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Royal marines artic bergen help needed please

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Mookie, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Dear figure friends
    Im in the middle of doing some falklands war 120mm figures.I cant seem to find any images of the bergens the Royal marines carried in the falklands.Has anybody got any information to help please?.
    Many thanks always from Richard.
  2. housecarl Moderator


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  3. FortunesOfWarModels Member

    they are SAS and SBS issue bergans, but as is usual with "Gucci" kit, they often tended to filter their way down to the ranks. i myself had one up until about 2 years ago (it was so old it fell apart)

    I believe, they were part of the trialled 72 pattern webbing, which was mostly vinyl and plastic and therefore "meltable" and not issued as standard. The SAS and SBS continued to use them as standard though and used them right up until after the gulf war (the 72 patten chest rig can be seen on my SAS trooper on my Avatar) when arktis and webtex started making superior sets.

    With regards to the bergans Marines carried in the Falklands, i would guess that the standard issue would have been the "civvy" OG "carrymore" which resembles the PLCE bergan, but the side pouches were a bit further up and not right alongside the bottom.

    I would suggest, if you cant find one suitable, getting a PLCE bergan in scale and just extending the bottom of it with milliput or the like.


    this link may help a bit more with the kit your talking about :)
  4. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Dear Carl and tam
    Many thanks for your replies and help.Very good of you both to get in touch.
    Appreciate the help from Richard.
  5. housecarl Moderator

    You're welcome mate. I tend to paint them Olive Drab.
    But the more modern Berghaus Crusader is more green is you now what I mean.
  6. BobLff257 A Fixture

    Agree with the comments but Marines had their own specific issue Artic bergan RM%20Falk%2002.jpg
  7. FortunesOfWarModels Member

    ah, in guessing that would most likely be the MAWC issue. (mountain and arctic warfare cadre or rock apes as we call them :D) they get all the gucci go-faster kit before the rest of us grunts.

    He looks to have more specialised kit than the average grunt was issued back then, so it would be my guess he was a rock ape, and the bergan was their issue.

    Point of note : he has a winter issue sleeping bag and has mountain boots on, thus adding more creedance to the theory!
  8. housecarl Moderator

    Those are boots ski march. Rock apes was RAF regt when I was in.
    MAWC were referred to as ML or the cadre.
  9. FortunesOfWarModels Member

    yup, rock apes were also RAF regiment when i was in, as well as anyone who has run the gib rock race. in fact i can think of about 3 or 4 more people the term applies to lmao
  10. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Hi guys
    Thanks for all your pointers regarding the Royal marines bergens.Thanks for the pictures Rob,Ive got several of your figures and when they are done i will post them on here.
    Cheerrs to you all from Richard.
  11. Nige Active Member

    Just to confirm that Rob's picture is bang on. It was standard issue to the fighting companies and not just the M&AW Cadre.
    Green drab with a Beige Frame. Issued around 1979-80 it was certainly a lot better than the Canadian Bergen that preceeded it and was well used in the Arctic. Civvy bergens were also used by some ( Beghaus was a favourite) especially if they had built in frames and were green of course.

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