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Royal Marines London 2014 ref only

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Gra30, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

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  2. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I could say the interpretation on toes 12 inches apart must be personal, but I won't.
    Wink :)
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  3. Nap Moderator

    Brilliant Gra......
    I see that 40 Commando are getting the freedom of Weston Super Mare today ........great event and honour for both WSM and the Commando themselves.....in full blues and colours flying

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  4. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Now all we need is to see this in 120mm (with sentry box, of course).

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  5. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    As an apprentice sculptor, I have 2 for an idea you will like Mike :) a lot
    Best wishes
  6. Waterman Active Member

    I would echo Mikes suggestion, the pair with a Sentry Box, but would prefer as in the earlier Guard Mounting illustration, 1936 I believe. In those days Royal Marines could Drill and March properly.
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  7. billyturnip A Fixture

    [quote="Waterman, post: 663547, member: 7891")In those days Royal Marines could Drill and March properly.[/quote]

    Unlike us matelots who`ve never been able to do either.

  8. Waterman Active Member

    Very true Roger, but I would be the last to say it. Actually when Jack pulled King George 6th s Gun Carriage at his funeral they looked very impressive .
  9. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    No SLRs in 36. Let's see who's the first to "call in the ravens" at the tower!!:)

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  10. Waterman Active Member

    Yes that illustration looks like when 41 Cdo done London Duties 28yrs ago. Also in 1936 the RMs done them wearing what is now the Bands Ceremonial tunic. Scarlet collar, and yellow lace, gold for SNCOs.Graham has put a 1936 illustration of this previously on PF. Both times we took over from the Coldstreams,
  11. Helm A Fixture

    Ah the real rifle not todays toy one ;)
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  12. Waterman Active Member

    Yes Steve, the SLR was a good rifle to drill with, and had a wicked looking bayonet. It was also a good personal weapon, and pretty reliable too.
  13. prhayes68 Active Member

    Maybe he's lucky the GSM is on his honeymoon at the moment :)

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  14. prhayes68 Active Member

    And the Guardsmen would be wearing the Slade Wallace equipment. Apparently a very popular day when Edward VIII suggested it no longer be worn.

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  15. Waterman Active Member

    We used to be issued 38 pattern equipment Khaki which then had to be blackened with Kiwi Boot polish and shined,brass work gleaming, and pouches pack etc boxed with stiff cardboard. When we went into the field,brass work had to be blackened over. When we came out, it would be parade in full marching order, No3 blues brass buttons etc, Bugle and Side Drum, Brass Rope Tension pattern, supplied by Henry Potter of Aldershot, everything gleaming again. Just endless mindless Bullshit. Thank God we eventually went to 58 pattern. I've even seen men under punishment Blancoing coal, and on board ship the Naval Discipline Act stated that they would pick 2lbs of oakum per day. Times really have changed.
  16. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I meant the Royal Pete :)
    He still has the wrath of the Corps RSM to face, it has been mentioned in Royal Marines circles already.
    Best wishes mate
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  17. prhayes68 Active Member

    Hi Graham,

    I know you meant the RM. Still Mr. Mott wouldn't be shy about saying something if he saw that!

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  18. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Yeah, but we take him with a pinch of salt :), we fear the RSM more.
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  19. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    It must be nice having such a small amount of kit to clean! :)

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  20. Waterman Active Member

    Actually Martin, for an infantry Corps Drummers had a huge amount of kit, ranging from working No 8s for on board ship, through to Trpical rigs that yes we paraded in in this country to make sure it was in order, various battle orders, walking out dress, Full ceremonials , and a lot of other variations. Granted we never had to look after a manky horse, but the old rope brass drums took a lot of cleaning and maintaining. They used to have a saying in the Corps, join the Navy and see the world, join the Royal Marines,and polish the Bastard.

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