks a bit on the 'short' side.

    20190622_174709.jpg 20190622_174405.jpg

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