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WIP Rp Models 75mm Parthia Catafratari,

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Steve Brodie, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. arkangelo Active Member

    Good choice Steve waiting for more results

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  2. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    So more time spent in the spraying (utility) room last night and i am a lot happier with the colour now. I can use this as the base and shade/ highlight add in some darker and lighter tones. I couldn't say what the final colour used was as it was a mix of Vallejo sand as a base followed by AK interactives US vehicles base and British sand yellow, mixed to give a custom colour, then dusted with British sand yellow. I have to say though that the AK paint's were an absolute pig to airbrush, supposed to be airbrush ready from the bottle - they weren't !, and even when mixed with their own thinner they still kept blocking up the nozzle - no matter what pressure was used, tried from 15psi upto 25psi - nothing came out but air, why cant every brand just spray like Tamiya's paints !.

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  3. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours, my camel gloom has faded away and sunny times are here to stay :) - Apologies to Dinah Washington :eek: . Well I am a lot happier with the camel after last nights painting session, a myriad of sand tones, yellow tones, grey brown tones applied as glazes and i have something i like. I had to try putting some colour on the camels Armour to see how its all going to look, and the word would be impressive. Next up is her knees and hooves, mouth and teeth. About the mouth, I couldn't believe that when you look inside the mouth, RP have even sculpted the rear molars - unbelievable detail in this scale.

    20190703_074707.jpg 20190703_075020.jpg 20190703_075029.jpg

    May your brushes be ever loaded with colour and joy

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  4. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve

    That camel is coming to life , you made a good point about the mouth detail ......as you say RP all over ......going to be interesting to see the mouth painted


    And remember keep that tail safe


    Don't forget FOTM runs over 2 months as a one off due to my house move !
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  5. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    Nice work. waiting for my copy to arrive.
  6. Oda A Fixture

    Simply outstanding!!!!!RP Models have really set the standard very,very high indeed.

  7. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    After getting home from walking the dog followed by a nice pint in a local beer garden, evening meal at home and tidying up it was getting a bit late to get the hairy sticks out, so I decided to do some more research on camels !, of all things. One area i was interested in, after looking at the RP camel, was the ankle ornaments, and after comparing the resin version to the real life ones, again you can see how much time was invested in creating the model, the level of detail is outstanding, from the cords and bracelets right down to the tiny bells - amazing !

    Screenshot_20190703-214423_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20190703-214457_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20190703-213933_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190703-214642_Chrome.jpg
  8. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Spent an enjoyable hour or so last night painting Camilla's Mouth, teeth and tongue. Also painted in the rest of the leather head harness;

    20190709_222916.jpg 20190709_222940.jpg 20190710_074127.jpg 20190710_074130.jpg

    Just a couple of touch ups required, but should be fixed with an ink wash around the leather. Next up will be the ankle jewelry.
  9. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve

    That mouth is looking good mate ......if you get those bells to ring that will be impressive...but that's some classy detail

    Following this as she "Camilla" progresses

    Happy benchtime

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  10. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Superb work
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  11. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Every lady deserves jewelry, so Camilla's gold ankle bracelets and bells have been added, shame about her knees and joints - that's what you get for not applying moisturiser. :ROFLMAO:

    20190711_075311.jpg 20190711_075319.jpg
  12. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve

    Nice dangly bits there mate ..nothing like a bit of bling !

    Off to get the moisturiser for my knees .......seems to be a remarkable similarity ...except Camilla ( I love that !) is less hairy...

    Trotting right behind on this SBS

    You can tell your really enjoying this

    Happy benchtime


    PS Not going to even ask why Camilla ...lol
  13. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Just rhymes thats all - ohhh i see what you mean 'Sir' :sneaky: .

    Yep really enjoying this one, I have made a few mistakes along the way, but at the moment a couple of washes, glazes seems to be saving me.
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  14. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry;
    Wife working all weekend, daughter working Sunday, my son at Silverstone, so a Sunday of painting to look forward to - BUT No, over stretched myself at the gym and put my right arm totally out of action :mad: . Couldn't even pick up a paintbrush without a lot of pain :( . Got some Ibuprofen Gel and by bedtime it was feeling a lot better, so need to get back to painting, but first Toy Story 4 tonight :D
  15. Nap Forum Moderator


    What are you like ...keep rubbing that gel in

    Hope you enjoyed TS4 !!

    Look forward to more from you ...inbetween popcorn eating at the home cinema ,..lol

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  16. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Not had much bench time with one thing and another, but I have slowly been working on the rugs. Last update for me for a couple of weeks as off to orlando today for 2 weeks.

    20190824_140547_resize_26.jpg 20190824_140605.jpg
  17. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

    Bottom shot needs some tidying up or the rug and colour bands adding
  18. amarok1969 Member

    Wonderful Rp Models figure. Following with interest. :)

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