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Review Rosalind - Produced by Massive Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Gary_81, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Gary_81 Active Member


    test fit 1.jpg

    Concept by Luke Wilson
    Sculpted by Ali Jalali
    Cast by Broken Toad
    Materiel Grey Resin

    Packaging and Contents


    IMG_0955.jpg IMG_0958.jpg

    As I ordered Rosalind at the same time as Avian they both came in the same secure cardboard box, and each in there own individual boxes. I really do like the black boxes with the metallic Massive Miniatures name on the top, it has a nice clean look about it and the boxes are very sturdy as well.
    As with Avian everything was packed between two pieces of foam giving more than enough protection to the parts inside. All the parts where secured in plastic bags apart from the main body which didn't really require a bag. The kit is made up of 23 resin parts and also includes a Massive Miniatures sticker and a nice art card. The art card is a woodland scene with the name Rosalind in the centre and it has been printed in a nice metallic medium.

    Kit Components

    Torso and Head


    IMG_0974.jpg IMG_0977.jpg IMG_0978.jpg IMG_0981.jpg

    The model has been sculpted in 1/10 scale and measures 8cm's tall from top to bottom. The pour spout has been placed on the bottom of the model and once this is clipped off it wont be visible at all. There are two small casting lines on either side of the model and these will be easily removed with a scalpel or file.
    The model really does have some great details on it and the fabrics are amazing. I love how detailed the folds in her top are and the corset could be painted in so many ways, I think I will be tempted to either go with a leather look or maybe a rich velvet effect. There is also the most amazing trim at the top of the corset that really shows an attention to detail and a desire to produce top quality models.
    I wont say to much about the hair as I hope the photos will highlight just how detailed this is, the waves and curls really do look perfect and fit with the fairy tale feel that the whole model has.
    I'm not sure if it's by design or a happy accident or maybe it's just me, but whenever I look at the face I keep seeing Elizabeth Olsen playing the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel movies. I really do think the face has been very well done, it has a slightly far away look as if slightly bewitched by the fairies surrounding her.

    Continued in the next post
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  2. Gary_81 Active Member

    Arms, Hands and Flowers

    IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1003.jpg IMG_1004.jpg IMG_1005.jpg IMG_1007.jpg IMG_1009.jpg IMG_1010.jpg IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1014.jpg IMG_1015.jpg IMG_1018.jpg IMG_1020.jpg IMG_0996.jpg

    The high level of detail continues on the arms and hands of the model. The casting blocks have cleverly been placed on parts that will join to others so once they are removed and the model is assembled they will not be visible. The arms have the same beautiful fabric with some lovely folds which will paint up very nicely. With this kit you get a choice of two hands for her left hand. One gently resting above her stomach and the other option holding a flower. I really like how the kit has been designed to offer both of these options, it really shows a great degree of planning and design on the sculptors part. The flower looks like a bluebell but could easily be painted up in any way you wanted if you choose the hand holding the flower. With the flower it does have some flashing on it but just from me handling the flower the flash was easily coming off, I feel that on a piece so small, delicate and detailed it would be hard to cast it without some flash and it really will be easy to remove.

    The Fairies

    IMG_0986.jpg IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0992.jpg IMG_0997.jpg IMG_1001.jpg

    The fairies like the flowers are very small and very detailed and also have some flash present but this comes off by simply rubbing your finger against it so will prove no problem to clean up. When I got this kit I was amazed to see just how small these fairies are as they have so much detail put into them. I have added a close up of a fairies face and that face is roughly 2mm tall. To be able to get a face with detail and an expression at that size seems impossible to me but somehow on this kit it has been done to perfection. The arms as separate pieces will need a steady hand to attach but also share in the detail of the rest of this kit, with each finger being clearly defined. I really love how the wings have been done in a clear resin giving you the option to paint them as normal or to use inks to tint them instead, and yes as you can see they also have a lot of detail packed into a tiny space.

    Final Thoughts

    I was taken to the Massive Miniatures site by seeing Avian on here but once I was there I knew I had to get Rosalind as well. At £45 I think this offers great value for money. You not only get a really nice sized model but you get something that for me is so creative and well thought out. This will offer many hours of pleasure to paint and there are just so many options for colours and textures to choose from. I feel this will be a great choice for anyone who loves fairy tales and fantasy but also for people who enjoy alternative historical models as Rosalind's outfit really has a realistic period feel to it and would make a nice change on the painting desk. With the two models I have so far from Massive Miniatures they have made a great first impression and I feel that they will be a company to keep an eye on. I hope they can keep expanding there line and continue to offer some great alternative and creative models at exceptional value for money.


