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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Edorta, May 3, 2016.

  1. yellowcat A Fixture

    Plus Oversized katana scabbard. Not to mention the long neck and the big foot.
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  2. Oda A Fixture

    Absolutely correct.

  3. kenshin393 A Fixture

    I suppose this piece is a great example of the different approaches people have to this hobby. You'll have people that can't get past anatomical or historical inaccuracies and, on the other hand, those that will overlook them in favour of the overall "mood" of a sculpt. Still not sure where I stand on this one, at least it's got me thinking I suppose.
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  4. ranchhand Active Member


    on the armor side there are rivet counters, in figures its musculature counter? lol.
    This looks like its a bit of an exaggerated sculpt, but the paintjob is more realistic so it's a bit of a clash for some i think.
  5. tomifune A Fixture

    Maybe Raul was inspired by the Japanese legend of Rokurokubi where humans look normal in the day and at night their necks get long......o_O

  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    I like the picture of the master and it`s angle better than the box art. The facial features look very nice on this one. Still the anatomical problem is obviously there IMHO. I for my part prefer sculpts that look anatomically lifelike - Raoul Latorre can deliver this and has proven it many times before. No biggie anyway and as said - this guy will excel at martial arts with his head kicks:D .
    Cheers, Martin
  7. yellowcat A Fixture

    That's why our hobby is about Historical Miniatures not fantasy figures. This hobby is based on historical accuracy and figure manufactures have put in lots of time doing research before they produce a figure.
  8. kenshin393 A Fixture

    I beg to differ, this is a forum for all miniature painting, not just historical miniatures. I'll paint anything as long as it interests me as will many others.
  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I think (hope) this may be just a style thing. Latorre has had other figures over the years that have really long legs. While there are those that have been put up on a pedestal, at some time or another they are bound to turn out a figure that's not their best.


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  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    "That's why our hobby is about Historical Miniatures not fantasy figures."

    IMO the hobby is whatever you want it to be.
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  11. yellowcat A Fixture

    That's great!
  12. ranchhand Active Member


    so all of the fantasy guys should just leave planet figure?
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  13. Forté A Fixture

    Ok..Didn't expect to walk into that one. I thought it was all about miniature painting on Planet Figure.

    As for anatomy too. It varies from person to person. Otherwise we'd all look the same which would be really boring.

    Until I see this sculpt from various angles (and preferably unpainted) I'll have to say I like it. It tells me about a persons character and story. It may not be historically accurate but seen as reference material from that time cannot be used all the time (japanese block paintings, Bayeux tapestry) then it leaves some areas to artistic impression.
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  14. yellowcat A Fixture

    Apology to the fantasy figure painters.
    I should re-phrase my reply to "That's why my hobby is about Historical Miniatures not fantasy figures".
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  15. TADATSUGU Guest

    This is weird. Pegaso have released two otherwise excellent models of "ronin" which just appeared to be samurai with ponytails! Now we get a peasant or farmer with a sword, which apparently makes him a ronin.

    Ronin is a term of social status (or more accurately -the loss of it). How can you make a model of a class system?

    I'm with Tomifune on this. A ronin still considered himself a samurai, and although they could become destitute and somewhat shabby, they would do everything to hang onto their status best-they-could, and distance themselves from the lower social classes. Many ronin still found paid work as sensei, or banded together to provide martial services to local villages or insurgencies - they did not all live in penury. Most would look and dress no different than any other samurai.

    If this figure represents a ronin, turned to banditry, he's seriously under-equipped. If he's a farmer carrying a sword in feudal Japan, he's a dead man walking!

    Even if he was a ronin; walking about dressed like that would be like painting a target on his head with "kill me now" written under it. Most samurai who were still affiliated to a Daimyo or clan would be looking to pick a fight with single ronin anyway, and would consider such an appearance insulting to the spirit of Bushido.

    This model appeals to the romantic idea of a wandering free spirit, much like the impression many people have that ninja wandered around masked and dressed in black suits all the time. IMHO It's more a fantasy piece.
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  16. Forté A Fixture

    It fits a more cinematic image of those masterless warriors who may or may not have been samurai that crop up in films. I don't think it's really trying to be a historical piece but who can 100% say that a ronin won't have looked like this as funds became tight and not being a representative of any clan or lord settles into a mind set.

    Admittedly, Pegasos' Ronin bust is the best representation I've seen with its slightly messed hair but this does make me think of an unemployed warrior or dualist which essentially is what ronin were.

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