  3. Jim Active Member

    Another good review - and yours of Avian, the witch, has cost me 85 GPd, plus shipping! They're beautiful sculpts and castings. I'm looking forward to getting them and putting some paint to those lovely ladies.

    Thanks - I think ;) for the reviews.
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  4. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Jim I'm glad you liked the review. I'm sure you will be really happy with your order and it will be great to see how you paint them up. Just maybe in the future when you read my reviews get someone to hide your wallet first as a precaution :D.

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  5. Jim Active Member

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  6. atacam Active Member

    Again Thank you Gary.
    Just a little note. Look at the card again and tilt it back and forth, you'll Rosalinds face appear in the trees.
    I have to say I am particularly proud of that as it was a pain to design but I think its worth it. Like the story on the back. I just like doing them. ;)

    Just a little insight. This is a special piece to me as she is named after my mother.
    Oh BTW you got the face inspiration spot on. ;)

    Again I am glad you like her and am even more pleased you like what I am trying to do.

    Just wait to you see the next piece again very different. ;)

    And Jim thank you for your order I have just seen it and sent it to be sent out.
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  7. JasonB A Fixture

    Nice! And thanks for absolutely forcing me to spend more money on something I wasn't even aware of until this review!:ROFLMAO:
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  8. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hi Luke,
    I just tested the card out and can't believe I missed the face on it when you tilt it, that really is a nice touch and really worth the effort.
    It's also nice to hear the piece has that special connection for you, it adds another layer to an already great model.
    Can't wait to see your next model as well, I'm sure I will be getting it when you release it.

  9. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Jason, I think you are going to love this when you get it. I'm really glad another person has found Massive Miniatures as well.
    I'm a sucker for fairy tale miniatures and Luke is producing some of the best I have seen. Oh and if your wife or family or anyone asks you can blame me for having to spend the money I wont mind :ROFLMAO:.

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  10. franck edet A Fixture

  11. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Franck, I love that version painted by Sylvain Aubut. I often look at his page because he just seems to paint such a variety of models but always maintain a distinctive style.
    Also very glad you like the review. I will probably take a break from the reviews and try and do some painting and then a few more reviews. I have a huge collection of models still in there boxes and just can't stop buying them :D so I thought it would be a good idea to post some reviews.

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  12. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Gary

    Great review , well written and she's a real cutie , casting as always very good from Broken Toad

    We look forward to more from you and also work from your bench

    Why not enter Novembers FOTM and also vote in October's FOTM

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime

  13. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hi Nap,
    Thanks I'm glad you liked the review, she really is a great looking model.
    To be honest the main reason I decided to do reviews was after so many visits to the forum as a guest over the years and reading your reviews. I always have enjoyed your reviews due to the detailed writing and also the amazing amount of pictures you include in your reviews. I think you pretty much set the benchmark for reviews and I hope I can add to the forum with some of my own.
    Fingers crossed I might have something ready for FOTM in December but I will certainly vote.
    I also think I have found the perfect warm up model to get me back painting. After much backwards and forwards over what to do I should be starting soon, and hopefully I'm not as rusty as I think I will be:D.

  14. megroot A Fixture

    From the first day I saw this on FB it was a must have.
    Note a fantasy painter in the first place but this one was so good.
    It's in the GA, but one of these days I gonna paint her (free to Pink Floyd " one of these days" )

  15. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Marc,
    I can sympathise with you there. In about 12 years or so out from painting I've done nothing but collect models, and the box collection is already out of control but when I see models like this I can't help but add them:D.
    Luckily this forum is getting me motivated and the brushes are out and ready to go, so I might chip away at 1% or so of my collection :).

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  16. Henk Well-Known Member

    I've just received this one, and it is as fantastic as Gary reports in his review. Rosalind has leapfrogged her way straight to the front of the queue of the GA, I'm just working out how best to approach the construction and painting sequence. One thing that Gary didnt point out, but that I particularly like (being an Armour modeller, and being used to building and painting in sub-assemblies), is the fact that all the parts are seperated at edges. The arm's shoulders are separated from the torso at the straps of the dress, the lower arms are seperated at the edge of the sleeves, and the left hand is seperated from the arm at the edge of the strapping around the wrist. This means that, if any filling is needed at all (and dry fitting shows that that will likely not be necessary), there wont be a need to try and smooth either skin, or folds in the fabric. Not only does this make the preparation of the figure faster and less arduous, it also makes life much easier if you paint the parts seperated, for easier access.
    I'm looking forward to start on Rosalind.
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  17. atacam Active Member

    Thank you for the write up Henk. I am very happy that you like her so much. the things you mention are things I try to make sure happen in the sculpting, as being mainly a painter I also like figure that can be put together nicely.
    Broken Toad have worked their casting magic yet again. :)

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